With the right roof bars and a carefully selected tent, the Subaru WRX will take you anywhere. It might not be the extreme offroad vehicle but its ground clearance (4.9 – 6.1inches) if fair enough for accessible camping areas in the UK.

The Model Y is classified as a compact utility vehicle. And this is the reason why Tesla Model Y Roof Top Tent is a great break away from city life. It has a ground clearance of 6.6 inches with a roof load capacity of 75kgs.

The Toyota Highlander is a mid-range SUV which delivers comfort, handling and medium off-road capabilities. When you incorporate a Toyota highlander roof top tent into the mix, the camping experience becomes elevated literally, with views, flexibility and ease.

The Toyota Yaris Roof Tent is the most efficient way to increase practicability and space while camping. The Toyota Yaris hatchback is spacious for everyday use, but outdoor activities require the use of every spot to carry gear.

No matter the reason to acquire a Subaru Impreza roof top tent, and the others you might think not, a roof top tent offers comfort, convenience and security above all other types of tents.

A roof top tent for Kia Soul allows you to turn your car's roof into a practical camper in a matter of minutes. The tent on the roof of the vehicle creates space for storage inside and sometimes for other fun stuff on the roof too.

Those who own the land rover Freelander can attest to its perseverance and comfort.  The land rover Freelander 2 roof tent adjusts the accommodation parameters to a style in which you carry your tent as you go.

Whether you have the Skoda Octavia sedan or the station wagon, you get a spacious car with storage and comfort. Roof tent Skoda Octavia allows you to carry gear and luggage without compromise.

The compact crossover SUV you will love to have roof top tent on. The Subaru XV has an incorporated all-wheel capability and greater control over terrains. This is what makes it valuable to have the Subaru XV roof top tent.

A Mini Clubman Roof Tent is a compact and versatile camping solution for adventurous individuals. Designed to be mounted on the roof of a Mini Clubman vehicle, this tent offers a comfortable and convenient way to explore the great outdoors.