Honda Jazz Roof Tent

Honda Jazz Roof Tent

The Honda Jazz is an iconic hatchback in terms of safety and consumption. Then, a Honda jazz roof tent!! Crazy, isn’t it? The maximum load on the roof of the jazz is 55 kgs which makes even the search for a roof top tent total madness.

We are also treading carefully on this one since the limiting factor which is weight plays a very big role in the roof’s integrity. But we will leave you with a roof top tent even if one which you can attach to the roof of your jazz and enjoy some camping.

Roof top tents are great since they are convenient, secure and offer easy setup. Make sure you have your roof bars ready and you will be halfway done. Great Honda jazz roof tent options are available too and we will discuss them in detail below. First, let’s determine how we choose them.

How to choose the Honda jazz roof tent

Knowing what to choose is the first stage. If you are familiar with what you want, then the search is reduced significantly.

How often you will be using the roof tent

If you consider investing in a roof top tent, chances are that it will not lie idle in the garage. A durable tent goes a long way in ensuring the continuity of camping experiences.

How much are you willing to spend?

Roof top tents are pricy affairs. From the tents we have reviewed for you, which one fits your bill?

What profile are you looking for?

The types of roof top tents available are Hardshells and Softshells. They also have different styles of opening from the fold to pop-ups. Which profile do you desire on your Honda Jazz?

What’s the weight of the tent?

This is the most basic checkpoint since your Honda jazz will not take a roof top tent weighing more than 55kgs.

The ultimate guide to the Honda jazz roof tent

The roof top tents we have below have passed the test of some of the basic factors listed above. Choose what you desire and your excursion is now almost complete.

Direct4x4 Granite Grey RoofTrekk 3 Person Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

Honda Jazz Roof Tent


Dimensions open: L 160cm x W 220cm x H 115cm | Dimensions closed: L 160cm x W 110cm x H 30cm | Weight: 50 kg |Shell Material: ABS

Capacity: 3

Set up time: 60 secs

Style: Fold out

-A solar-powered LED lantern
-Window mesh with zipping
-A 4 cm thick mattress
-Internal storage areas
-Multilayer privacy zip up
-Sleek and low profile

The Direct4x4 Granite Grey RoofTrekk tent, when opened, can accommodate three people, or two adults and a child in a family. The tent weighs around 50 kg and takes up very little room when folded.

Because it was designed with a low profile in mind, the weight has no impact on your Honda Jazz aerodynamics. Since they were designed to withstand frequent use, the zips are sturdy. The tent can be ventilated effectively thanks to the big windows.

This tent will satisfy you if your sole camping bed need is a 4-centimetre mattress. This tent incorporates a solar- and battery-powered LED lamp to make it practical and handy. Nothing will ever be the same about charging your accessories.

Tentbox lite


Open dimensions: 140 x 240cm x 110cm| Closed dimensions: 140 x 120 x 27cm| Weight: 50 kg | Shell Material: Rip-Stop Canvas

Capacity: 3

Setup time:  5 Min

Style: Fold out

-A skylight window for star gazing
-A roomy interior
-A five-year warranty
-Shoe storage pockets.
-Fine mesh on the windows
-Thick mattress (6 cm)
-Interior storage pockets

If you pick this tent for your Honda Jazz, you can never go wrong. This decision is based on the item’s dimensions, weight, and capacity. Depending on your desire, the TentBox light is also available in orange and black.

You’ll need just five minutes to set up this tent. Isn’t that remarkable? Before you enter the inside and discover more storage compartments for your items, you first have shoe pockets beside the entrance.

The outside shell protects you from the outdoors while the interior is suitably insulated. Aluminium is used in the tent’s structure for strength and lightweight. We guarantee that you won’t regret buying this tent.

Your nights will be pleasant as you watch the stars via the sky view window thanks to the 6 cm thick mattress. Take note of the mesh that covers the windows and entryway. While preserving privacy, the mesh will keep the pests at bay.

Check the setup video!

DUTUI Outdoor Self-Driving Car Roof Tent

Honda Jazz Roof Tent


Dimensions open: 190x130x20cm| Dimensions closed: 190x130x112cm| Weight: 45 kg |Shell Material: Composite ABS material

Capacity: 2

Set up time: < 60 Sec

Style: Pop up

-Window mesh keeps bugs out
-Interior storage areas

The DUTUI Outdoor Self-Driving Car Roof Tent shares the same quick opening technology as the greatest roof top tents. It will greatly advance your day if a tent can be erected in less than 30 seconds.

The tent is constructed from the lightest components possible so that you may use it effectively in any type of vehicle. Since the shell is so tiny, it can be fastened to the roof without feeling bulky or affecting aerodynamics.

Two doors and two windows on the DUTUI Outdoor Self-Driving Car Roof Tent provide the most ventilation and airflow possible. Additionally, this lessens moisture build-up, which might cause condensation. The mesh that covers every aperture keeps insects at bay.

Additionally, a floor that is cushioned with a sponge is provided for your comfort at night. There are furthermore accessible accessory storage areas.

Thule Tepui Foothill

Honda Jazz Roof Tent


Closed dimensions (WxLxH): 24 x 83 x 9.5 in | Open dimensions (WxLxH): 47 x 84 x 38 in | Shell Material: Ripstop polyester canopy, ripstop nylon rainfly | Total weight: 108 lb.

Capacity: 2 people

Style: Fold out

Set up time: < 5 min

Thick insulation
Dual skylights and large rear window
4 cm thick mattress
Storage inside
Lamp attachment areas
Water-resistant tent fabric

In contrast to standard roof tents with a hard shell that takes up a lot of space on the top, the Thule Tepui Foothill is small and allows for the inclusion of additional fun objects like bicycles and other luggage.

It has a two-person design and folds flat into a 24-inch compartment, leaving space for installation. Additionally, you have inner cushions that are pleasant and windows that close to provide complete darkness.

Additionally, this aids in heat retention, which is helpful if you’re camping somewhere where the low temperatures at night are a concern. The Thule Tepui Foothill needs some modifications to take into mind its size even if it has a respectable built-in height.

However, installing and putting this roof tent together is not too difficult. It weighs 108 pounds and fits on any size car, so it can be carried without placing an excessive burden on the vehicle.

Although the Thule Tepui Foothill may not be the largest lodging choice, you can always disregard it if you have a lot of stuff to bring with you on your activities.

Final thoughts on Honda Jazz Roof Tent

Buying a Honda Jazz Roof Tent eases the time you take to set up a tent. Identify the roof top tent and consider purchasing the roof bars too if you haven’t got them. The end bargain is the collection of those memories while spending the nights in the best Honda Jazz Roof Tent.

FAQs: Honda Jazz Roof Tent

What is the ground clearance of the Honda jazz?

The ground clearance of the Honda Jazz is 6.5 inches (165mm) which is great for a city car. The Honda jazz cannot do extreme offroad driving unless heavily modified.

What is the roof load capacity of the Honda Jazz?

The roof load capacity of the Honda Jazz is 55 kgs. The impact of a heavier load on the roof will be catastrophic while the cost also goes back to you.