Nissan X-trail Rooftop Tent

Nissan X-trail Rooftop Tent
Nissan X-trail Rooftop Tent

The medium-sized Nissan X-trail SUV provides a comfortable blend of on- and off-road driving without putting too much effort on the driver. Lightweight, roomy, and well-equipped are all features of the vehicle’s design.

The Nissan X-trail rooftop tent is portable enough to be fastened there for the ultimate camping experience over short and long periods. This automobile performs more effectively and handles better outside. Instead of using a ground tent, a variety of tents may be mounted on the Nissan X-trails roof.

You may erect any portable roof tent on the Nissan X-Trail roof as long as it doesn’t exceed the vehicle’s roof load-bearing capability.

Methods for selecting a Nissan X-trail Rooftop Tent

Many individuals are unwilling to forego their comfort in favour of any experiences. The roof tent might be useful in this situation. The least amount of effort is required to put it on your car’s rack, and it can be set up in a matter of minutes.

To help you get one, we’ve outlined a few well-known elements to take into account while you pick the best tent.

The capacity for sleeping. Depending on its size, the tent’s capacity varies. The number of people a tent can hold increases with its size. vehicle damage, for which you would be responsible.

Think about the tent’s weight. You are not allowed to have a tent on your automobile that weighs more than it can support on the roof. The weight might result in

Think about the roof racks or bars. The requirement to install a roof tent varies according to the vehicle. The bars must be strong enough to support the length and weight of the tent.

Think about how long you intend to use the tent. If you want to use the tent frequently or for an extended period of time. This is due to the fact that tents are often not affordable, making thorough preparation essential.

The ultimate Nissan X-trail Rooftop Tent

Given that they exist in a variety of sizes and forms, the best tent will rely on the user’s demands. For your Nissan X-trail, we have compiled some of the greatest things we think you should have. We are confident that you won’t miss one here!

Yakima SkyRise HD vehicle tent


Dimensions (closed) L 122cm x W 107cm x H 41cm| Dimensions (open L 214cm x W 122cm x H 107cm| Weight: 54 kg | Shell Material: Canvas

Capacity: 2

Set up time: < 5 min

Style: Fold out

This is one serious high-quality tent and of great value too. A two-person tent but with lots of space is what this tent is all about. If you need stand-up privacy, an optional annexe attachment is available which can also be used as an extra storage area.

Setting up the Yakima Skyrise tent is very easy. The interior has a large space especially if you choose the larger size of Yakima which you will appreciate. The positioning of the tent is determined by where you want the tent to hang. It has a 64mm mattress for comfort which covers the whole floor.

You will have extra storage areas for storage of your equipment. All windows and doors are layered with a mesh for extra privacy and to keep the bugs away. It also has two skylights which can be opened upon removal of the rainfly. If the weather permits, there is no need for the rainfly.

This tent is super aerated which prevents condensation, or suffocation. The frame and base are made of aluminium which makes it light and easy to assemble on any roof.

Thule Tepui Explorer Ayer 2 Rooftop Tent


Dimensions (closed) 107 x 122 x 28 cm| Dimensions (open) 214 x 122 x 99 cm| Weight: 51.75 kg | Shell Material: Polyester

Capacity: 2

Set up time: < 5 min

Style: Fold out

With its design and build, the Thule Tepui Explorer Ayer 2 Rooftop Tent is the most compact Nissan X trail roof tent. You can use the tent with the rainfly or without depending on the weather.

All openings are double-layered with a mesh which keeps the bugs and mosquitos out. You will also have a lot of natural light coming into the tent during the day and the skylight windows allow you to view the stars at night.

You have storage pockets for your accessories in the interior of the tent. The thick foam mattress is perfect for that comfortable night which is covered with a removable cover which is washable.

Having multiple windows and a skylight keeps the tent fresh while preventing the build-up of mould which may occur due to condensation. This is one tent which if enough will serve you for a very long time.

TentBox Cargo


Dimensions (closed) 127 x 215 x 21 cm| Dimensions (open) 127 x 215 x 160 cm| Weight: 74 kg | Shell Material: Honeycomb-aluminium

Capacity: 2

Set up time: 0.5 min

Style: Clamshell

The TentBox cargo is the best option if you want a roof top tent that is high-quality and long-lasting. It has a low profile like a clamshell and provides you with more versatility by allowing you to mount your bikes, kayaks, and surfboards on the roof.

Despite its modest profile, you will be able to store your bedding inside this model as well. In this manner, you have instant access to sleep. The tent is supported by gas struts, which also aid in its incredibly quick opening.

