Audi TT Roof Tent

Audi TT Roof Tent

The Audi TT is a two-door sports car. That’s right, an Audi TT roof tent on a sports car! This car has very tight space and storage too as is the roof. Some may argue mounting a roof top tent is insanely overreaching considering the ride’s ability to manoeuvre on dirt paths.

We are not saying you take the car on extreme offroad excursions. It’s just an Audi TT roof tent on a secluded off-city patch which is accessible. Then you can have the experience of your life during that weekend.

Once in a while, the Audi TT Roof Tent changes the way we view compact cars and tents. It is important to note that a rooftop tent’s weight affects the vehicle’s steering, aerodynamics and braking distances. The roof top tents we review are selected with this view in mind. 

Before we rush into the reviewing, let’s look at the influencers for the selection of the Audi TT roof tent below.

How to choose the Audi TT roof tent

The following will assist you in choosing or realising what to look out for before purchasing a roof top tent.

The weight of the tent

If 20% of the roof load capacity (75 kgs) to the Audi TT is 60 kgs, a roof top tent close or lower in weight is the most preferred. The tents we have recommended below adhere to this fact.

The tents ventilation

Apart from the airflow in the tent, vents are crucial in reducing condensation, especially under the mattress. Condensation leads to the growth of mould hence decreasing the longevity of usage of the tent.


This depends on the number of people you plan to go with. If more than two, you will have to choose a bigger tent which means more tent weight and reduced roof carrying capacity.

The tent style.

A tent that is symmetrical will not affect the vehicle’s aerodynamics. Streamlined tents also reduce drag.

The tents build

It comes down to the composition of the roof top tent. The shell may be made of aluminium, canvas or ABS composite plastic. Canvas made are cheaper while the hard shells are pricier.

The ultimate guide to the Audi TT roof tent.

Now, that we know how to choose the tents, let us get to know them, each by how good it is on your Audi TT and its features. We favour the fold-out type style for the Audi TT since they have a smaller footprint on the car’s roof. Fold-out favours balance as the roof bars are not widely spaced.

Tent box lite

Audi TT Roof Tent


Open dimensions: 140 x 240cm x 110cm| Closed dimensions: 140 x 120 x 27cm| Weight: 50 kg | Shell Material: Rip-Stop Canvas

Capacity: 3

Setup time:  5 Min

Style: Fold out

-A skylight window for star gazing
-A roomy interior
-A five-year warranty
-Shoe storage pockets.
-Fine mesh on the windows
-Thick mattress (6 cm)
-Interior storage pockets

This is one tent you will never go wrong with if you choose for your Audi TT. Its size, capacity and weight are the basis of this choice. The TentBox lite is also available in orange and black depending on your preference.

Setting up this tent will use just five minutes of your time. Isn’t that impressive? Then by the door, you have your shoe pockets before you get to the interior to find more storage pockets for your accessories.

The 6 cm thick mattress will make your nights comfortable as you view the stars through the sky view window. Notice that all the windows and entrances are covered with mesh. The mesh will keep the bugs away while maintaining privacy.

The interior is properly insulated while the outer shell shields you from the weather elements. The tent’s frame is made of aluminium for durability and lightness. Buy this tent and we assure you no regrets.

Crua AER 2-3 Person Rooftop Tent

Audi TT Roof Tent


Open dimensions: 235 x 140 x 125cm| Weight: 55 kg | Shell Material: Rip-Stop polycotton

Capacity: 3

Setup time:  5 Min

Style: Fold out

-Thick window mesh
-The non-fire retardant inner and outer fly
-Jumbo double zips
-Thick mattress
-Sky view window
-Aluminium ladder

The Crua AER roof tent is like no other. The tent folds out to reveal a large sleeping area comfortable for two to three people. Two aluminium extendable poles anchor the tent to the ground as is the ladder.

The entry features two bags for your boots and a porch which makes the tent roomier. Getting to the interior will reveal a thick mattress and more storage pockets for your accessories.

The Crua Culla Haul is a second inner tent which forms a premium grade insulation for extreme temperature regulation. The insulation also blocks out the light while dampening the noise.

The night’s views never got any better as the sky view window is present. You will also get mesh-covered windows which keep the bugs away, promote daytime privacy and aerate the tent during humid nights. Big windows play a vital role in ventilation and reducing condensation.


