Peugeot Partner Roof Tent

The Peugeot Partner is a spacious vehicle. Sleeping space on your roof in form of a roof tent and the weekends and holidays will be something to be looking forward to.
Peugeot Partner Roof Tent

With a Peugeot Partner Roof Tent, the possibilities for outdoor excursions are endless. This is coupled with the ability of a Peugeot roof to accommodate a roof tent that can weigh up to 100 kg. But keep in mind, that the best roof tent should weigh much less than the stipulated capacity.

We know the Peugeot partner is spacious but having a roof top tent on your car increases the luggage capacity. Quality and spacious roof tent is desirable since we believe you can’t purchase one if you are going to use it once.

A list of what to expect in the roof tents we have reviewed is below but first, let’s have a look at some things to consider before purchasing one.  

What to consider when buying the best Peugeot Partner Roof Tent

We always emphasize on the need to purchase a quality roof tent because of the below reasons.

Ventilation. This is the most basic thing a tent should have. Who would want to be enclosed in a space where you are in danger of suffocation? No one. Tents that are open are my favourite.

The size of the tent. Some tents are too large and too heavy. If not, they may occupy a large surface area. Consider the roof area of the Peugeot to see which tent covers what you want.

The setup time. One tent opens in less than a minute while the other takes over ten minutes. Which one will you prefer?

The weight of the tent. The roof load capacity limits the weight of the roof top tent a Peugeot can carry. The tents below have been chosen to fit that limitation.

The ultimate guide to the best Peugeot Partner Roof Tent

Well, we have them below and I think you will like them. Let us have a look, see then decide!

Luxury Add Dutch Velvet Roof Tent


Dimensions (closed) 188 x 130 x 25cm| Dimensions (open) 188 x 130 x 110cm| Weight: 68 kg | Shell Material: Vehicle-grade ABS

Capacity: 2-3 people

Set up time: < 1 minute

Style: Pop up

-Gas-assisted struts
-Mesh layered windows
-Thick 5 cm mattress
-A thick fleece for insulation
-Streamlined when closed.

Acquiring this tent will save time for you when camping and doing your outdoor excursions. A pop-up tent is all we need especially as a Peugeot Partner Roof Tent. It closes neatly on the roof and occupies a small footprint, therefore, reducing drag while the stream-lined shape makes no interference with the aerodynamics.

The body is made of quality canvas while the top and bottom are made of ABS and reinforced aluminium. You are both safe from any weather patterns. The interior is insulated with a thick fleece too to keep you warm throughout.

Opening the tent is very easy after unbuckling since the hydraulic struts push the tent up very fast. Stepping into the tent reveals a 5 cm thick foam mattress which will keep you comfortable throughout the night.

The large windows keep the roof top tent aerated and properly ventilated. They are also covered with a thick mesh which keeps the bugs out. The floor of the tent has vents which keep out condensation therefore no build-up of mould.

Black Overland Expedition Hard Shell Tent


Dimensions (closed) 213 x 137 x 24cm| Dimensions (open) 213 x 137 x 97cm| Weight: 66.5 kg | Shell Material: Vehicle Grade ABS

Capacity: 2

Set up time: 60 sec

Style: Pop up

-It is light to fit on any vehicle
-The thick mattress is comfortable
-The gas strut makes setting up very easy
-The interior has been noise dampened
-It is accessible on two sides

The Black Overland Expedition Hard Shell Tent is the tent for you if you’ve been dreaming of a tent that is both easy to use and practical. It is a pop-up tent that can accommodate two persons.

This tent is made to suit numerous cars due to its weight and construction. The benefit of purchasing a pop-up tent is that it can be put up quickly. Before anybody else can make their bed, you will already be there.

The windows have thick canvas and mesh coverings to increase privacy and keep the pests out. These big windows allow air to move freely, bringing down the temperature and preventing dampness.

The shell was built to improve the aerodynamics of your car. The comfort will be finished by the thick mattress with a machine-washable cover. Additionally, it will come with a gentle reflecting interior that significantly lowers noise. Why not go for a quieter tent?

Along with interior baggage space for your gear, you will also have removable bags for storing your boots. This is the ideal tent to have for your vehicle, especially if it has four wheels.

