Best Rooftop Tents of 2024

Take your camping experience to new heights with the best rooftop tents of 2023.
Best Rooftop Tents of 2023

With the growing popularity of overlanding and outdoor adventures, rooftop tents (RTTs) have become increasingly sought after. Offering cooler sleeping in summer, warmer sleeping in winter, and a more comfortable slumber, the best rooftop tents are spacious, lightweight, and comfortable enough to support families and furry companions.

Designed to be mounted onto car roofs or truck beds, RTTs feature easy set-up and many come with built-in mattresses, eliminating the need for extra sleeping gear. With a wide range of options available for various vehicles and environments, we’ve compiled a list of the top rooftop tents of 2024, along with our expert breakdown of who they’re best for and their key specifications.

Best Rooftop Tents

TentBox Lite XL – The Ultimate Solution for Hassle-Free Family Camping

Are you tired of dealing with uncomfortable sleeping arrangements and the hassle of setting up traditional camping tents for your family of four? The TentBox Lite XL New Version is here to solve those problems.

Designed specifically for families of four, the TentBox Lite XL New Version offers more space, comfort, and convenience than traditional camping tents. With premium features like a dual-layer memory foam mattress, two skylights, and a redesigned rainfly that can be removed for quick and easy setup, you can have a spacious and comfortable sleeping space for your family in just seconds.

In addition to its premium features, the TentBox Lite XL New Version includes a variety of technical specifications to ensure maximum comfort and convenience. A foot-friendly ‘flat-step’ ladder, larger side windows for better views, and a hardwearing Cordura-style fabric that won’t fade over time are just a few examples of the thought that went into designing this tent.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable camping setups and hello to hassle-free family camping with the TentBox Lite XL New Version.

Yakima SkyRise HD 3 Tent

Sleep Capacity: 2

The Yakima SkyRise HD is a top-quality pop-up rooftop tent that offers ample space for up to three people and all-season protection. With a sturdy base and easy installation, this tent features ripstop polyester fabric with a waterproof polyurethane coating to keep moisture out in all weather conditions.

The tent’s unique frame geometry provides over 37 square feet of usable space, while extra-large doors, windows, and mesh panels offer stunning views and excellent ventilation. The 2.5-inch-thick foam pad ensures long-term comfort and comes with a removable cover for easy cleaning.

While not the most affordable rooftop tent on the market, the SkyRise HD is well worth the investment for its durability and serviceability. The open-view rainfly keeps the elements out without obstructing the view, and the extra-large windows provide plenty of natural light and airflow. Keep in mind that at 114.6 pounds, this tent requires two people to install, and some may find the included mattress less comfortable than expected.

  • Durable construction withstands wear and tear
  • Open-view rainfly keeps the view unobstructed while sealing out the elements
  • Large windows enhance natural light and ventilation
  • Included mattress may not suit everyone’s comfort preferences

Freespirit Recreation High Country Series 55 Inch 3 Person Rooftop Tent, Gray

Sleep Capacity: 3

Looking for a spacious and rugged RTT? The Freespirit Recreation High Country 3-Person Rooftop Tent could be your perfect fit. With a unique clamshell design that opens over one side of your vehicle, this tent provides more space than many of its competitors.

Despite its weight of 141 pounds, this RTT is perfect for winter camping, thanks to the addition of wall insulation, a two-inch EPE foam floor, and a 1.5-inch foam mattress, all of which ensure greater comfort in colder temperatures.

While many RTTs require a large footprint, the High-Country series is different, with the 55-inch model taking up minimal space on your roof or truck bed. But don’t let its compact size fool you.

This tent is surprisingly spacious, with an 18-inch longer mattress than the brand’s hardshell tents, providing ample room for extra gear or your furry friends.

  • The unique clamshell design offers more usable space
  • Multiple sizes available
  • All-weather design enhances durability
  • The top ladder rung may be challenging for shorter individuals
  • Heavy at almost 150 pounds for the smallest model

Front Runner rooftop tent


Sleep Capacity: 2

The Front Runner rooftop tent is a great investment that comes with numerous benefits for the buyer. Not only does it provide a comfortable sleeping area for 2-3 people, but it also unlocks a range of add-ons and options to customize your vehicle.

Its compact dimensions of ‎131 x 90 x 52.4 inches and light weight of 62.2kgs  make it easy to install on your car, truck or SUV without adding too much weight.

The unique shape and material of the tent provide excellent wind resistance, and the high-density foam mattress ensures a comfortable sleeping experience. The tent is equipped with plenty of windows and hanging pockets for storing your gear. Plus, it comes with all the universal mounting equipment you need to install it on your vehicle.

It is made with an aluminium frame and poly-cotton ripstop construction and features a full-cover rainfly for added protection against the elements.

Overall, this rooftop tent is an affordable and practical option for easygoing adventures. The only downside is that a large number of zippers and clasps may catch on things during use, but this is a minor inconvenience compared to the benefits it provides.

Thule Tepui Explorer Autana 3

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Sleep Capacity: 3 people

Looking for a reliable rooftop tent with extra space? Look no further than the Thule x Tepui Explorer Autana 3. With a zip-attached vestibule, you’ll get an additional 50+ square feet of space for storing equipment or stretching out.

The tent is made from a combination of polyester cotton and ripstop, ensuring durability and protection from the elements. Plus, various windows and mesh panels make it easy to enjoy the scenery while also providing airflow on warm days.

Setting up the tent is a breeze, taking only a few minutes to deploy. It also comes with a comfy mattress for a good night’s sleep.

In addition to its great features, the Thule x Tepui Explorer Autana 3 is a great value, especially when on sale. Plus, its fun colour schemes add a touch of personality to your camping setup.

  • Extra space for equipment
  • Durable and weather-resistant materials
  • Easy to set up and comes with a comfortable mattress
  • Great value, especially when on sale
  • Fun colour schemes
  • The design is bulky and may affect fuel economy
  • The vestibule requires extra setup and patience

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