Nissan Juke Roof Top Tent

Nissan Juke Roof Top Tent
Nissan Juke Roof Top Tent (2)

The Nissan juke is a compact crossover famous for its stylish modern looks while maintaining that adventurer’s spirit. The roof load limit for the juke is 75 kg which makes it possible to carry a variety of roof tents.

The sporty feel and look of the juke make it admired by many. A Nissan Juke roof top tent gives you flexibility and an alternative pod to use and sleep in. A Juke can carry four people, which is perfect for a family with kids.

With this load, a tent is easily carried without compromising the ability of the vehicle to manoeuvre all terrains. Roof tents are becoming a common sight and tool when camping. We have deliberately chosen some of the tents we see fit for your Juke to make your search easier.

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How to choose the best Nissan juke roof top tent

There are many reasons why you would like a Nissan juke roof top tent. Do you know what to consider before buying? Let’s take you through some points, then you can look at the tents we have included.

Consider the luggage you will carry. If you have too much to carry on top and on the inside of the Juke, then the roof tent will be an inconvenience on the roof as well as to the car.

What are the additional costs? If you buy the roof tent, chances are that there will be additional costs which were not in the budget. Some tents may be just fine on the roof bars while others need a rack which is bought at extra cost to you.

Consider the weight of the tent. Do not overlook the weight of any tent as the juke has a limited roof load limit of 75 kg. Look for a tent that is lighter so that the roof of the juke may not get damaged.  

Consider the height and room of the tent. Some tents are tall and roomy making it easy for taller people to use while others are limited to both height and room making a squeezed room.

The best Nissan juke roof top tent

Let’s take a look at the favourite Nissan juke roof top tent and why you should buy one below.

Tentbox Classic


Open dimensions: 125 x 220 x 100cm | Closed dimensions: 125 x 210 x 27cm | Weight: 64kg/ | Shell Material: ABS

Capacity: 2

Style: pop up

Setup time: <1 minute

The Tentbox Classic is a vehicle roof tent that is easy to set up and take down. It features a premium ABS hard shell and is made to be water-resistant.

There are two entrances to the Tentbox Classic, one on each side of the tent. This makes it simpler for you to enter the tent from any side. The Tentbox Classic also contains mesh windows that can be opened or closed in accordance with the weather outside, as well as an insulated roof with a vent for air.

The ideal vehicle roof tent is Tentbox Classic. You may have a nice stay in this small, light, and simple-to-put-together roof top tent. Ripstop polycotton fabric is used to construct the Tentbox Classic. This guarantees that it won’t be harmed by water or other elements and can resist torrential downpours, blizzards, or any other severe weather conditions.

Even without any skills, the Tentbox Classic can be put together within 10 minutes. It is simple to set up even in the dark without assistance because it comes with an assembly manual and instructional video.

A vehicle roof tent called the Tentbox Classic was created for off-road excursions. The majority of cars can accommodate the tent. It includes the basic aluminium frame used on all tents produced by the Tentbox business.

The thick mattress that comes included with Tentbox Classic was designed to make your camping experience as pleasant as possible.

Check the setup video!

Thule Foothill 2-person roof top tent


Dimensions (Open) 213 x 119 x 101.6 cm| Dimensions (Closed) 210.8 x 61 x 24 cm | Weight: 55.5kg| Shell Material: ABS

Capacity: 2

Style: Foldout

Setup time: <5 min

Regarding tents, the Thule Tepui Foothill is a really attractive choice. It weighs only 50 kg, which makes it lightweight and portable, and can be put up in less than 10 minutes. The rainfly shields your dwelling from the elements and maintains a more constant temperature.

For your upcoming camping vacation, this tent is ideal. With its high-quality construction, you can be sure it will last you a very long time. It has enough room for 2 people, and the walls are constructed of excellent water-resistant ripstop fabric for strength and durability.

All of your summertime experiences will be ideal with this tent. When it’s sweltering outside, you can stay cool inside thanks to the mesh roof’s ability to let air through.

The Thule Foothill Tepui is made of a sturdy, one-piece design that makes assembly and disassembly simple. When you’re on the move, you can simply pack things up thanks to this. Additionally, the tent has mesh side panels so you can see outside even when it’s pouring.

