Rooftop Tents for Jeep Grand Cherokee

The roof top tent is meant for the outdoors. A quality roof top tent will serve your adventures for a long,
Rooftop Tents for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Those passionate about Rooftop Tents for Jeep Grand Cherokee also enjoy great outdoor excursions. Adding a roof top tent to the jeep grand Cherokee automatically increases your safety from weather elements and ground-crawling animals.

Roof top tents for the grand Cherokee are of different varieties. Additional pieces of equipment may be required in the long run but the adventures you undertake while coming back to a secure sleeping environment are second to none.

Those who have the jeep grand Cherokee cannot escape the allure of a well-planned excursion. The jeep is a conqueror on the offroad experience with a ground clearance of 8.6 in inches.

How to choose the Rooftop Tents for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Once the decision to add the Rooftop Tents for Jeep Grand Cherokee has been made, how do you choose the desired tent? Well, how about we talk about the characters of a good tent for you.

How much are you willing to spend? The product’s actual price does not cover any additional equipment that makes the camping experience comfortable.

What tent profile are you looking for? The roof top tents because of their limited space are built to occupy less roof footprint. Because of these, they are built as popups, clamshells or hybrid fold-outs, which also determines their capacity.

The tent’s capacity. It’s very important to know the number of people you will accommodate since the roof tent’s occupancy level is limited.

The tent’s weight. The tent’s weight greatly influences the tent which you choose. The Jeep Grand Cherokees roof load capacity is 100kgs. A roof tent which is 20% less of that weight is what is desirable.

What type of roof top tent are you after? Two types of tents are available. The Hardshell and the softshell. Consider which suits you better since they differ in cost and build.

The best Rooftop Tents for Jeep Grand Cherokee

After knowing how we choose a roof top tent, the selection process becomes more straightforward. Find below the reviews about the best roof tents for the jeep Cherokee.

TentBox Classic Car Roof Top Tent

Rooftop Tents for Jeep Grand Cherokee


Open dimensions: 125 x 220 x 100cm | Closed dimensions: 125 x 210 x 27cm | Weight: 64kg/ | Shell Material: ABS

Capacity: 2

Style: Pop up

Setup time: <1 minute

-Set-up time is very fast
-Structured payments
-The thick 6cm mattress
-It is streamlined
-The hydraulic struts

This is the most ideal two-person roof top tent for your Jeep Grand Cherokee. The quality that goes into this build cannot be surpassed by many. Plus, the set-up time, with the gas struts is ridiculously fast. Who wouldn’t want such a tent?

Climb to the top and discover why. A thick 6 cm foam mattress which keeps you comfortable throughout the night. The space in the interior is large to accommodate your beddings when the tent is folded therefore you get them as you left.

Storage pockets are also available for your accessories too. A cargo net on the roof holds your larger items like jackets. All window is layered with a mesh which keeps out the bugs and increases privacy during the day.

The windows also play a big role in aeration while the vents prevent condensation which may lead to mould growth. The streamlined design is important for the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Luxury Add Dutch Velvet Roof Tent

Rooftop Tents for Jeep Grand Cherokee


Dimensions (closed) 188 x 130 x 25cm| Dimensions (open) 188 x 130 x 110cm| Weight: 68 kg | Shell Material: Vehicle-grade ABS

Capacity: 2-3 people

Set up time: < 1 minute

Style: Pop up

-Thick removable fleece
-Thick 5 cm mattress
-Mesh layered windows
-Flat bottom
-Very streamlined when closed
-Gas-assisted struts

If you have this tent, you’ll have extra time to spend outdoors or when camping. This is because the hydraulic struts swiftly elevate the tent and make it easy to open.  Unbuckling the tent is rather uncomplicated.

The large windows ensure that the roof top tent has the best possible ventilation and aeration. They are also covered with a thick mesh in order to keep pests out. Since the tent’s floor has humidity-preventing vents, there won’t be any mould development.

A 5 cm thick foam mattress is inside the tent and will keep you comfortable all night. this tent neatly closes on the roof, takes up minimal room, and has an aerodynamically-friendly, streamlined shape, all of which minimise drag.

