Roof Tent Skoda Octavia

The skoda roof tent is perfect for you, your friends and family. Get out without limitations and enjoy the freedom!
Roof Tent Skoda Octavia

Whether you have the Skoda Octavia sedan or the station wagon, you get a spacious car with storage and comfort. Roof tent Skoda Octavia allows you to carry gear and luggage without compromise.

A roof top tent on the Skoda allows the occupants the chance to experience the outdoors without necessarily seeking places to sleep at night. You carry your sleeping arrangement wherever you go.

The Skoda Octavia’s ground clearance is not very admirable (at 137mm), but the roof load limit is 75 kgs. After deducting a standard 20% of the capacity, you arrive at the recommended load (60kgs) on the roof which depicts the kind of roof tents you should consider.   

The roof top tent on the Skoda Octavia is chosen with respect to aerodynamics. The tent also plays a large role when you consider the effects it will have on the performance of the vehicle like braking and drag.

How to choose the roof tent Skoda Octavia

Choose a roof top tent for the Skoda based on the following factors.

Soft shell or a hard shell?

The first physical attribute feature of any tent is its appearance. Two types are available; the soft shell and the hard shell. They are chosen based on their weight and price. Hardshells are typically more expensive than soft shells. But that does not determine quality.


The weight limit goes hand in hand with the load capacity of your vehicle. The Skoda Octavia has a limit of 75 kgs which decreases to 60 kgs.

The tent’s capacity.

The number of occupants the tent accommodates. The capacity will also dictate the weight of the tent too. Basically, the roof top tents are built to accommodate form 2-6 people.


Roof tents are smaller than regular tents. The ventilation mechanism should be maximised by the availability of enough openings or openable windows both from the outside and inside.  

Length of usage

How often do you plan on using the roof top tent? It would beat logic if you purchase an expensive piece of equipment just to dispose of after one use.


The roof top tent limits usage for any person overly aged. Climbing up and down or mounting the roof tent will become cumbersome.

The ultimate guide to the roof tent Skoda Octavia

Once you have combed through how you determine the appropriate way to choose your roof tent, the following types will make sense as the best roof tent Skoda Octavia.

RoofTrekk 3 Person Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

Roof Tent Skoda Octavia


Open dimensions: 160L x 220w x 115h cm| Closed dimensions: 160L x 110w x 30h cm| Weight: 50 kg | Shell Material: ABS / Polycotton Canvas Body

Capacity: 3 people

Setup time:  <5 Min

Style: Fold out

Solar-powered LED lantern
Free battery
4 cm thick mattress
Multi-layer zip-up windows
Meshed windows

A better way to camp when compared to many other roof top tents. The RoofTrekk Hardshell roof tent is perfect for the Skoda Octavia. The weight and the low profile are minimal on the Skoda Octavia roof.

The essence of the design is the reduction of drag by allowing maximum airflow which impacts fuel efficiency. The body of the tent is made of polycotton canvas while the shell is made from hardened ABS plastic.  These two components are great for protection from weather elements.

Access is by an aluminium ladder which attaches to the base of the tent and anchors it to the ground. The entrance and the windows provide maximum ventilation as well as aeration. They are covered with a mesh for bug prevention and privacy.

Maximum ventilation is critical in the prevention of condensation which leads to mould growth. The rainfly opens up supported by the struts keeping the rainwater away from the tent. The 4 cm thick mattress with a removable washable cover offers the needed comfort in the wild.

The basic item at night is light and a solar-powered LED lantern plus a free battery for charging your accessories come in handy.

TentBox Lite Car Roof Top Tent

Roof Tent Skoda Octavia


Open dimensions: 140 x 240cm x 110cm| Closed dimensions: 140 x 120 x 27cm| Weight: 50 kg | Shell Material: Rip-Stop Canvas

Capacity: 3

Setup time:  5 Min

Style: Fold out

-Large rainfly cover.
-Skylight window
-A thick 6 cm mattress
-Large windows
-Thick bug mesh

Super light, accessible and roomy is the words to use when thinking about the TentBox lite. 50 kgs are good for the Skoda Octavia roof while keeping the profile low to reduce the effects on the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

The simple foldout design takes less than five minutes with the assistance of the ladder which also acts as the anchor too. This design-build also is very helpful while closing the Lite.

