10 must-have essentials for an unforgettable snowshoeing adventure

Embrace the winter wilderness with the right gear and a positive attitude.
10 must-have essentials for an unforgettable snowshoeing adventure

10 Snowshoeing Must-Haves for an Adventure You’ll Never Forget

Snowshoeing is a fun and exciting winter activity that allows you to explore the beautiful snowy wilderness and experience the thrill of adventure. It’s a great way to get some fresh air, exercise, and enjoy the outdoors in the colder months. Before heading out on your snowshoeing adventure, you must ensure you have all the essential gear and supplies you need to stay safe, warm, and comfortable.

This article will cover the top 10 must-have essentials for an unforgettable snowshoeing adventure. We’ve covered you, from snowshoes and warm clothing to first aid kits and emergency supplies. So, grab your gear and hit the trails, it’s time to go snowshoeing!


These are essential for any snowshoeing adventure, as they provide the traction needed to walk on top of the snow. The Atlas Elektra 10 Series Snowshoes are some of the best available in the UK market, featuring a durable aluminium frame and a women’s-specific design for optimal comfort and performance.


A good backpack is essential for carrying all of your gear on your snowshoeing adventure. The Osprey Aether AG 65 Backpack is a top choice in the UK market, with a large capacity, comfortable suspension system, and several handy pockets and compartments for organizing your gear. they’re also made for men and women making sure your partner is comfortable.

Waterproof jacket and pants:

Stay dry and comfortable on the trails with a high-quality waterproof jacket and pants. The Berghaus Deluge Jacket and Pants are a great option, with durable, waterproof fabric and fully-taped seams to keep you dry in even the wettest conditions.

Warm gloves and hat

Keeping your hands and head warm is essential when snowshoeing in the UK. The best warm gloves and hats in the UK are the Black Diamond Gloves and the Thinsulate Thermal Winter Hat Beanie, which are both designed to keep you warm and comfortable in cold and wet conditions.


Gaiters are a must-have for keeping snow out of your boots and protecting your legs from the cold. The best gaiters on the UK are the Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters, which are made from durable and waterproof material to keep you dry and comfortable.

Trekking Poles for Added Stability:

Choose the best trekking poles on the market for added stability and grip when you’re out on the trails. Our top pick is the Cascade Mountain Tech Aluminum Adjustable Trekking Poles. Boasting an incredibly sturdy construction, comfortable ergonomic handles and adjustable locking mechanisms, these poles are sure to keep you steady no matter where your adventure takes you.

Extra Layers for Warmth:

A fleece or down jacket is essential for outdoor adventurers looking to stay sheltered and warm. Our top choice is the Columbia Men’s Steens Mountain Full Zip 2.0 Full Zip Fleece Jacket. Constructed with a long fit, breathable polyester material and a quill. The Columbia Men’s Steens Mountain Full Zip 2.0 Full Zip Fleece Jacket is designed to keep the elements at bay while providing ample insulation against chilly temperatures.

Extra Socks and Change of Clothes:

In case you get wet, it’s important to always have an extra pair of socks and a complete change of clothes on hand. Our top pick for this is the Smartwool Men’s Hike Light Cushion Crew Socks. These socks provide superior comfort and warmth during any activity, while their anti-odour properties will make sure your feet smell just fine after a wet ramble.

A Map and Compass:

A map and compass are essential pieces of equipment for any outdoor adventure. Our top pick is the Suunto MC-2 Global Compass. Featuring a luminous bezel, precision needle, ergonomic design and clear base plate, this compass will help you stay on track and not miss a step. The Suunto MC-2 Global Compass is designed to be accurate, reliable and durable – making it perfect for any situation. Its adjustable declination makes it suitable for global use and its luminous markings make it easy to read in dark conditions. It also includes a magnifying lens with a ruler and a pencil clip, which can take notes or mark points of interest.

Emergency whistle

An emergency whistle is a must-have tool for any outdoor enthusiast or adventurer. It can be used to signal distress in a variety of situations, including during an emergency or if you need help. The best emergency whistles available in the UK are easy to use.

Conclusion on 10 must-have essentials for an unforgettable snowshoeing adventure

In conclusion, there are several essential factors for an unforgettable snowshoeing adventure. First and foremost, it is crucial to have the right equipment, including snowshoes that fit properly and are suitable for the terrain and weather conditions. Additionally, it is important to dress in layers and wear proper clothing and footwear to stay warm and dry. It is also essential to plan and be prepared for potential challenges, such as changing weather and trail conditions. Lastly, having a positive attitude and a willingness to embrace the beauty and solitude of the winter wilderness can make all the difference in creating a truly unforgettable snowshoeing adventure.

Where to go for Snowshoeing in the UK: Top Destinations and Tips

Snowshoeing can be enjoyed in many parts of the UK, including Scotland, Wales, and the Lake District.

  • In Scotland, the Cairngorms and the Scottish Highlands offer great opportunities for snowshoeing, with trails ranging from easy to challenging.
  • In Wales, the Snowdonia National Park and the Brecon Beacons are popular snowshoeing destinations.
  • The Lake District also has several beautiful snowshoeing trails, including Helvellyn and Scafell Pike.

Additionally, many ski resorts in the UK, such as the Glenshee Ski Centre and the Lecht 2090, offer snowshoeing trails and rentals.

Some other popular destinations include:

  • The Peak District National Park,
  • The Yorkshire Dales,
  • And The North York Moors.

Snowshoeing is also possible in the lower elevations of the UK, such as the New Forest and Exmoor National Park, although these areas may not have as much snow as the higher elevations. It is best to check local weather and trail conditions before planning a snowshoeing trip to ensure that there is sufficient snow cover for the activity.

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