Porsche Macan Roof Tent

Don’t let the sporty look fool you, the Porsche Macan can perform best on the road and off-road
Porsche Macan Roof Tent

What is stopping you from buying a Porsche Macan roof tent? Are you afraid you might destroy the roof? Is it that you have not seen a Porsche Macan roof tent? Well, we are here to disappoint you because your fear has led to you missing out on the best adventure times.

Don’t let the sporty look fool you. As you can see from the roof load capacity and the ground clearance below, the Porsche Macan can perform best on the road and off-road. Now, all we have to do is complete the off-road look with the best Porsche Macan roof tent.

We hope to have achieved the ultimate goal of finding a roof tent that you can carry on your Porsche, maintaining the sporty abilities while maintaining the comfort and luxury associated with the Porsche.

Roof load capacity Porsche Macan: 75 kgs

Ground clearance Porsche Macan: 7.96 inches

How to choose a Porsche Macan roof tent.

There are many reasons why you would like to have a roof top tent in your Porsche. Therefore, there are things you need to consider before choosing a Porsche Macan roof tent.

The tent’s weight. This is the single most important thing about any roof top tent beside the quality. Each vehicle has a capacity to which the roof can carry. The tent which you decide on must weigh less than the capacity.

The build of the tent. Tents are made out of canvas, aluminium and ABS plastic. Each component determines how the tent sits on the roof of the car. They also determine the overall cost of the tent.

Additional costs. A roof top tent is a single component accompanied by many separate or aftermarket accessories. In some cases, the vehicle in use has to be modified to accommodate the tent and occupants without affecting the safety and usability while on the road.

The type of tent to buy. There are three main types of roof top tents. The hard tops, soft tops and hybrid tents. The weight, cost and durability differ from what makes them.

The best Porsche Macan roof tent options

Where there is quality, you get the best value for money. The Porsche Macan roof tent cannot be different. A tent that looks and says rugged when open and composed when folded on the rooftop. Below is what we think when we talk about best.

Tentbox Classic

Porsche Macan Roof Tent


Open dimensions: 125 x 220 x 100cm | Closed dimensions: 125 x 210 x 27cm | Weight: 64kg/ | Shell Material: ABS

Capacity: 2

Setup time: <1 minute

An easy-to-assemble and pack-away vehicle roof tent is the Tentbox Classic. It sports a top-notch ABS hard shell and is water-resistant by design. One entrance is located on either side of the tent in the Tentbox Classic.

You may enter the tent more easily as a result from either side of the tent. In addition, the Tentbox Classic incorporates mesh windows that can be opened or closed based on the weather outside and an insulated roof with a vent for air.

It is a small, lightweight, and simple to put up roof top tent that gives you a nice place to rest. Fabric comprised of ripstop polycotton makes up the Tentbox Classic. This guarantees that it won’t be harmed by moisture or other factors and can resist torrential downpours, blizzards, or any other severe weather conditions.

Without using any tools, assembling the Tentbox Classic takes less than 10 minutes. It is simple to set up even in the dark without assistance because it comes with an assembly manual and instructional video.

The Tentbox Classic is a vehicle roof tent intended for off-road excursions. Most cars and trucks can use the tent. It has an aluminium frame, which is a feature of every tent from the Tentbox brand.

The thick mattress that comes with Tentbox Classic is another feature designed to make your camping trip as pleasant as possible.

Crua AER 2-3 Person Rooftop Tent

Porsche Macan Roof Tent


Dimensions (open) 140 x 235 x 125 cm| Weight: 55 kg | Shell Material: Rip-stop polycotton

Capacity: 2

Set up time: < 5 min

Style: Foldout

CRUA tents are meant to be airy and roomy. The Crua AER 2-3 Person Rooftop Tent is no different in this regard. With a foundation of fibreglass, the frame is constructed of premium aluminium.

It was chosen as the greatest roof top tent in 2021, highlighting the fact that you receive the best roof tent when you buy it. The tent is quieter than others in its category thanks to noise-cancelling technology.

The Crua Culla Haul, which is composed of high-quality materials and forms a second layer and regulates temperature, insulates the inside from the heat. The time required to set up camp and sleep is reduced by the ease of setup.

Large windows in the tent are covered in a mesh covering to keep insects out. As you enter, you’ll see that there are more spaces for storing your items. For nighttime viewing, it also includes a skylight.

The only tent you will receive with a porch is this one. For comfort, the inside contains a large mattress. Enjoy your journey by taking this tent.

Check the setup video!

Tentbox Lite

Porsche Macan Roof Tent


Dimensions (closed) 140 x 120 x 27cm| Dimensions (open) 140 x 240cm x 110cm| Weight: 50 kg | Shell Material: Rip-stop canvas

Capacity: 3

Set up time: 4-5 minutes

Through the skylight, you can also view the night sky. Since the tent performs well in all-weather situations, the big sleeping area is wonderful and spacious. Start making memories with this tent at your side.