Maximum usage of space is enhanced by the pockets which can be used to store shoes by the door or those in the interior for your accessories. The thick 6 cm foam mattress is magic at night. Because of the thickness, we can recommend this tent to older campers too.

Accommodation to three people means the tent is spacious enough. And if you camp as two people, the bigger the tent. At night, the sky view window provides unrestricted access to the galaxy.  

All the windows are covered with a durable fine mesh which keeps the bugs away and adds privacy during the day. The tent has been built to withstand British weather which makes it an asset all year round.

Rodin Softshell Roof Tent

Roof Tent Skoda Octavia


Dimensions (closed) 150 x 120 x 28cm| Dimensions (open) 150 x 240 x 135cm| Weight: 52 kg | Shell Material: Cotton/polyester ripstop

Capacity: 2

Set up time: <5 min

Style: Fold out

-Interior storage pockets
-Ventilation vents
-A built-in LED light
-A thick mosquito net by the windows
-Sizeable mattress

The Rodin softshell roof tent is essential if you’re shopping for a practical, portable roof tent Skoda Octavia. This durable tent has an aluminium frame and a sturdy honeycomb base construction.

You will be shielded from the weather day or night thanks to the cotton/polyester ripstop material used to construct the tent.

All night long, the mattress makes sure you’re comfy. Your accessories can be stored in the pockets of the tent. The windows are large enough to provide ample airflow. Additionally, it guarantees that mould won’t develop as a result of dampness.

To keep bugs and mosquitoes out of the space, layers of mesh are placed over every entry. This tent also includes an embedded LED light that is powered by a battery bank. Next to your Skoda Octavia, it will look wonderful.

Crua AER 2-3 Person Rooftop Tent

Roof Tent Skoda Octavia


Open dimensions: 235 x 140 cm x 125cm | Weight: 55 kg | Shell Material: Rip-Stop polycotton/ poly oxford PU

Capacity: 3

Setup time:  <1 Min

Style: Fold out

-A sky view window
-Anti-wind noise system
-The Culla haul for thermal insulation
-Telescoping ladder and poles as anchors
-Sound and light blocking
-A thick foam mattress
-Mesh by the windows

Only this specific roof top tent may be fastened to the roof and the ground at the same time. Can accommodate up to three people and takes less than a minute to put up.

The tent is the biggest one available thanks to the enlarged ladder and extendable aluminium poles that secure it to the ground. When the doorway is opened, the overhanging hood is the porch, which you will expand to create a really roomy tent.

The mesh at the windows and entranceway permanently deter insects. The tent is ventilated by its large windows, reducing the likelihood of moisture and mould growth, which may otherwise cause damage to the tent.

This tent’s anti-wind noise technology continuously reduces noise levels inside. The Culla haul, an inner tent designed specifically for the AER, serves as the interior’s thermal insulation. Culla’s advantages include light and sound reduction.

For seeing the galaxies at night, there is a sky view window accessible. Your footwear is stored in two big compartments close to the entrance after a day of exploration. Your evenings are comfortable because of the firm foam mattress there. To take up the least amount of space on the vehicle’s top, the tent finally collapses.

Final thoughts: Roof Tent Skoda Octavia

The Skoda roof can accommodate various types of roof tents as we have discovered above. They are lightweight which is in favour of the vehicle’s aerodynamics. Durable is the word most important when choosing the tent of your choice.

Protection from the weather elements as well as the safety at the top is the considerations people go for when choosing the roof top. Fortunately, we have no shortage of such roof top tents.

This article guides you and offers knowledge of some basic requirements and characteristics of Roof Tent Skoda Octavia. Discovering and excursions are left out since you have to seek them out purposefully after the purchase of any unit above.

The skoda roof tent is perfect for you, friends and your family. Get out without limitations and enjoy the freedom!

FAQs: Roof Tent Skoda Octavia

Can you put a roof rack on your Skoda Octavia?

roof tent Skoda Octavia

The Skoda Octavia has a roof load limit of 75kgs. Most roof bars are 6-8 kgs which decreases the limit. When placing a roof top tent on the Skoda, consider one with a weight 20% less than the roofs capacity. This is why we have reviewed only of roof top tents with the capacity to be mounted on to the Skoda Octavia.