Mitsubishi Shogun Roof Tent

Mitsubishi shogun handles the beaten path very well and a roof top tent is just what completes the fun.
mitsubishi shogun roof tent

The Mitsubishi Shogun is a large 4×4 SUV born and bred on decades of offroad engineering. A Mitsubishi Shogun Roof Tent eliminates the need for a ground tent as well as creates space for more luggage for your external excursions.

The Mitsubishi Shogun is masterfully designed to carry, be spacious and with a great towing capability (3.1Tonnes). The roof carrying capacity is at 100 kgs which is great for campers since many a tent can be carried without damage to the roof.

A Mitsubishi Shogun Roof Tent offers security while clear of the ground. Depending on the rooftop tent you choose, or the number of people to be accommodated, a quality tent should be what you strive for.

We know picking a rooftop tent isn’t easy but what if we show you how to go about it? Check out the below!

How to choose the Mitsubishi Shogun Roof Tent

The most important thing about the choosing process is the knowledge about roof top tent and how it operates to influence your choice. Let’s look at some of them.

The weight of a tent

The roof of a vehicle can only accommodate too much weight as permitted. The weight of Each tent can be subject to the number of people it can accommodate. Bigger equals heavy too.

The tents setup time

A tent’s desirability comes down to the length of time you will take when setting up camp. The shorter the period, the better.

The capacity

How many people are going to reside in the tent? Each tent has a distinct number that it can accommodate. The bigger the tent the better.


This is a basic factor which should never be ignored. Maximise your safety at all costs. A roof top tent should be able to offer this without compromise.

Hey! Which Mitsubishi Shogun Roof Tent do you want? Hardshell or Softshell? Use the links below to find what we like, which you will love 😊

A guide to the best Mitsubishi Shogun Roof Tent

We have reviewed some of the best Mitsubishi Shogun Roof Tent below. We are sure you will find one that you fancy. Let us go through them then find some roof bars here.

Crua Outdoors AER Maxx 4-5 Person Rooftop Tent

Mitsubishi Shogun Roof Tent


Open dimensions: 210 x 250 x 129 cm| Weight: 89 kg | Shell Material: Fibreglass Honeycomb base with rip-stop polycotton body

Capacity: 4-5

Setup time: 45 seconds

Style: Fold out

-Bug Mesh on windows
-Thick mattress
-Large windows
-Large entrance porch
-Skyview window
-Interior insulation

The Mitsubishi is a big boy. Its ability to handle the Crua Outdoors AER Maxx 4-5 Person Rooftop Tent is certified. The shogun has a capacity of 100 kgs as the roof load capacity which makes the Crua Outdoors AER Maxx 4-5 Person Rooftop Tent a good fit.

This rooftop tent is large enough for a family of five. The interior is insulated with the Crua Culla Haul which is an inner tent for the Crua AER.  It also keeps the light out and dampens the sound. You get double the benefit of owning this tent.

The tent has an anti-wind noise cancelling feature which makes the windy nights quieter. The large windows provide all the aeration and ventilation needed for the tent which reduces the chances of condensation too.

A thick foam mattress will keep your nights comfortable as well as a sky view window for stargazing at night. All windows are covered with a mesh which keeps the bugs out. This tent will be a perfect getaway tool for you and your family.

Pathseeker 2 Person Auto Solar Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

Mitsubishi Shogun Roof Tent


Open dimensions: 225L x 135W x 130H cm| Closed dimensions: 225L x 135W x 30H cm | Weight: 62 kg | Shell Material: Polymer Composite ABS

Capacity: 2

Setup time: < 3 Min

Style: pop up

-Remote-controlled opening
-Thick mattress (5 cm)
-Storage bags
-Built-in solar panel

The Pathseeker 2 Person Auto Solar Hard Shell Roof Top Tent makes all the setup work look very easy. This is one tent you will find with a remote-controlled opening mechanism. After unbuckling the shell, a little nudge and the powered hydraulics does the rest for you. This mechanism is also for closing.