The Thule Tepui Foothill can be a wonderful choice for you if you want a lightweight, portable tent. Additionally, it is roomy and ideal if you just take short vacations.

Set Up Video!

Crua AER 2-3 Person Rooftop Tent


Dimensions ‎235 x 140 x 125 cm| Weight: 54 kg | Shell Material: Canvas

Capacity: 2-3 persons

Set up time: 60 sec

Style: Fold out

One of the tents for the Juke that unfolds the fastest is the Crua AER 2-3 Person Rooftop Tent. Its weight will be stress-freely integrated into the Nissan Jukes structure.

You can easily accommodate children if any, or just enjoy the volume as a couple because the floor area can fit three people. From the transparent window at the top of the tent, you can see the sky in addition to views from all sides.

Because of the room’s good ventilation, moisture and mould won’t ever form there. Since the vents are double-layered and covered with mesh, mosquitoes and other insects are prevented from entering the top.

The noise reduction is really effective despite the canvas used in the construction. High-quality aluminium and fibreglass honeycomb plate are used to construct the frame and foundation.

A benefit that makes this tent more valued than others in its category is the ability to build a luxury tent on the ground if necessary. Order yours right away and take in nature in style.

Pathseeker 2 Person Auto Solar Hard Shell Roof Top


Dimensions (closed) 225 x 135 x 30 cm| Dimensions (open) 225 x 135 x 130 cm| Weight: 62 kg | Shell Material: Vehicle Grade ABS and Canvas

Capacity: 2

Set up time: 60 sec

Style: Pop up

The most exciting tent for your truck is this one because of how it opens. If you’re talking about flexibility and simplicity, this tent is the one you want on your Nissan Juke. Even aesthetically, it is gorgeous whether lifted or compressed. The Direct4x4 Granite Grey Pathseeker tent that we’re talking about also has some appealing qualities that will appeal to you.

The Granite Grey Pathseeker from Direct4x4 will make camping a breeze for you. The opening is assisted by an independent solar panel and a remote-controlled opening and closing system with an extra USB charging plug for your gadgets.

We are accustomed to hard shells that can be opened to form weather shields, but we have never come across one that can be opened to create an awning. Inside and outdoors, you’ll both be secure. A 5 cm mattress with a machine-washable cover is provided for your comfort.

For maximum circulation and to minimize moisture, the tent has two large windows that are covered in mesh to prevent insects from getting inside and from getting inside. If this weren’t the case, I’m unsure of a better method to take advantage of the vacation.

Buyers Guide: Nissan Juke Roof Top Tent

These are the key needs and wants when buying your Nissan juke roof top tent. Car roof top tents are a major source of outdoor adventure which makes it a must to fulfil your view about what kind of tent you may want. Let’s have a look at those factors.


These are the extras that may come with a tent like the lighting and awnings.  A fully packed tent is better than one in which you have to dig deeper into your pocket to have what you could have another offer as a package. TentBox tents are always packed, for example.

Ease of setting up

After a long day adventuring, you are better of with a tent you can quickly setup. Imagine you are in the dark, tired and trying to setup a tent when your mates are ready to retire to bed. It sucks!

The tents capacity

Each roof top tent is available with a maximum number of people it can accommodate. Mostly it falls between 2 and 5. So, how many are you and what will make you comfortable?

The tents build

If you are going to be using the tent often, the materials that make the tent should be durable.

Hardshell or a softshell?

These are the two types of tents available. If you choose to purchase either, choose something durable. Hardshells are made with a fibreglass or aluminium body while softshells are made from canvas.

Budget and cost

Depending on the material building the tent, the cost will differ. Hardshells are more expensive than softshells. You can always budget or break down costs severally until you have what you want.

Final thoughts: Nissan juke roof top tent

A Nissan juke is a fairly built vehicle which will have no problem carrying the tents we have recommended above. Fairly good roof rack bars are available. Choose roof bars which can withhold higher weight limits to prevent them from collapsing and damaging the roof.

Memories make the camping life coupled with some great friendships and adventures. Whatever gets your adrenaline going, do it. After all, we never get younger each year and our bodies only get frail. Enjoy the Nissan juke roof top tent when you are green!