Camry Roof Top Tent

What better way to camp than using a Camry roof top tent? It's modern, stylish, durable and flexible.
Camry Roof Top Tent

What better way to camp than using a Camry roof top tent? It’s modern, stylish, durable and flexible. This is a vehicle which is tolerant and maybe with a few tweaks, can work harder than expected.

Most capable modern sedan we have. It’s compact but with all the modern safety and luxury specs and this is not only with the new models but also with the older ones.

The Toyota Camry has a roof load capacity of 75 kg. so, despite it looking like an office car, it has 5.7-inch ground clearance which is more than enough to take you to the countryside for your adventure.

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How to choose the Camry roof top tent.

Since the roof load capacity limits the extent to which you can carry your gadgets on the roof, below are some of the things you can consider when choosing your Camry Roof Top Tent.

Consider how often you will be using the tent. The roof tents are a bulky accessory for your car. If you plan on having one, then you also are planning to use it regularly.

Consider the racks to be used for the tent. Does your vehicle need them? What size is good for the Camry? We have some for you here.

Consider the roof load capacity of the Camry. A heavy tent will damage the roof as well as mess with the fuel economy.

Consider the length and width of the roof tent. Some roof tents are one-piece made and thus occupy a large surface area which makes them look bulkier, especially the clamshell type.

The ultimate guide to the Camry roof top tent

The Camry is a compact car but the designs for building roof top tents are changing every day. We have observed that the tents are made to be accommodated on many smaller cars and this is why we see the Camry has a fair shot at some of the tents available. Let’s dive into the best Camry Roof Top Tent.

Thule Tepui Foothill



Closed dimensions (WxLxH): 24 x 83 x 9.5 in | Open dimensions (WxLxH): 47 x 84 x 38 in | Shell Material: Ripstop polyester canopy, ripstop nylon rainfly | Total weight: 108 lb.

Capacity: 2

The Thule Tepui Foothill is compact and enables the addition of other fun items like bicycles and other baggage, in contrast to typical roof tents with a hard shell that occupies a lot of room on the top.

It is a two-person design that requires only a 24-inch space to fold flat, allowing room for installation. You also have windows that are close to creating total darkness and a comfortable cushioned inside. Additionally, this helps retain heat, which is useful if you’re camping somewhere where the nighttime low temps are a problem.

Despite having a decently built-in height, the Thule Tepui Foothill requires some adjustments to account for its size. The mounting and assembling of this roof tent are, however, not too difficult. It may be transported without putting undue strain on the automobile because it weighs 108 pounds and fits on any size car.

The Thule Tepui Foothill may not be the largest accommodation option, but if you have a lot of equipment to take on your activities, you can always ignore it.

Check the set-up video!

TentBox Classic Car Roof Top Tent


Dimensions open: 128 x 210 x 100cm| Dimensions closed: 128 x 210 x 27cm| Weight: 65 kg |Shell Material: Vehicle-grade ABS

Capacity: 2

Set up time: < 60 Sec

Style: Pop up

When you have the TentBox classic on the roof of your Camry, don’t be surprised when you become the envy of your fellow campers. It is so easy to set up you almost forget how you ever did without it.

Setting it up is not the only easy part, you will have your bedding just as you lay them, setting you for sleep as fast as you can. Wouldn’t you want something like that for your camping experience besides other fantastic features?

Gas-assisted struts are the centre of the TentBox classic. Then you get in and discover the 6 cm high-density foam mattress. You will sleep like a baby tonight. Each side of the tent has a window which aerates the tent preventing suffocation and condensation.

All windows are layered with a mesh for privacy as well as to keep out the bugs at night or day. The tent has been designed not to interfere with aerodynamics. The body is made of quality weatherproof canvas which is perfect for the British weather.

Check the setup video!

DUTUI Outdoor Self-Driving Car Roof Tent



Dimensions open: 190x130x20cm| Dimensions closed: 190x130x112cm| Weight: 45 kg |Shell Material: Composite ABS material

Capacity: 2

Set up time: < 60 Sec

Style: Pop up

The best rooftop tents have the fastest opening mechanism just like the DUTUI Outdoor Self-Driving Car Roof Tent. For a tent to be set up in less than 30 seconds will set your day far ahead.

The tent is made of the lightest materials so that in any car, you can enjoy the effectiveness of the roof top tent. The small size of the shell has made it possible to be strapped on the roof without feeling bulkiness or interfering with the aerodynamics.

DUTUI Outdoor Self-Driving Car Roof Tent has two doors and two windows which allow maximum ventilation and airflow. This also reduces moisture accumulation which may lead to condensation.  All openings are layered with a mesh which keeps the bugs at bay.

You will also get a sponge-padded floor which makes your nights comfortable. Extra storage spaces for your accessories are available too.

Tentbox Lite



Dimensions open: 140 x 240cm x 110cm| Dimensions closed: 140 x 120 x 27cm| Weight: 50 kg |Shell Material: Breathable 280gsm rip-stop canvas

Capacity: 3

Set up time: < 2-5 minutes  

Style: Fold out

Any car’s roof, including your Camry, can accommodate the Tentbox lite. Being made for any condition, it is lightweight. This tent, which comes in two colours—orange and black—will fit in your Camry with ease and weighs only 50 kg.

This model’s opening mechanism is manual; thus, it will take a little longer to open than the classic and cargo Tentbox types. A water-resistant outer cover that secures the soft-shell tent releases when the straps holding it together are released.

In addition to helping with the tent opening, the ladder is fastened to the tent’s foundation. The tent is supported by its opening metal frame, which is encircled by fabric. When the tent is folded up, you are unfortunately unable to place your bedding inside.

This tent includes four windows, ensuring that you get fresh air, complete panoramas, and a sky view from the top. In order to provide comfort at night, the mattress is thick enough.

Check the setup video!

Buyer’s guide to the Camry roof top tent

It is a great idea to have a Camry Roof Top Tent. They are perfect since they are easy to set up and avoid other external inconveniences. They offer the freedom of exploration without leaving your vehicle.

It is difficult to choose one that fits your needs since there are many models available today. With this in mind we have compiled some need-to-know pointers before purchasing your unit.

The style of the tent

This is how the tent opens up. How has it been made to open? Sometimes It might limit usability on location.

The weight of the tent

Having a heavy tent may mean you need a bigger vehicle. If your car is small, stick to the less weighty options like what we have covered here.

The ease of setting up

After a tiring day of travelling or sightseeing, you will appreciate the tent with the easiest setup procedure.


Roof tents are expensive. Budget yourself properly or purchase under flexible methods available for most of the roof tents available.


The materials and how the frame of the tent is constructed will go a long way in showing how well a roof tent has been made. Manufacturers’ guarantees also will give you a picture of how well they believe in quality.

Final thoughts: Camry Roof Top Tent

The Camry is a vehicle designed to take care of you at any location. We don’t see the reason why it cannot be taken to the outdoor experience. You should not worry about its ability, smaller cars like the VW Golf are doing it.

If you do not have some roof bars, you need to get some as the tents will have to lie somewhere. The end bargain is you have the best and easiest Overlanding or camping experience.

With the numerous tents we have, you will not miss that weekend expedition to talk about. Convenience is key in this game and we have brought it to you forget about the hustle of setting up ground tents!

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    Its possible to put a rooftop tent on any car today. With roof top tents weighing less than 45 kgs like the tentbox lite, we are sure to get you one for your car.

  2. Are rooftop tents good?

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    Roof top tent for sale are on demand. the reason is their flexibility during camping, they consume less time to set up and just about any car can attach one on the roof for adventures anywhere.