Audi Q3 Roof Top Tent

Audi Q3 Roof Top Tent

You will love the Audi Q3 roof top tent, combined with the thirst to make a lasting holiday memory with your friends and family. And honestly, who wants to be left out of the excursions during the weekend or holiday? I know I don’t want to be left behind!

The Audi q3 has a roof load capacity of 75 kg and a ground clearance of 6.7 inches. Carrying a roof top tent will not be an issue as well as off-roading as long as you do not go to the extremes but if the Q3 has had some modifications, why not?

We believe that all great things must assemble together and this is one of those moments. If smaller cars are doing it why not you with an Audi Q3?

Some Considerations when choosing the Audi Q3 roof top tent

There are some possibilities that you may have to consider while choosing your roof top tent.

Consider the additional costs. A tent is one component of the puzzle that is camping. Little bits like awning and chairs or other tiny things contribute to the success of the roof top tent.

Consider the number of people using the tent. Each tent has a definite number of people it accommodates. The more the people the bigger the roof top tent needed.

Consider how many times you will be using it. You don’t plan on buying a roof top tent unless you will frequently use it. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money.

Consider the build that works with the Audi Q3. Some models of the roof top tent are bulky. A tent that can be neatly tucked on the roof secures even the car when rolling on the road.

The ultimate guide to the best Audi Q3 roof top tent

Finally, some great tents for a great trip ahead. Let’s have a look!

TentBox Lite Car Roof Top Tent

Audi Q3 Roof Top Tent


Dimensions (closed) 140 x 120 x 27cm| Dimensions (open) 140 x 240cm x 110cm| Weight: 50 kg | Shell Material: Rip-stop canvas

Capacity: 3

Set up time: 4-5 minutes

Style: Fold out

It is not possible to mention any tent category without the TentBox lite. It is suited for any car and carries three people, and the quality you get is top-notch. You are bound to always love this durable tent.

The foldout system makes this tent occupy a small footprint in the vehicle while making it portable. You can purchase this tent in black or orange depending on the colour orientation you want.

A 6 cm thick foam mattress is the type of comfort night you will be getting. The windows are big enough to let in light and air. They are all layered with a thick mesh which can provide privacy and keep the bugs away at night or when you like to leave the windows open on humid summer nights.

Storage bags for your shoes are available by the door as well as extra pockets to store your accessories in the interior. Rainfly covers the windows preventing water from accessing the interior on rainy camping days.

Gaze at the stars at night from the skylight too. The huge sleeping area is perfect and spacious as the tent is best for any condition. Enjoy having this tent as your companion and start making memories.

Off-road truck – Audi Q3 roof top tent,

Audi Q3 Roof Top Tent


Dimensions (closed) 145 × 125 × 28 cm| Dimensions (open) 240 × 130 × 140 cm| Weight: 60 kg | Shell Material: Cotton Canvas

Capacity: 2

Set up time: 2-5 minutes

Style: Fold out

This is a moderate soft top roof top tent. It folds out to form a large sleeping area which is also its advantage since when folded, it has a very small footprint in the cargo area of the Audi Q3.

The base and the frame are made from quality aluminium which makes it light. A decent sponge mattress is available for night comfort. All the windows are layered with a mesh which keeps out the bugs and also provides a privacy shade when relaxing during the day.

Having multiple windows increases airflow thus preventing condensation and mould growth. The windows also have rain flys apart from the zip-up covers which are hosted by the rails.

The interior has storage pockets which will hold your accessories. Be advised that it is also generic and the purchase may be different from the picture here.

Rodin Softshell Roof Tent

Audi Q3 Roof Top Tent


Dimensions (closed) 150 × 120 × 30 cm| Dimensions (open) 150 × 240 × 135 cm | Weight: 55kg | Shell Material: Cotton Canvas

Capacity: 2

Set up time: 2-5 minutes

Style: Fold out

The Rodin Softshell Roof Tent is made of a sturdy honeycomb base and an aluminium base making it durable and lightweight. This model has a built-in LED light powered via a power bank that can be used to power your accessories.

A mattress for comfort at night is available. When you get to the interior, you will get extra storage pockets for your accessories. This tent has no skylight window but the rest are large enough to give aerial views.

The windows allow proper ventilation which prevents condensation and build-up of mould which destroys the tent’s integrity. When folded, the footprint of the tent is reduced thus reducing drag.

