Decathlon Car Roof Tent

It is a lightweight, easy assemble tent that can accommodate up to three people and can be set up in less than five minutes.
Decathlon Car Roof Tent
Decathlon Car Roof Tent

Quechua decathlon car roof tent MH500 Fresh & Black 2p

Open dimensions: (W) 140 x (L) 240 x (H) 106 cm| Weight: 52 kg| Shell Material: 100 % Polyester structure
Capacity: 2 people
Setup time: <5 Min
Style: Fold out

Two sets of four inner pockets
A large boot storage bag
A 5 cm thick mattress
Panoramic windows
Sky view windows
4.5 telescoping ladder

Any automobile may benefit from the Quechua MH500 roof tent. Your car may be readily prepared for camping with a roof rack. When compared to its comparables in the category, such as the TentBox light, it weighs 52 kg and can fit 2 people, which is more than a bargain. After constructing at the top of your car, pitching the tent takes less than five minutes.
To secure the tent to the ground, the ladder extends to the bottom of the structure. By securing the tent with side buckles and wrapping elastic loops around the knobs, the deconstruction procedure is the opposite of tent pitching.
A big boot bag with a flap that helps to keep them from the elements and fits two pairs of boots fits two pairs. Comparably, there are interior pockets where you may keep your accessories, such as phones. For additional comfort at night, a 5 cm thick foam mattress is offered. There are ventilation systems and big windows to prevent moisture.

Because of humidity, an under the mattress can also improve your mattress. Additionally, the tent has netting on all four sides to keep pests out while you’re inside. Your bedding and accessories are folded together for storage and safekeeping after the adventure. You will like having this on your car’s top.

Decathlon CAR ROOF TENT VAN 500

The Decathlon Car ROOFTOP TENT VAN 500 has a lot of benefits that come with it, but also some drawbacks.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable price
  • Easy to set up and takedown
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • You can use it in any weather conditions (rain, snow)
  • Included rainfly provides protection from the elements and is easy to adjust
  • You can set up the tent in less than 5 minutes
  • There is enough space for two people to sleep comfortably
  • It comes with an inflatable mattress and roof hooking kits
  • It requires two people to set up and take down the tent
  • It’s not as large as some other tents on the market
  • The Air Tent Double-Action Hand Pump is sold separately
  • It cannot withstand winds over 60km/h
  • It is delicate since it uses air to erect, which can burst when scrapped.

Decathlon Car Rooftop Tent Van 500 — The Ultimate Rooftop Tent 

Decathlon Car Rooftop Tent Van 500 is a rooftop tent designed for your van. It is suitable for vans and can be installed on the roof by two people or one, which means it can be mounted and removed quickly.

The Decathlon Car Rooftop Tent Van 500 is the ultimate rooftop tent for those who love camping but cannot carry heavy tents. It is easy to install, lightweight and compact, making it perfect for camping on the go!

It combines flexibility, weightlessness and affordability, which you will not find in any other rooftop tent.


Dimensions Open (cm): 130 x 37 x32 cm L. Weight: 23.6 kg includes 7.2 kg ladder

Tent Material: Polyester 

Capacity: 2

Decathlon Car ROOFTOP TENT VAN 500 Review – Top Features Details

Decathlon is a sports equipment and clothing company. Their products include sports equipment, camping gear, and tents. They have been in the market since 1976. One of the popular products is the Car Roof Top Tent Van 500.

The Tent Van 500 is designed to be used as an outdoor tent or a campervan. It weighs only 23.6kg, including the 7.2 ladders, making it easy to carry around and store in your car trunk when not in use and the lightest in the roof tent category.

The tent can accommodate up to 2 people with dimensions of 130 x 37 x32 cm, perfect for overnight or shorter camping excursions. It also comes with a rainfly that is easy to attach and detach. In addition, the Tent Van 500 is available and comes with a window, door and mesh vent.

The tent is made from Polyester fabric is the most important feature to look for when shopping for tents. The fabric is what will provide shelter from sun and rain, so it is a must to have the best quality fabric. The fabric on the Decathlon is a high-quality polyester, which is waterproof, windproof, and vapour permeable.

With one large door with two windows, you can enter and exit the tent easily. this makes aeration possible and prevents condensation, which may cause mould build-up. In addition, it has Side pockets which are very convenient because they are easy to reach when you are inside the tent.

The no see mesh in the windows will allow air to flow into and out of your tent, so you will stay cool and dry all summer. They are also useful for keeping bugs away and providing nice night views.

The folding design: The design of this tent allows it to be easily folded up when it is not used. This will make it easier to transport and store when, not in use. after use, it is folded up and stored in the boot of the camper van, which it occupies with less space.

Heavy-duty zippers make it easy for you to get into and out of your tent, even when the weather is bad. The zipper doesn’t need any help zip lining up, so you don’t have to wait around all day until the weather allows you to use the tent.

The mattress is inflatable, which means it folds up and fits together with the tent, which also deflates to fit along the length of the ladder.

Watch the setup video!

Conclusion: What is the Best Opinion about the decathlon car roof tents?

The best opinion about the decathlon car roof tents is that it is a great way to make your camping experience more comfortable. They are lightweight, easy assemble tents that can accommodate up to three people and can be set up in less than five minutes.

The decathlon car roof tents have many features that make them very convenient. For example, the windows are made of mesh, providing good ventilation and an integrated rain cover for extra protection against rain or snow. The decathlon car roof tents also come with an interior storage pocket which allows you to store all your belongings without them getting lost in the dark corners of the tent.

The decathlon car roof tents are a great product. They are lightweight, and the price is reasonable. The tents can be set up in just a few minutes, making them practical for camping trips or outdoor activities.

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