High-quality fabric makes up the body, while the top and bottom are made of ABS and reinforced aluminium. None will be harmed by any weather patterns. The interior is lined with a thick fleece as well to keep you warm throughout.

XPHW Car Roof Tent – Automotive Rooftop Tent

Rooftop Tents for Jeep Grand Cherokee


Dimensions (open) ‎200 x 120 x 110 cm| Weight: 62 kg | Shell Material: Canvas

Capacity: 2

Set up time: 2-5 minutes

Style: Fold out

Pneumatic lifting system
High-density flame-retardant foam double/full mattress
Sun and waterproofed
LED lighting
Mesh door and windows
Storage pockets outside and inside

This is one tent you will not regret purchasing. It has the most comfortable thick mattress in any category. The only little downside is it accommodates only two people but if you are looking for a two-timer, by all means, go for it.

By the entrance are two shoe bags, high from the ground ad safe. The interior is properly insulated from water, light and noise. This tent’s height is large enough making it feel as though the tent is larger.

What about the windows? They are large enough to aerate the whole tent while giving you views from the top. There is also a sky window for stargazing. The opening setup is made easy by the pneumatic lifting system.

The base and frame are made from high-quality aluminium while the tent’s fabric is waterproof, sunproof and durable. A tent mat made of pearl cotton adds to the comfort. In addition to the all which is the tent, you still get an LED light which is effective at night.

TentBox Lite Car Roof Top Tent

Rooftop Tents for Jeep Grand Cherokee


Open dimensions: 140 x 240cm x 110cm| Closed dimensions: 140 x 120 x 27cm| Weight: 50 kg | Shell Material: Rip-Stop Canvas

Capacity: 3

Setup time:  5 Min

Style: Fold out

-A roomy interior
-A five-year warranty
-A skylight window for star gazing
-Mesh on the windows
-Thick mattress (6 cm)
-Interior storage pockets

The TentBox lite is probably the lightest and most desirable roof top tent for the Grand Jeep Cherokee. It can accommodate three people and while a 5-year warranty ensures you get only the best quality. Purchase it in two colours; black or orange.

You only take five minutes to set up after the installation and the fold-out reveals a very large sleeping area. By the entrance are two shoe bags and a very sturdy aluminium ladder.

The interior has a thick mattress covering the length of the entire tent. You also find more storage pockets for your accessories inside. Notice the windows are covered with a mesh which keeps the bugs out while adding some privacy during the daytime rest.

The large windows bring in light and aerate the tent. A sky window makes your night-time star gazing bliss. The most important is the reduction in condensation which breeds moulds. The tent is made from quality fabric which keeps you warm and dry throughout and a large rainfly too which expels water away from the tent.

Final thoughts on the Rooftop Tents for Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you want the best Rooftop Tents for Jeep Grand Cherokee, you need to know the level of usage you expect to have. The roof top tent is meant for the outdoors. A quality roof top tent will serve your adventures for a long, so look out for that.

Ensure that the roof tent is well ventilated as the safety and longevity of your tent depend on it. Condensation is something you can avoid and moulds in the long run because of the proper ventilation.

Finally, take a look at what our peers are after for a roof tent, and learn about the different types of tents and the differences so that you pick what is compatible with you. Many factors come into play as you can see from this article. Therefore, consider them and get on that memorable excursion with your friends and family.

FAQs: Rooftop Tents for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Can you put a roof top tent on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Rooftop Tents for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Yes, the Cherokee handles a roof top tent with ease. Rooftop Tents for Jeep Grand Cherokee are of different varieties. The roof tents offer you with reliability and versatility which shadows the traditional type of camping.

How much weight can you put on a Jeep Grand Cherokee roof?

Rooftop Tents for Jeep Grand Cherokee

The roof load capacity on the jeep grand Cherokee is 100 kgs which decreases with the addition of roof bars or racks to the roof top tent you will mount on.

What is the best Roof top Tent for Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Try the tentbox lite is the best roof top tent for the Jeep grand Cherokee. It is light, durable and leaves you with more room to carry equipment.