All openings are layered with a mesh which keeps out the bugs and large rainfly protect you and prevent dampness.   

XPHW Car Roof Tent – Audi Q3 roof top tent

Audi Q3 Roof Top Tent


Dimensions (open) ‎200 x 120 x 110 cm| Weight: 62 kg | Shell Material: Canvas

Capacity: 2

Set up time: 2-5 minutes

Style: Fold out

This is the tent you need for your Audi Q3 with a full-size mattress. It has adequate room for two persons and is streamlined enough for the Audi Q3. You would concur with me in saying that it is incredibly alluring.

Gas-powered struts that help with opening and tent support. The foundation is light and sturdy since it is composed of high-quality aluminium. With this variant, you also receive LED lighting.

The room has quite wide windows that are, as a precaution, covered in mesh to keep pests out and keep you peaceful. A skylight on the XPHW Car Roof Tent also provides you with outstanding views at night.

To maximise storage and comfort when camping, additional inside storage and a place for boots at the entrance are offered. A quality camper like you deserves a premium tent, and this tent delivers!

Crua AER 2-3 Person Rooftop Tent in Green

Audi Q3 Roof Top Tent


Dimensions (open) 140 x 235 x 125 cm| Weight: 55 kg | Shell Material: Rip-stop polycotton

Capacity: 2

Set up time: < 5 min

Style: Foldout

The category of big lightweight tents includes the Crua AER 2-3 Person Rooftop Tent. The frame is made of superior aluminium and is supported by a fibreglass base.

To keep insects out, the tent’s large windows have mesh coverings. There are more areas for keeping your belongings as you enter. It also has a skylight for stargazing at night.

Its selection as the best roof top tent in 2021 serves as a reminder that you always get the best roof tent when you purchase one. The roof top tent is quieter than other items in its category since it has noise cancelling technology.

This is the only tent with a porch you will get. A sizable mattress is within for comfort. The tent’s cover may be taken off by sliding it into the rail. Take this tent along for the ride and enjoy it.

Inside, the second layer of thermal insulation and temperature regulation is provided by the Crua Culla Haul, which is made of premium materials. The amount of time required to set up camp and relax is decreased when the setup is quick and easy.

Check the setup video!

Buyer’s guide: Audi Q3 Roof Top Tent

When you ask yourself what you want in a tent, you start to investigate the various why you started needing the roof top tent. Below we assist in getting you started on your journey to a wonderful adventure with the tent of your choice.

A soft shell or a hard shell

The market has hard shells and softshells, the difference being very diverse. Hardshells are more expensive while soft shells are cheaper. Now, that does not mean they differ in quality. The build is what makes them different.

The weight of the tent

The roof load capacity of the Audi Q3 is 75 kg. Any tent weighing more than this will definitely alter the integrity of the roof which may lead to damages you will pay for. Besides the destruction, a weighty roof top tent messes with the aerodynamics of the car and increases drag.

The ease of setup time.

Having a roof top tent that takes forever to mount or set up makes you look like the slow kid in class. Everybody has a setup except you. And imagine you are also tired and sleeping is all you can think of. Look at the summary we have provided and ensure you are getting the best time from your tent.


Sometimes the deterrent to the best car roof tent is how to afford the item in question. Luckily, the roof tents we have reviewed have structured payment systems where you can budget and pay as slowly as you can. If you can afford at a go, choose wisely.

The tents ventilation

This is the most important aspect when looking to buy a tent. The safety of the camper and the tent depends on the aeration the tent receives. With good ventilation, there will no condensation leading to mould build up too.

Final thoughts on the Audi q3 roof top tent

The Audi Q3 is a compact crossover SUV with practical power and off-roading capabilities. With an Audi Q3 roof top tent, the sleek car becomes a rugged all terrain beast. You become the envy of your friends.

Quality is very important when the Audi q3 roof top tent is involved. With great choices like the TentBox lite and the Crua AER, your camping experience will never be the same again. They are both light, accommodate more people and offer great value versus the price.

Now, tell me the reason why you cannot get one tent from what we have reviewed above and I will give you a million ways how you will enjoy yourself. We love to hear from you about your experience with any of the roof top tents and ask what you have found unclear. It’s a fun way of interacting with the roof top tents as you enjoy yourself.