Lightest Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

After you have considered and established that you need a light roof tent, the most logical thing is to get one that you fancy!
lightest hard shell roof top tent
lightest hard shell roof top tent

The ultimate guide on the lightest hard shell roof top tent

A hard-shell roof tent is a great way today for you to enjoy camping without the hustle of a lot of manual labour which has been the case traditionally. Roof top tents will also be set up very fast making them desirable, especially for overland trips.

Hard shells come in many models depending on the vehicle used and the capacity of the tent. The capacity may make the tent weight higher because of the surface area to cover but some may be made out of heavy materials. Materials are the defining factor of weight.

Considerations when choosing the lightest hard shell roof top tent

A light hard shell roof tent may not be as light as any soft shell to qualify It being light. Various reasons go behind the design to reduce the weight of that tent. If it is light, sometimes they have to undergo transformations since most cars are built with a maximum load limit for the same roof.

Consider the following if you are going to buy a light hard-shell tent.

Consider the build of the tent. What makes up the final product? The materials that make the tent must be durable as well as light

The hidden costs. You might get a light tent but miss out on some important accessories. These accessory costs are passed down to you since they are bought separately.

The length and width of the tent. In an effort to cut down on weight, some tent lengths and widths are deliberately squeezed giving you a cramped space for lodging.

The roof load capacity of your vehicle. You have to be very careful since not every car can carry the tent as a load without compromising on the fuel economics or the aerodynamics

The lightest hard shell roof top tent

We have discovered some of the best tents for you to choose from. Here you will find they are made differently but their purpose for quality and ease is best.

Hey! With the Lightest Hard Shell Roof Top Tent, do you want a Clamshell, Popup or Hybrid? Use the links below to find what we like quickly.

Black Overland Expedition Hard Shell Tent


Dimensions (closed) 213 x 137 x 24cm| Dimensions (open) 213 x 137 x 97cm| Weight: 66.5 kg | Shell Material: Vehicle Grade ABS

Capacity: 2

Set up time: 60 sec

Style: Pop up

Pros & Cons

  • It is light to fit on many vehicle
  • The thick mattress is comfortable
  • The gas strut makes setting up very easy
  • The interior has been noise dampened
  • Its accessible via two sides
  • It is not compatible with small vehicles
  • It is long

If you dream of a tent with practicality and ease, then the Black Overland Expedition Hard Shell Tent is the tent for you. It is a pop tent which comfortably sleeps two adults.

With its weight and build, this tent is built to fit many vehicles. The advantage of buying a pop-up tent is the ability to set it up within the least time. You will be in your bed before anybody else can put up theirs.

The shell has been constructed to assist in your vehicle’s aerodynamics. A thick mattress with a washable cover will complete the comfort. You will also get it with a soft reflective interior which plays a major role in reducing noise. Wouldn’t you want a tent with less noise?

The windows are covered with a thick canvas and a mesh for added privacy and to keep the bugs away. These large windows ensure the free flow of air, therefore, lowering the temperature while reducing condensation.

You will also have detachable bags which will store your boots and internal luggage space for your accessories. This is a dream tent to have on your car, especially when on a 4×4.

Granite Grey Adventurer 2 Person Hard Shell Roof Tent


Dimensions (closed) 223 x 134 x 18cm| Dimensions (open) 223 x 134 x 100cm| Weight: 65 kg | Shell Material: Vehicle Grade ABS

Capacity: 2

Set up time: 60 sec

Style: Hybrid clamshell

Pros & Cons

  • An extra thick mattress (8cm)
  • The extra rails for your gear
  • Easy set up
  • It is low profile
  • The canvas can be noisy when windy
  • Built for bigger vehicles

Having this tent speaks volumes. It’s even pleasing to look at. This is the Granite Grey Adventurer 2 Person Hard Shell Roof Top Camping Tent. It has been built with quality materials for long life.

The setting up is easy with the help of gas-assisted struts. This type of tent is built to be low profile but to open up large. There are tension poles inside which erect the canvas.

With this tent, you get an 8cm thick mattress with a removable cover too for easy washing. You cannot get better comfort than this with any other roof tent. To complete the experience, a USB-powered LED lighting strip will power your tent at night.

