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Car Specific Rooftop Tent Guides

If you want to think of the mini countryman tent box, think of a rooftop tent that easily straps to the roof of the Countryman. It can be carried easily, and assembling is easy.

The Range Rover Evoque is a luxury SUV that offers a refined and comfortable driving experience. The vehicle has been designed with a lightweight Aluminium body and the interior of the car is spacious, stylish and well-equipped.

A Roof Tent for Skoda is perfect for those who want to spend more time outdoors without worrying about the weather. The roof tent can be easily removed and repositioned, so it can be used in different types of weather.

The Mitsubishi Shogun is a large 4x4 SUV born and bred on decades of offroad engineering. A Mitsubishi Shogun Roof Tent eliminates the need for a ground tent as well as creates space for more luggage for your external excursions.

The tesla model 3 rooftop tent is a modern way to get away for the weekend. The tesla model 3 has a camp mode which balances the battery power and other features to make for a sleeping condition inside it. The camp mode is great but for taking naps or short breaks.

Those passionate about Rooftop Tents for Jeep Grand Cherokee also enjoy great outdoor excursions. Adding a rooftop tent to the jeep grand Cherokee automatically increases your safety from weather elements and ground-crawling animals.

The BMW X1 has a roof load capacity of 75 kg. This means that any roof tent with less weight than the capacity can sit on the roof without damaging or interfering with the aerodynamics.

A car like the Honda civic has a limited roof load limit of 200 lbs. which is why you would not be very sure if it can take the bulkiness of the tents. In this review, we have chosen tents that are lightweight so that you can also enjoy camping

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