Any discussion about tent categories is impossible without bringing up the TentBox light. It carries three passengers, fits in any car, and is of high quality. This robust tent will certainly be your favourite forever.

Because of its fold-out shape, this tent is small and doesn’t take up much space in the car. You have the option to purchase this tent in either orange or black, depending on the colour scheme you want.

A foam mattress that is 6 cm thick will keep you comfy while you sleep. Both airflow and light may pass through the windows. They all feature thick mesh layers on top, which can provide privacy and keep pests away at night or when you wish to leave the windows open during humid summer nights.

Along with extra inside storage spaces, the entryway has shoe storage boxes. Rainflies cover the windows on rainy days so that water doesn’t get into the tent while you’re camping.

check the set-up video!

Thule Tepui Ayer 2-person roof tent

Porsche Macan Roof Tent


Dimensions (Open): 214 x 122 x 99 cm| Dimensions (Closed): 107 x 122 x 28 cm| Weight: 45.5 kg | Shell Material: 260g Polyester Cotton; 600D ripstop fabric

Capacity: 2

Set up time: < 10 min

Style: Fold out

The Thule Tepui Ayer roof tent can accommodate two people, making it ideal for you and your partner’s weekend of adventure. With a softshell, it is meant to be lighter, but it does not make it any less sturdy.

It can survive a variety of weather conditions every day of the year because it is made of a poly-cotton blend. The fabric’s resistance to UV rays and mildew extends both its lifespan and your protection.

The thick foam mattress gives comfort to your sleep, and the four inside pockets are ideal for keeping your camping goods and supplies. Large windows and doors provide a lot of ventilation, which boosts airflow and greatly aids in avoiding condensation.

The tent’s metal foundation serves as both structural support for the whole unit and a point of attachment for the roof racks between the vehicle and the tent. You can see how easy it is to set up in the setup video.

Watch set up video!

Thule Foothill 2-person roof top tent


Dimensions (Open) 213 x 119 x 101.6 cm| Dimensions (Closed) 210.8 x 61 x 24 cm | Weight: 55.5kg| Shell Material: ABS

Capacity: 2

Setup time: < 10 min

Style: Fold out

Regarding tents, the Thule Tepui Foothill is a really alluring choice. It weighs only 50 kg, which makes it lightweight and portable, and can be put up in less than 10 minutes. The rainfly shields your house from the elements and maintains a more constant temperature.

For your upcoming camping vacation, this tent is ideal. With its high-quality construction, you can be sure it will last you a very long time. It has enough of room for 2 people, and the walls are constructed of excellent water-resistant ripstop fabric for strength and durability.

All of your summertime experiences will be ideal with this tent. When it’s sweltering outside, you can stay cool inside thanks to the mesh roof’s ability to let air through. The one-piece, tough design of the Thule Foothill Tepui makes assembly and disassembly simple.

This will make it easier for you to swiftly pack it up while you’re on the road. In order to view outside while it’s raining, the tent also has mesh side panels. The Thule Tepui Foothill tent can be a perfect choice for you if you’re looking for a portable, lightweight solution. If you just take short vacations, it is also roomy and ideal.

Watch the Set Up Video!

Buyer’s guide: Porsche Macan roof ten

When selecting a Porsche Macan roof tent, you must take into account your needs and wants. After reading this article, deciding whether or not to buy will depend on how you respond to the question of what you desire.

The simpleness of setup.

The majority of roof tents, thankfully, include gas-assisted struts, which simplify setup. It’s possible that all you have to do is secure the rainfly.


You’ll get the all-clear based on the weight capacity of your vehicle and the roof of your vehicle. Weight might make the car use more gasoline or damage the car.


You don’t want to be in an area that is poorly ventilated and stifled. The risk of asphyxia occurs when using such tents. Multiple openings could be preferable.

The volume of the tent

There is a limited number of people that each roof top tent can hold. It typically ranges from 2 to 5. How many people are there and what will you find comfortable?

Cost and budget

The price will vary depending on the materials used to construct the tent. The cost of Hardshells is higher than that of softshell.

Suggested: Lightest hardshell roof top tent

Final thoughts on the Porsche Macan roof tent

A reasonably well-built SUV like the Porsche Macan will have no trouble hauling the tents we’ve suggested above. There are roof rack bars that are reasonably good. To keep them from collapsing and harming the roof, use roof bars that can support larger weight limitations.

Along with some wonderful friendships and adventures, memories are what make camping life so special. When you go camping, you should feel comfortable using any of the tents we’ve looked at here. Although initially more expensive, after you take care of it, you may use it for a very long period.

At any time, you can send us a letter or tell us a tale. Your feedback on our products or tales of your wild exploits are always appreciated. we sure hope the Porsche Macan roof tent has done magic!