You will also get extra roof rails which you can use to attach your gear on top of the tent while on the move. This is the tent to have if you are thinking of something dynamic and practical.

Granite Grey Pathseeker 2 Person Auto Solar Hard Shell Roof Top Camping Tent


Dimensions (closed) 225 x 135 x 30cm| Dimensions (open) 225 x 135 x 130cm| Weight: 62 kg | Shell Material: Vehicle Grade ABS

Capacity: 2

Set up time: 60 sec

Style: Pop up

Pros & Cons

  • The power-assisted opening
  • The shell acts as an awning
  • Has storage onside
  • Noisy when windy

The Granite Grey Pathseeker Hard Shell Roof Top Camping Tent utilises some clever build to produce an aesthetically pleasing tent. If you have not seen a remote-controlled opening tent, this is your time to experience it.

Remote and battery
Remote and battery

To assist with the opening, you have a solar-powered battery which also doubles as a charging station for your accessories. The panel and battery are part of the accessories bought together with the tent.

The inside of the tent has a 5cm thick mattress and a removable cover which adds to the comfort of the night. All your accessories have extra space inside and two large shoe bags at the entrance.

The most striking thing is the shell which extends to form the awning. The body is made of extendable aluminium which stretches the canvas. The tent has windows which are double layered with a mesh for bug protection and privacy.

XPHW Car Roof Tent, Camping Tent


Dimensions (closed) 125 x 210 x 27cm| Dimensions (open) 125 x 210 x 90cm| Weight: 55 kg | Shell Material: Vehicle Grade ABS

Capacity: 2

Set up time: 60 sec

Style: Pop up

Pros & Cons

  • Easy setup and less time
  • The design makes it light and durable
  • Extra storage pockets for your accessories
  • Fits only two persons
  • Unsuitable for small cars

The XPHW Car Roof Tent is an excellent camper on your car’s roof. It is a hard shell which is made to be very light and easy to use. The top and body are waterproofed and durable.

To make it light, it has an aluminium frame. The hinges are made of stainless steel which makes them strong. It has two doors and two windows making accessibility from either side of the tent.

Buying this tent will also afford you LED lights. The windows and doors are covered with a mesh which prevents bugs from reaching the sleeping quarters. Inside, you have additional storage for your accessories.

Buyers Guide: Lightest Hard shell Roof Top Tent.

When selecting rooftop tent for your car, you will be dealing with what your needs are. Before you can buy, answer the question of what you want then this guide can be useful.


They may be light but that does not mean they are cheap. Plan yourself according to the cost and then get what you want.

Ease of setup.

Thankfully most of the roof tents have gas-assisted struts which makes the work of setting up very easy. The only work may be securing the rainfly and you are done.


The weight of the tent may be reduced or smaller than the bigger ones but the roof of your car and the maximum weight it can carry are what will give you the green light to proceed.


You don’t want a space that is stuffy and without proper aeration. Suffocation is real while using such tents. Many openings on a tent are the desired type.

Your car

You may very much want to camp on a roof tent but the determinant still lies with the type of car you drive. These tents may put a lot of stress on the vehicle leading to costly repairs after every trip.

If you are looking for a car specific roof top tent, then find it here

Final thoughts

They say it is the modern way to camp. After you have considered and established that you need a roof tent, the most logical thing is to get one that you fancy.

The tents we have reviewed here are all perfect for you to go out and experience. The costs will be greater at the beginning but this is like a one-off purchase and when taken care of, you will use it for very long.

Experience the world on another level!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the lightest tent for a car?

Considering the weight and availability, consider the tentbox lite which weighs 50 kgs or the ROXFORM RETRACTABLE  roof tent. as an addition, Crua AER 2-3 Person Rooftop Tent is also light nd of good build.

How much does an average rooftop tent weigh?

Roof top tents weigh between 45 kgs to over 100kg. It all depends on the vehicle you are using to carry the weight and where the eight will be distributed.

How fast can you drive with a rooftop tent?

You can drive at regular speeds. Speeds may be affected by the tent you have, its weight and the terrain. Most roof top tents fold to occupy a low profile thus drag is reduced.