Roof Top Tent for Kia Soul

A roof tent is much more comfortable than the regular ground tents and easier to set up
Roof Top Tent for Kia Soul

A subcompact SUV which is capable of off-roading and spacious enough to accommodate luggage and passengers comfortably. A roof top tent for Kia Soul is successfully mounted to roof bars that hold 75 kgs of weight. The roof load capacity of the Kia Soul is 75kgs.

To hold such weight shows the impressive confidence we have in the Kia Soul to carry your roof top tent. Ease and practicality are what defines a successful outdoor excursion when spotting a roof top tent. This same description is what we can use to describe the Kia Soul.

Remember the most important thing about roof tents is security, durability and ease of use. As a reminder, the roof can only accommodate a tent that does not surpass the weight limit. To be sure you have the correct roof tent, we recommend a tent weighing less than 20% of the total capacity (60kgs in the case of the Kia Soul).

This way, you have room for small adjustments.

How to choose the Roof Top Tent for Kia Soul (self-checks)

Below you can identify the right roof tent even before purchasing using the following methods.

The tents capacity

One of the first identifiers is the number of people you plan on accommodating during your excursions. Then match this number to the roof tent suited for you. Roof tents are available as 2- 6 person tents.

The weight of the tent

We have discussed the maximum weight of a tent you should be striving for. Tents’ weight affects a car during motion as well as the braking. To achieve balance, the weight ratio is most important.

Ventilation of the tent

The role of ventilation goes beyond aeration. Enclosed tents gather condensation from bodies’ heat and breathing. If left unchecked, mould growth is inevitable.

A soft shell or a Hardshell

These two are basically the types of roof top tents. Both are durable but prices and build are different. Softshells are made of the canvas while Hardshells are made of ABS or aluminium.


A mattress will make your nights easier and more comfortable. Most roof tents are available with foam mattresses of varying depth.


You will notice that the variance in price is mainly from the type of tent you are choosing. Your budgetary restrictions play a major role here. The best thing is when you purchase through this portal, you find structured payment systems where you can pay over a period of time.

Setup time

When setting up camp, a roof tent should allow you the least time to set up. Considering the activities of the day, a tent that takes too much time to set up is a turn-off.

The ultimate guide to the Roof Top Tent for Kia Soul

Knowing the checks and balances before buying a roof top tent is very important. Now let us review which roof tents we found best suited for the Kia Soul.

TentBox Lite Car Roof Top Tent

Roof Top Tent for Kia Soul


Open dimensions: 140 x 240cm x 110cm| Closed dimensions: 140 x 120 x 27cm| Weight: 50 kg | Shell Material: Rip-Stop Canvas

Capacity: 3 people

Set up time: <5 minutes

Style: Fold out

-A thick 6 cm mattress
-Layered mesh windows
-Sky view windows
-Interior and exterior storage pockets
-Extendable aluminium ladder
-Large windows

The TentBox lite should be described as being extremely lightweight, accessible, and spacious. While keeping the profile low to minimise effects on the vehicle’s aerodynamics, 50 kgs is a good weight for the Kia Soul roof.

With the help of the ladder, which also serves as the anchor, the straightforward foldout design takes less than five minutes. This shape and construction are also quite beneficial while shutting the Lite.

The pockets that may be used to keep shoes by the entrance or those on the inside for your accessories provide the best possible use of space. The 6 cm thick foam mattress works like magic at night. We may also suggest this tent to more seasoned campers due to its thickness.

The tent’s ability to accommodate three people indicates that it is roomy. And the larger the tent, the more people you can take camping with. The sky view window offers unfettered views of the cosmos at night.

All of the windows have a long-lasting fine mesh covering that provides seclusion and repels insects throughout the day. The tent is a benefit all year round because it was made to resist British weather.