A built-in solar power and power bank assist in opening and charging your accessories. Two storage pockets hang by the entrance for your shoes and extra storage is available in the interior for your accessories.

The nights are cooled by the large ventilation windows. The windows maximise the aeration and prevent the build-up of mould and condensation. All the windows are covered with a mesh which keeps the bugs out.

The Hardshell on the roof opens up to form an entry awning which plays a pivotal role in protecting the occupants. This tent accommodates two people and will fit on the Mitsubishi shogun comfortably too.

TentBox Lite Car Roof Top Tent


Open dimensions: 140 x 240cm x 110cm| Closed dimensions: 140 x 120 x 27cm| Weight: 50 kg | Shell Material: Rip-Stop Canvas

Capacity: 3

Setup time:  5 Min

Style: Fold out

-Thick mattress (6 cm)
-A skylight window for star gazing
-A five-year warranty
-A roomy interior
-Mesh on the windows
-Interior storage pockets

The TentBox lite might be the most interesting roof top tent. Its weight and build might deceive you about the number of people it can accommodate. But let this not deter you from considering it. 

It houses three people and weighs 50 kgs which might be light for the Mitsubishi shogun but very practical. The entrance has two storage bags for your boots and a large rainfly with transparent sides for maximum views.

The interior boasts of a 6 cm thick mattress which keeps you comfortable throughout the night. The sky view window increases the views at night while the other windows play the role of aerating the tent and increasing ventilation.

All windows are double layered with a mesh for privacy and to keep the bugs away. The interior has storage pockets for keeping your accessories. This is a quality build that you want as your camping tool.

Luxury Add Dutch Velvet Roof Tent

Mitsubishi Shogun Roof Tent


Dimensions (closed) 188 x 130 x 25cm| Dimensions (open) 188 x 130 x 110cm| Weight: 68 kg | Shell Material: Vehicle-grade ABS

Capacity: 2-3 people

Set up time: < 1 minute

Style: Pop up

-A thick fleece for insulation
-Mesh layered windows
-Thick 5 cm mattress
-Streamlined when closed.
-Gas-assisted struts

You’ll have more time when camping and going on outdoor trips if you have this tent. Unbuckling is relatively simple since the hydraulic struts quickly raise the tent, making it straightforward to open.

When you enter the tent, you’ll find a 5 cm thick foam mattress that will keep you cosy all night. It neatly shuts on the roof, takes up little space, and has a streamlined design that doesn’t interfere with aerodynamics, all of which reduce drag.

The top and bottom are constructed from ABS and reinforced aluminium, while the body is composed of the high-quality canvas. Any weather patterns won’t harm either of you. To keep you warm throughout, the inner is also lined with thick fleece.

The big windows maintain optimum ventilation and aeration in the roof top tent. In order to keep the pests away, they are additionally coated in a heavy mesh. There will be no mould growth since the tent’s floor features vents that prevent humidity.

Final thoughts: Mitsubishi Shogun Roof Tent

It would be an insult if you have never tested the limits of your Mitsubishi shogun, be it short or long chassis. They handle the beaten path very well and roof top tent is just what can complete the fun.

If you have done the day excursions, try the night while camping in one of the rooftop tents. The experience, security and reliability are what camping is made of.

The urge and the will are there, so do not resist. After all, aren’t memories what we crave to make? Think of when you and your friends’ group at a campsite and wind down with barbeque, bonfire, song and dance. Then you have a rest with nice views of the stars.

That is what we want for you when we review the Mitsubishi shogun roof tent. Enjoy your camping!!

FAQS: Mitsubishi Shogun Roof Tent

What is the Mitsubishi shogun roof load capacity?

The Mitsubishi shogun has a roof load capacity of 100 kgs. Most of the roof top tents can be accommodated on the Mitsubishi shogun roof, especially the large ones for a family.

What is the ground clearance of the Mitsubishi shogun?

There is no competition when it comes to off-roading with the Mitsubishi shogun. The Mitsubishi shogun has a ground clearance of 8.3 inches (210mm). with a roof tent, luggage and passengers, you will still access most rough terrains.