Rooftop Tents For RAV4

With a well-rounded compact sports utility vehicle like the Toyota RAV4, you can get the best out of two worlds
Roof top tent for RAV4

With a well-rounded compact sports utility vehicle like the Toyota RAV4, you can get the best out of two worlds where you go to the office on weekdays while at the weekend the same car turns into adventure and Overlanding. Rooftop tents for Rav4 are readily available.

The cargo weight on the Toyota rav4 is slated as 176 lb (80kgs). Many tents are lower than that limit in kilos. The payload is above 1200 lbs which means that this vehicle is a big boy.

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Considerations when Choosing Rooftop Tents For RAV4

There are always considerations why you will choose to use the rooftop tent over any other ground tent. Any good tent will offer reliability and durability as opposed to anything else.

As important as it is to find a tent that will serve you, we have compiled some factors to consider while doing so.

Associated costs

Don’t be lied to. Any tent that you buy for your rooftop must and will come with added costs. The tent might be complete but you still have to buy some accessories to accompany your need for adventure.

The tent for your rav4

The dynamics of the car are greatly affected if you buy a tent that will strain the vehicle. Tents have varying lengths and widths. While the rav4 may not fit like a very small car, you should know that the bigger the tent the more the surface area.

How long you will be using the tent

If you plan on an expedition, it might become cumbersome to install your tent just for a day. It is a lifelong decision and commitment since you will not just dispose of the tent after a day.

The number of times you will be using the tent.

If you are purchasing the tent it’s because you like to use it often otherwise it beats the purpose of investing in one.

The ultimate guide to Rooftop Tents For RAV4

Let’s dive in on some of the Rooftop Tents For RAV4 that we think are best for your car.

TentBox Classic Car Roof Top Tent

Rooftop Tents For RAV4

Dimension and Summary

Dimensions (closed) 128 x 210 x 27cm| Dimensions (open) 128 x 210 x 100cm| Weight: 65 kg | Shell Material: Vehicle Grade ABS

Capacity: 2

Set up time: 60 sec

Style: Pop up

The TentBox Classic Car Roof Top Tent is a two-person roof tent which takes just one minute to open. You will not have a more ready-to-sleep roof top tent like this one.

The shape of the shell allows you to store your bedding inside which means arriving and setting up has been made even easier. The memory foam topper together with the inbuilt foam mattress ensures that you have the best night.

You have plenty of storage for your accessories once you pop up the shell from the side pockets and the cargo net on the roof o the tent. The tent has two windows and two doors. You can mount your ladder on either side to access your bed.

All windows and doors are double-layered with fine mesh to prevent bugs from getting in and also to let the air in. Your tent will never be dump. The canvas that builts the body is waterproof meaning it can withstand strong rains and winds.

Installation and set up Video

DUTUI Fully Automatic Hard-Shell Roof Tent

Rooftop Tents For RAV4

Dimensions and Summary

Dimensions (closed) 165 x 125 x 28 cm| Dimensions (open) 210 x 160 x 112cm| Weight: 70 kg | Shell Material: Vehicle Grade ABS

Capacity: 2

Set up time: 60 sec

Style: Hybrid foldout

The DUTUI fully automatic hard-shell roof top tent is a two-person quality roof top tent. Being a hybrid means that it opens up and uses the shell as a side wall to allow for more dynamic use of the tent.

It has a small body but opens up to a very big space. The large windows and door aerate the tent comfortably. It also has a sky view window for the views at night. All openings are covered with mesh which prevents bugs from crawling into the tent and also provides more privacy during the day.

After the tent is closed, it takes a very low profile in the vehicle ensuring that it will not change the aerodynamics as well as affect the fit in tiny places. Pockets for extra storage are available both inside and outside by the ladder.

XPHW Car Roof Tent

Rooftop Tents For RAV4

Dimensions (closed) 125 x 210 x 27cm| Dimensions (open) 125 x 210 x 90cm| Weight: 55 kg | Shell Material: Vehicle Grade ABS

Capacity: 2

Set up time: 60 sec

Style: Pop up

The XPHW Car Roof Tent is an excellent camper for your Toyota RAV4 roof. It is a hard shell which is made to be very light and easy to use. The top and body are waterproofed and durable.

To make it light, it has an aluminium frame. The hinges are made of stainless steel which makes them strong. It has two doors and two windows making accessibility from either side of the tent.

The windows and doors are covered with a mesh which prevents bugs from reaching the sleeping quarters. Inside, you have additional storage for your accessories.

Expedition Foldout 3-Person Roof Top Camping Tent

Rooftop Tents For RAV4

Dimensions and Summary

Dimensions (closed) 120 x 140 x 29cm| Dimensions (open) 240 x 140 x 130cm| Weight: 66 kg | Shell Material: Polyester canvas

Capacity: 3

Set up time: 60 sec

Style: Fold out

The Expedition Foldout 3-Person Roof Top Camping Tent opens up to form a large home on top of your rav4. It is especially perfect if you have kids since this tent can accommodate three adults.

It has been made and designed to make your setting up easy and comfortable when using it. With this purchase, you will get a 6cm high-density mattress which has a washable cover.

For more storage areas or privacy, a large annexe skirt is provided. You can choose to zip it on or use the tent as it is. The tent extends wide enough to form an awning at the entrance.

You have big windows which allow air to freely circulate. Good ventilation ensures the reduced risk of condensation which may attract the growth of mould. Each opening is layered with a mesh to prevent bugs and mosquitos from disturbing you at night or day.

Best Rooftop Tents For RAV4 buyer’s guide

What do you want in a tent?

For you to buy any tent, you will be guided by your personal preferences. The list above will provide a knowledge base which will assist you in buying the desired Rooftop Tents For RAV4.

Construction of the tent

The quality of the build can make the difference between an expensive mistake or a manageable quality. Our basic guides have given you a baseline on what any of the tents is like.

The cost of the tent

We know that this is an expensive undertaking. But we also know that most of the products can be bought in instalments. Choose the comfortable cost and pay before that awaited summer for your adventure.


The weight of a roof tent is equally as important and that’s why we emphasize knowing the vehicle’s roof load capacity.  Being careful about the weight will save you a lot of headaches when loading and offloading.

Ease of setup

There are different models in the market today. You will notice that each as we have indicated has a setup time. This helps you in estimating how much trouble you are willing to put yourself through while erecting your tent each time. Pop up or clamshells tents are the favourite in timing.

The number of persons using the tent

Each roof top tent has a designated number of persons it can carry. Most are between 2 to 4. The larger the tent, the bigger the tent. Are you a family or a couple? Answer this question first and the rest will follow.

The type of tent

The roof top tents are available as the hard-shell tent and the soft-shell roof tent. Soft shells are made from canvas while the hard shell is made of either aluminium or ABS tops. Hard shells are more expansive than soft shells but that does not mean there is a compromise on quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Rooftop Tents For RAV4

Can you put a rooftop tent on a RAV4?

The Toyota RAV4 rooftop tent can withstand a weight of 80 kgs. The only problem may be the OEM rack, which you purchase is not the strongest. Consider buying stronger ones.

Is a RAV4 good for camping?

The RAV4 is a perfect champion on and off-road. Besides having the rooftop tent, the seats can be laid down for an air or foam mattress.