RoofTrekk 3 Person Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

Roof Top Tent for Kia Soul


Open dimensions: 160L x 220w x 115h cm| Closed dimensions: 160L x 110w x 30h cm| Weight: 50 kg | Shell Material: ABS / Polycotton Canvas Body

Capacity: 3 people

Setup time:  <5 Min

Style: Fold out

A 4 cm thick mattress,
Included battery,
Solar-powered LED lantern
multi-layer zip-up windows
Layered mesh windows

By allowing the most airflow possible, the design’s primary goal is to reduce drag, which affects fuel economy. Polycotton fabric makes up the tent’s body, while ABS plastic that has been hardened serves as the shell. For protection from weather factors, these two elements are essential.

Compared to many other roof top tents, this is a superior camper. Kia Soul owners should consider the RoofTrekk Hardshell roof tent. While atop the Kia Soul’s roof, the weight and low profile are negligible.

In order to avoid condensation, which fosters the formation of mould, maximum ventilation is essential. To keep the rainwater away from the tent, the rainfly opens up, supported by the struts. The required comfort in the wild is provided by the 4-cm-thick mattress with a washable, removably-attached cover.

An aluminium ladder that fastens to the tent’s base and secures it to the ground is the only means of access. In addition to excellent ventilation and oxygenation, the entryway and the windows also give light and for privacy and pest protection, a mesh is placed over them.

A solar-powered LED lamp and a complimentary battery for charging your equipment are useful at night when illumination is the most important thing.

XPHW Car Roof Tent 

Roof Top Tent for Kia Soul


Open dimensions: 120 x 110 x 200 cm|Shell Material: Canvas Body

Capacity: 2 people

Setup time:  <5 Min

Style: Fold out

-Mesh door and window frames
-Built-in led light
-Full-foam mattress
-Expansive windows with views
-Pockets in the interior storage
-Strong, long-lasting zips
-Hoisting system using pneumatics

Since the opening and support of this tent are controlled by a pneumatic lifting system, the system also serves as the structure’s support. Among the best roof top tents available, this one is remarkable. It provides unmatched luxury and comfort.

The shape of this tent also makes it suitable for mounting on your Kia Soul. When using this tent, be sure to have some sturdy roof bars. Just to be safe, it is recommended to use roof bars that can sustain more than 75 kg of weight.

The setup is also made to be very simple. Access to the summit is made possible via an extendable ladder that attaches to the ground. By stretching the tent, the wind intensity is decreased.

You have well protected from the elements thanks to the interior’s efficient insulation, sun protection, and waterproofing. Also offered are spaces for storing your interior items. To keep pests out, the mesh has been placed over the windows and doors.

There are two storage bags for your soiled boots beside the entrance. Next up is the very dense mattress, which contributes to this model’s excellent nighttime comfort. The gloomy evenings are kept lit by the LED lights.

The tent is kept dry and ventilated by the huge windows, which also lessen the likelihood of condensation, which might cause mould to form. This tent can be folded up to take up very little space on the vehicle’s top, which makes it ideal for the Kia Soul.

Final thoughts on Roof Top Tent for Kia Soul

A roof top tent for Kia Soul allows you to turn your car’s roof into a practical camper in a matter of minutes. The tent on the roof of the vehicle creates space for storage inside and sometimes for other fun stuff on the roof too.

A roof tent is much more comfortable than the regular ground tents and easier to set up. Being a sizable piece of investment, we emphasize the process of familiarizing more (how to choose) since it impacts vehicle handling.

Some may find the process of mounting and unmounting cumbersome but in the end, the reliability and comfort are a game changer for most. Choose one from the review list and get to experience the world from a different perspective.

FAQs: Roof Top Tent for Kia Soul

What is the roof load capacity of the Kia Soul?

The Kia Soul has a roof load capacity of 75 kgs (including roof rails/bars)

Do you need roof bars on the Kia Soul when mounting a roof tent?

The shortest answer is Yes. Roof top tents cannot be mounted directly on the roof of a car. Thule will give you the best roof bars for the Kia Soul.