Thanks to a 6 cm high-density mattress, welcome to the most pleasant sleep possible. On the inside of the tent, there are pockets for your valuables and an additional baggage section.

Depending on where you are set up, you may attach your ladder to either of the three apertures. For seclusion and to keep the pests at bay, a mesh covering is placed over every entrance.

 The ventilation is excellent within the mattress as well as underneath it, allowing moisture to escape and preventing the growth of mould, which might damage your tent.

RoofTrekk 3 Person Hard Shell Roof Top Tent


Dimensions (closed) 160 x 110 x 30 cm| Dimensions (open) 160 x 220 x 115 cm| Weight: 50 kg | Shell Material: Vehicle Grade ABS

Capacity: 3

Set up time: < 5 min

Style: Fold out

Roof tents must adapt to peoples’ evolving demands as a result of shifting viewpoints on camping. To maximize safety, durability, and comfort while using this roof top tent, one tent, the RoofTrekk 3 Person Hybrid Roof Top Tent, is embracing this element.

READ about why you should buy a hybrid roof tent!

You can quickly set up with only a few pushes of the straps and pulls of the ladder. Additionally, the tent is made to have a low profile so that it won’t obstruct the Nissan Xtrail aerodynamics when it is mounted on the vehicle. The car’s fuel efficiency is also enhanced by this design.

For comfort at night, a 4 cm thick mattress is offered. It will be convenient that the mattress cover may be removed and washed. Additionally, this model includes a solar-powered lamp and a complimentary battery.

The wide windows are crucial in minimizing condensation since they allow for air circulation. The tent has side pockets where you may store additional items. A mesh covering is placed over each window to deter insects.

Installing a rooftop tent on your Nissan X-Trail

This is where the real fun begins! Follow our step-by-step guide to get your rooftop tent up and running in no time. Gather your tools and get ready to transform your Nissan X-Trail into a rugged adventure machine.

  • First things first, you’ll want to make sure you have all the necessary equipment on hand. This includes a drill, screwdriver, wrench, and any mounting hardware specific to your tent model.
  • Next, it’s time to get up on that roof. Don’t worry, it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. Just make sure to follow proper safety protocols, like using a ladder and having a friend hold it steady for you.
  • Now it’s time to mount that tent! Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and use a level to ensure everything is straight and secure. Don’t cut corners here – you want to make sure your tent is rock solid to withstand all your epic camping adventures.
  • Lastly, give your new rooftop tent a good once-over to make sure everything is tightened down and in working order. You don’t want any surprises when you’re out in the wilderness.

Conclusion on the x-trail rooftop tent

Wow, that was a lot of work, but trust us, it’s worth it. Imagine being able to sleep high above the ground, safe and secure in your Nissan X-Trail rooftop tent. The views will be breathtaking, and you’ll have plenty of space to stretch out and relax.

So don’t wait any longer – get out there and start exploring! With your rooftop tent installed, the world is your oyster. Happy camping!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you put a roof top tent on a Nissan x trail?

If you don’t venture too far off-road, the Nissan X-trail will be alright with many types of rooftop tents. Better if the roof tent were lighter (Consider the ones we have chosen for you above). A roof tent could take up more of your overall carrying capacity than you anticipated, leaving you with less room for other items.

What are the benefits of using a rooftop tent on a Nissan X-Trail?

Increased storage space within the vehicle
Easy setup and breakdown for camping
Elevated sleeping position for added security and better views
Compatibility with other Nissan X-Trail features, such as the roof rack and crossbars

How do I choose the right rooftop tent for my Nissan X-Trail?

Consider the size, weight, material, and durability of the tent
Compare different brands and models available
Look for the best value for your budget

How do I install a rooftop tent on my Nissan X-Trail?

Gather the necessary tools and equipment, including a drill, screwdriver, wrench, and any mounting hardware specific to your tent model
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use a level to ensure everything is straight and secure
Tighten down all the bolts and screws and give the tent a thorough check to make sure everything is in working order

How do I maintain and care for my rooftop tent?

Clean the tent regularly and check for any wear and tear
Monitor the mounting hardware to ensure it is still secure
Distribute weight evenly on the roof of the Nissan X-Trail to prevent any issues while driving

Is a rooftop tent worth it for a Nissan X-Trail?

If you enjoy outdoor adventures and are looking for a convenient and comfortable way to sleep while on the road, a rooftop tent can definitely be worth it. Just be sure to do your research and choose a quality tent that will meet your needs and fit your budget.