Roof Top Tent Honda Civic

We bet you have never seen a Roof Top Tent looking this good on a Honda Civic!
Roof Top Tent Honda Civic

Most people are reserved on the issue of having a Roof Top Tent Honda Civic. That’s because rooftop tents have traditionally been made for the larger four-wheel vehicles which are also more capable of carrying the more complex tents.

A car like the Honda civic has a limited roof load limit of 200 lbs. which is why you would not be very sure if it can take the bulkiness of the tents. In this review, we have chosen tents that are lightweight so that you can also enjoy camping.

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How do we choose the Roof Top Tent Honda Civic


As we have seen, the Honda has a roof load capacity of 200 lbs. it is crucial you buy a tent that has a lower weight ratio so that you don’t destroy the roof of your Honda.


The number of persons it can accommodate almost goes hand in hand with the weight. You will have two to four capacities depending on the number of people you want to tag along

The set-up times

How much time are you willing to take to set up your tent? Consider this, especially after a long day’s adventure.

The size of your car

The Honda is a sedan which is neither a large car nor very small. The tent that you choose cannot exceed the length and width of your car since it will affect your dynamics.

How long will you be using the tent?

If you plan on using the tent often, it is better to invest in a durable tent with more dynamics and features like what we have above.

The best roof top tent Honda civic

Technology and the push for better have made it easier to build better and more efficient rooftop tents for smaller cars. Lightweight materials manufacture the tents while observing the quality.

Having a Honda civic should never be a deterrent to making the choice to go outdoor camping as most will view it as a town car. We have assembled a couple of tents which your Honda can carry to make your sleep and adventure complete. Let’s have a look!

Direct4x4 Granite Grey RoofTrekk 3 Person Hard Shell

Dimensions and Summary

Dimensions open: L 160cm x W 110cm x H 30cm | Dimensions closed: L 160cm x W 220cm x H 115cm | Weight: 50 kg |Shell Material: Fiberglass

Capacity: 3

Set up time: < 10 min

Style: Hybrid

This tent is a hybrid because it opens up and extends outwards creating big enough room for three but maintaining a small footprint. It will be impressive especially if you have a small car, midsize SUV and other larger models that can carry the tent without compromise.

Two large windows are double layered too with a mesh which provides extra security, privacy and bug protection. You are also not at risk of suffocation and mould build-up as sufficient airflow is available.

This model comes with a 4 cm mattress for that extra comfort and the cover can be removed for machine wash. Enjoy the convenience of this tent by having a battery and 6 LED lanterns which are free.

Ikamper X-Cover 2.0 Mini

Dimension and Summary

Dimensions open: L 287cm x W 257cm x H 124cm | Dimensions closed: L 145cm x W 120cm x H 31cm | Weight: 54 kg |Shell Material: Rocky black FRP shell

Capacity: 2

Set up time: < 5 min

Style: Foldout

With Ikamper X-Cover 2.0 Mini, you meet the Ikamper compact roof tent.  It is small but durable as any other tent from Ikamper. The outer shell is designed tough to carry your gear with the integrated cross bars which eliminate the PVC cover like other traditional tents.

Built to fit just about any vehicle, this is why we have seen it as the best-fit Roof Top Tent Honda Civic. The interior is insulated for warmth at night and has a poly foam mattress for that comfortable sleep.

At night or day, the double Skyview windows provide an excellent view as well as additional windows. They are also very important for air circulation and condensation prevention.

The openings are covered with a canvas sheet which is layered with a mesh, which also opens up. This ensures that you have the best views as well as protection from bugs. The rainfly will direct rain and snow away from the tent keeping you dry at all times.

Check the set-up video!

Tentbox Lite


Dimensions (Open): 140 x 240 x 112 cm | Dimensions (Closed):120x 140 x 25 cm | Weight: 50 kgs. | Material: Ripstop polycotton layer and polyester

Capacity: 3

This is probably the smallest of the Tentbox models. The Tentbox Lite is a car roof tent with a weight of 50 kgs. The Tentbox Lite is a car roof tent that was designed to be lightweight and easy to set up. It has a weight of 50 kgs and it is compatible with any vehicle with a roof rack.

The setup time for the Tentbox Lite is less than 5 minutes and it can sleep two people, which makes it one of the fastest tents on the market today. This car roof tent with an integrated rainfly for extra protection against the elements.

The Tentbox Lite car roof tent has a unique design that enables it to be installed on most cars and vans, making it ideal for short or long trips.

The Tentbox Lite is a car roof tent that offers more versatility and comfort than traditional roof tents. It has a larger living area and it sets up in just a few minutes. The tent is made of high-quality materials that are durable enough for all weather conditions and can withstand even the harshest of storms.

Watch the setup video!

Thule Tepui Foothill

Dimensions and Summary

Closed dimensions (WxLxH): 24 x 83 x 9.5 in | Open dimensions (WxLxH): 47 x 84 x 38 in | Shell Material: Ripstop polyester canopy, ripstop nylon rainfly | Total weight: 55.5 kgs .

Capacity: 2

Setup time: < 5 min

Style: Fold out

While most roof tents with a hard shell take a lot of space on the roof, Thule Tepui Foothill parks are small and allow for the inclusion of other fun cargo like bicycles and other extra luggage. If you have a big enough vehicle, you can carry two tents side by side! how cool is that!

It is a two-person design that, when folded, occupies a 24-inch area in width, thus leaving space for mounting. In addition, you have a nice padded interior and windows that close for complete darkness. This also comes in handy with temperature retention, especially if you are camping in areas prone to low temperatures at night.

The Thule Tepui Foothill is a fairly built-in height, but some compromises must be made to compensate for its space. Nevertheless, this roof tent is fairly easy to mount and set up. At 108 pounds, it can fit on any car, big or small, and be carried without strain on the vehicle.

Check the set-up video!

Final thoughts on Roof Top Tent Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a compact car designed to take advantage of your need for speed, comfort and your carefree spirit. We don’t see why you wouldn’t enjoy yourself as you take the vehicle that you love with you.

If you need to go for a weekend camping spree, you will need to have a roof rack for the additional luggage and equipment. Your roof tent will provide comfort when camping while reducing the costs associated with hotels since you will be self-sufficient.

Make sure to enjoy yourself on this amazing journey of the roof top tent Honda Civic. Feel free to contribute or query. We welcome any.!