Land Rover Discovery Roof Tents

A roof tent that you will take with your Land Rover Discovery anywhere!!
Land rover discovery roof tents
Land rover discovery roof tents

Land rover discovery roof tents

Direct4x4 Granite Grey RoofTrekk 3 Person Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

Dimensions open: L 160cm x W 220cm x H 115cm | Dimensions closed: L 160cm x W 110cm x H 30cm | Weight: 50 kg |Shell Material: ABS

Capacity: 3

Set up time: 60 secs

Style: Fold out

Opening the Direct4x4 Granite Grey RoofTrekk tent creates a large room that can fit three adults or if in a family, it will accommodate two adults and a kid. At 50 kgs, it does not look like a big tent when folded up.

It has been built with a low profile in mind and so the weight does not affect the aerodynamics of your Discovery. Since it has been built for rigorous usage, the zips are heavy-duty. The windows are large and enough to aerate the tent.

A 4 cm mattress may be all you have ever wanted from a camp life comfort when sleeping and this tent will not fail you. To add convenience and advantage, this tent is complete with a battery and solar-powered LED lantern. Charging your accessories will never be the same again.

Tentbox Cargo


Open dimensions: 160 x 205 x 130cm | Closed dimensions: 175 x 130 x 37cm | Weight: 74kg | Shell Material: Aluminium

Capacity: 2

Setup time: 45 seconds

Style: Clamshell

You may have the most comfortable and practical place to camp with the Tentbox Cargo, a vehicle roof tent. No worries about snow or rain preventing you from using it in any weather. The gas strut just has to be slightly prodded once the buckle has been undone to complete the process.
Using a vehicle roof tent like the Tentbox Cargo, you may have a convenient and pleasant camping trip. For those who desire to camp in their vehicles, Tentbox Cargo offers a novel alternative.

Both the driver and passenger may enjoy camping in the Roof Tent in luxury, security, and a variety of ways. Check at the price of a roof rack here.
Since the Tentbox Cargo is straightforward to assemble, it can be installed in the majority of vehicles with a flat roof or trunk. The Tentbox Cargo has the shortest setup time in the Tentbox line, taking less than 45 seconds, making it ideal for camping excursions.

Even easy is when the tent is folded up and secured with a helpful elastic rope. It is more durable since the bottom and the exterior shell are both constructed entirely of aluminium. To avoid condensation, the tent’s floor contains vents.

You may hang your bikes, surfboards, or kayaks with the extra rails that come with this roof tent. Accessibility is made simpler with the three entrances to this tent.

Ridgeback Hard Shell RTT Canvas by Darche

Dimensions open: 2560L x 1360W x 1720H mm| Dimensions closed:         2160L x 1360W x 215H mm | Weight: 85 kg |Shell Material: Aluminium

Capacity: 2

Set up time: < 5 minutes

Style: Clamshell

At the height of quality, the Darche is the tent to beat here. With its style. You will turn heads when you pop it up. The body shell is made of aluminium which still adds to its quality build. The body is made of canvas while you can have the option of buying one from ECO recycled polyester.

Setting up is quite simple too with gas struts assist which makes it effortless. Get to the interior and see the 55mm foam mattress with a 10 mm condensation mat which adds to the comfort of the tent. The night will not be dark as the USB-powered LED light illuminates the tent.

This tent also has a removable fly which covers a sky window giving you a full view of the night sky.  The windows are also large enough to aerate the tent and reduce the chances of condensation. Even if you closed all the windows and doors, there are vents which aerate the tent meaning you will never suffocate.

Direct4x4 Granite Grey Pathseeker 2 Person Auto Solar Hard Shell Roof Top Camping Tent

Dimensions open: L 225cm x W 135cm x H 130cm| Dimensions closed: L 225cm x W 135cm x H 30cm | Weight: 62 kg |Shell Material: ABS

Capacity: 2

Set up time: 60 secs

Style: Pop up

When you talk about flexibility and ease of use, this is the tent that you want to have on your discovery. Even aesthetically, it still looks super when erected or collapsed. The Direct4x4 Granite Grey Pathseeker is the tent we are talking about which also has some features that will make you fall in love with it.

The Direct4x4 Granite Grey Pathseeker is built to make your camping life very simple. A remote-controlled opening and closing with an independent solar panel assists in opening and with an extra USB charging port for your equipment. Solar lights come in very handy when camping.

We are used to the hard shell opening up to form a shield from elements but we have not seen one that opens and acts as an awning. It will protect you both in ad out. For comfort, you have a 5 cm mattress with a washable cover.

The tent has been furnished with two large windows which are layered with a mesh to prevent bugs from crawling inside and also offer maximum aeration to prevent condensation. If this is not the best way to enjoy the trip, I don’t know what is.

ADV Edge Lite

Dimensions open: 240 x 125 × 130 cm| Dimensions closed: 240 × 125 × 17 cm| Weight: 50 kg |Shell Material: Aluminium

Capacity: 2

Set up time: 5 Min

Style: Clam Shell

The ADV Edge Lite has been constructed with aluminium hence the lightweight. The tent is easy to operate and practical. Opening it is also easy as there are two gas struts which assist in the operation after unclasping the clamps that hold it together.

This tent integrates the slimline design so that it cannot interfere with the aerodynamics of the vehicle. A comfortable 6cm foam mattress will have you forget you are in the wilderness.

Keep your extra accessories in the storage pockets inside the tent. The tent also has a roof bar for your extras like a kayak, bike and board for rafting.