TentBox Classic Car Roof Top Tent

Peugeot Partner Roof Tent


Dimensions (closed) 128 x 210 x 27 cm | Dimensions (open) 128 x 210 x 100 cm| Weight: 65 kg | Shell Material: Vehicle-grade ABS

Capacity: 2

Set up time: < 1 minute

Style: Pop up

The TentBox classic is one of the best-priced tents you will adore having even if it can accommodate two individuals. The gas-assisted opening makes the setup quite simple.

Discover the world of comfort while camping by entering now. The mattress is 6 cm thick and is made by no other company. Wow! This, together with the ability to keep your bedding spread out while travelling.

Now that the inside is perfectly insulated, chilly evenings are made much easier. When opening during the day, the mesh covering all the windows and the entrance provides seclusion while keeping the pests away.

Still not convinced? Your accessories may be stored in the interior’s storage compartments, and the cargo net on the top expands the amount of storage space available. The uncertainty regarding the quality of the rooftop tent you are purchasing is dispelled by a 5-year warranty that is assured.

Depending on the profile you’re after, you may choose a black or white edition. What are you waiting for right now? Purchase a quality tent and start enjoying your camping adventures!

Crua Outdoors AER Maxx 4-5 Person Rooftop Tent

Peugeot Partner Roof Tent


Dimensions (open) ‎250 x 210 x 129 cm| Weight: 89.3 kg | Shell Material: Poly cotton canvas

Capacity: 4-5

Set up time: < 1 minute

Style: Fold out

Similar in design to its smaller sibling, the Crua AER 2-3 Person Rooftop Tent, the Crua Outdoors AER Maxx 4-5 Person Rooftop Tent was created to accommodate more people. A foundation made of fibreglass supports the frame, which is constructed of premium aluminium.

Large windows in the tent have mesh covers to keep insects out. As you enter, additional spaces become available for storing your items. Additionally, a skylight is included for nighttime stargazing.

The Crua Culla Haul’s inside, built of high-quality materials, adds a second layer of thermal insulation and regulates temperature. When the setup is quick and simple, less time is needed to set up camp and unwind.

This is the only porch-equipped tent you’ll get. There is a sizable mattress inside for comfort. You may take off the tent’s cover by sliding it into the rail. With this tent at your side, enjoy the journey. Having noise cancelling technology makes the roof top tent quieter.

Check the setup video!

Buyer’s guide: Peugeot Partner Roof Tent

Before deciding to purchase a Peugeot Partner Roof Tent, you should examine the following characteristics and guides. Remember that these are your wants and needs.

The number of persons

It’s critical to know how many people the tent can accommodate in order to determine how many people can sleep there.

The tent’s design

Because there are several forms that may be used in various orientations, the shape is also significant.

The tent’s elevation

Knowing the height will help you determine if you will have adequate room for mobility and aeration.

The tent’s proportions

It’s crucial to know the tent’s measurements so you can anticipate its size when placed on the car’s roof.

Materials used for the tent build

You must understand what constitutes a good tent in order to make an informed selection. The hard shell and the soft fabric make up the two primary components of a tent. The robust shell is often constructed of UV- and waterproof aluminium or ABS plastic. Usually constructed of nylon or polyester with a waterproof coating.


Due to the continuously changing and unexpected weather patterns, a warm roof top tent is essential for every camping excursion.

Final Thoughts: Peugeot Partner Roof Tent

The Peugeot Partner is a spacious vehicle. Carrying all your luggage and family will not be a problem and with the sleeping space on your roof in form of a roof tent, the weekends and holidays will be something to be looking forward to.

We can assure you that with the Peugeot Partner Roof Tent we have chosen and reviewed for you; you get value plus build memories from that point. Something durable and affordable is the motto. Whether it’s a hardshell or a soft shell, you sure have a lot to choose from. If light hardshell roof tents are your groove, check them out here.

We always love to hear from you. If you have that story about your adventure with any of the roof top tents, be sure to tell us about it. Enjoy your time!!

FAQs: Peugeot Partner Roof Tent

  1. What is the Peugeot Partner roof load capacity?

    The Peugeot Partner has an overall roof load of 100 kgs. The Peugeot Partner can carry a variety of roof top tents very comfortably.

  2. What is the ground clearance of the Peugeot Partner?

    The Peugeot Partner has a ground clearance of 6 inches (156 mm) which is perfect for Overlanding trips and carrying the roof top tent.