Roxform Roof Top Camping Tent


Dimensions (closed) ‎125 x 200 x 35 cm| Dimensions (open) ‎125 x 200 x 115 cm| Weight: 50 kg | Shell Material: Polyester

Capacity: 2

Set up time: < 5 min

Style: Fold out

-Large annexe room
-Quick automatic opening
-Ventilation windows
-Mesh windows nets
-Sleeping mat

It’s possible that the Roxform Roof Top Camping Tent is the most reasonably priced roof tent we’ve found. This tent weighs just 50 kgs, similar to the TentBox. We suggest it since it opens and sets up quickly.

Large windows provide for adequate ventilation, reducing the likelihood of condensation and preventing the growth of mould. The windows have a second layer of mesh surrounding them to help keep out insects and open Especially during hot evenings.

Your accessories can be kept in the available storage pockets. In order to ensure durability, the fame and base have been built to the greatest standards.

You can be protected from the elements by the rainfly’s size. An annexe that may serve as a private room is also included. A foam mattress that will be useful for your nightly comfort.

Rodin Softshell Roof Tent

Audi TT Roof Tent


Dimensions (closed) 150 x 120 x 28cm| Dimensions (open) 150 x 240 x 135cm| Weight: 52 kg | Shell Material: Cotton/polyester ripstop

Capacity: 2

Set up time: <5 min

Style: Fold out

-A built-in LED light
-A thick mosquito net by the windows
-Sizeable mattress
-Interior storage pockets
-Ventilation vents

If you’re looking for a useful, lightweight roof tent for your Audi TT, the Rodin softshell roof tent is a must-have. This dependable tent has a strong honeycomb base design and an aluminium frame.

The cotton/polyester ripstop material utilised to build the tent ensures that you will be protected from the elements day or night.

It will be helpful for sleeping if there is a thick mattress inside. There are pockets for the storage of your accessories. The windows are big enough to let air pass through freely. It also ensures that moisture won’t lead to the growth of mould.

Every opening is covered with layers of mesh to keep insects and mosquitoes out of the room. With this tent, there is also an integrated LED light that runs off of a battery bank. It will look fantastic next to your Audi TT.


Direct4x4 Granite Grey RoofTrekk 3 Person Hard Shell Roof Top Tent


Dimensions open: L 160cm x W 220cm x H 115cm | Dimensions closed: L 160cm x W 110cm x H 30cm | Weight: 50 kg |Shell Material: ABS

Capacity: 3

Set up time: 60 secs

Style: Fold out

-A solar-powered LED lantern
-A 4 cm thick mattress
-Multilayer privacy zip up
-Sleek and low profile
-Window mesh with zipping
-Internal storage areas

Three adults, or two adults and a kid in a family, may fit comfortably within the Direct4x4 Granite Grey RoofTrekk tent once it is opened. When folded, the tent does not occupy much space and weighs roughly 50 kg.

Your Audi TT’s aerodynamics are unaffected by the weight because it was built with a low profile in mind. The zips are strong since they were made to endure repeated usage. The large windows allow for optimal ventilation of the tent.

If your only requirement for a camping bed is a 4-centimetre mattress, this tent won’t let you down. In order to be useful and convenient, this tent has a battery- and solar-powered LED lamp. charging your accessories will never be the same again.

Final thoughts about the Audi TT Roof Tent

The process of identifying an Audi TT Roof Tent is daunting. This article is precisely where we demystify this task. Starting with where to get the roof bars to how to correctly identify a practical and durable roof top tent for the Audi TT.

We believe now the process is easier just by going through this review as well as the identification. Roof bars are as important as choosing a tent. Consider any of the above and complete the part where the fan starts.

Everybody deserves an excellent detoxing trip and that can only start via a quality camping roof top tent. Enjoy your excursions, sleep in the chosen tent and write back to us. We want to know how you had your experience with the tent!

FAQs: Audi TT Roof Tent

Can you get roof bars on an Audi TT?

Rooftop Tents for Jeep Grand Cherokee

It is difficult to find roof bars, especially for vehicles without roof rails. But you can get roof bars for the Audi TT which will be used to mount your roof top tent.

What is the roof load capacity of the Audi TT?

The maximum weight to mount on the roof of an Audi TT is 75 kgs minus the weight of the roof bars. What remains is the maximum weight you can carry on the car’s roof. In this case, the roof top tent must weigh 20% of the remaining capacity of 75 kgs.

What is the ground clearance of the Audi TT?

Depending on the trim level of your Audi TT, you can have one with a 5.3-inch (135mm) or the 6-inch (165mm) type (check your car manual). The impact of the roof top tent is its weight which in turn lowers the vehicle’s suspension and reduces the ride’s height.