Skoda Kodiaq Roof Tent

Skoda Kodiaq is a great midsized SUV which performs equally good off-roading.
Skoda Kodiaq Roof Tent

The Skoda Kodiaq is a medium-sized SUV that offers mixed comfort and off-road experiences without strain. The vehicle is designed to be lightweight, spacious and well-equipped. The Skoda Kodiaq roof tent should be portable enough to be bolted onto the roof of the Skoda.

The performance of this car is superior to its handling experience outdoors. There is a range of tents that can be fitted on the roof of the Skoda to provide an alternative to the ground tents.

Any roof tent made with light materials and not exceeding the roof load-carrying capacity of the Skoda can be assembled on its roof.

How to choose the Skoda Kodiaq roof tent

Many people are not willing to sacrifice their comfort for any adventure. This is where the Skoda Kodiaq Roof Tent comes in. It can be installed on your vehicle’s rack with the least struggle and set up within a few minutes.

However, for you to acquire one, we have listed some known factors to consider while you choose the right tent.

Consider the weight of the tent. You cannot have a tent on your vehicle that exceeds the weight or the capacity to be carried on the roof. The weight may damage the vehicle which you will have to pay for.

Consider the roof bars or racks. Each vehicle has a different verification to install a roof tent. The bars have to be able to hold the weight and length of the tent.

Consider how long you’ll use the tent.  If you are using the tent for the long haul, or constantly. This is because tents are not that cheap thus careful planning is paramount.

 The sleeping capacity. The tent’s capacity varies depending on its size. The bigger the tent the more number it can carry.

The ultimate Skoda Kodiaq roof tent

The best Skoda Kodiaq Roof Tent will depend on the user’s needs as the tents come in different sizes and shapes. We have put together some of the best that we see fit for your Skoda Kodiaq. We are sure you will not miss one here!

RoofTrekk 3 Person Hard Shell Roof Top Tent


Dimensions (closed) 160 x 110 x 30 cm| Dimensions (open) 160 x 220 x 115 cm| Weight: 50 kg | Shell Material: Vehicle Grade ABS

Capacity: 3

Set up time: < 5 min

Style: Fold out

With the changing positions about how to camp, roof tents also have to accommodate the needs of the people. The RoofTrekk 3-Person Hard Shell Roof Top Tent is one tent that embraces this factor to maximise safety, durability and comfort when using this roof top tent.

With a simple push of the straps and a pull of the ladder, you are set up within no time. The tent is also built to a low profile which when placed on the Skoda Kodiaq, will not interfere with the aerodynamics. This design also improves the fuel economy of the car.

A 4 cm thick mattress is provided for comfort at night. The cover of the mattress is removable and washable which will be convenient. This model also has a free battery and a solar-powered lantern.

The windows are large to allow air circulation and play a vital role in preventing condensation. Side pockets are available in the tent for extra storage of your accessories. All windows are layered with a mesh which keeps the bugs away.

XPHW Car Roof Tent 

Skoda Kodiaq Roof Tent


Dimensions (open) 200cm*120cm*110cm| Weight: 62 kg | Shell Material: canvas

Capacity: 2

Set up time: < 5 min

Style: Fold out

With a full-size mattress, this is a tent you will want for your Skoda. It is spacious enough for two people and sleek enough for the Skoda Kodiaq. You will also agree with me that it is very appealing.

The room has very large windows which as a good measure are layered with a mesh to prevent bugs from disturbing your peace. The XPHW Car Roof Tent also has a skylight which gives you exceptional views at night.

The opening is gas-assisted struts also aid in support of the tent. The base is made of quality aluminium which makes it light and durable. You also get LED lights with this model.

Additional storage on the inside and for storing boots by the door are provided, maximising the storage and comfort when camping. This tent is a quality match for a quality camper like you!

Outdoor Hard-Shell Roof Tent


Dimensions (closed) 130 x 188 x 30 cm| Dimensions (open) 130 x 188 x 110 cm| Weight: 68 kg | Shell Material: Vehicle Grade ABS

Capacity: 2

Set up time: < 5 min

Style: Pop up

This is one of the coolest tents you have not seen. Why? Where else will you find a tent that opens up with a matching mesh on the inside, where you can completely remove the canvas for an all-rounded open view?

It can be perfect for your hot afternoons for relaxing and catching the breeze. The best thing is it also popup for a very easy set-up with the gas-assisted struts. The base is built of light aluminium which is durable and lightweight.

Since the ventilation is best in this model, you will not have issues with condensation thus your tent will live to help you enjoy all the adventures you like.  The thickened oxford cloth is waterproof thus protecting you from weather elements.

TentBox Cargo


Dimensions (closed) 127 x 215 x 21 cm| Dimensions (open) 127 x 215 x 160 cm| Weight: 74 kg | Shell Material: Honeycomb-aluminium

Capacity: 2

Set up time: 0.5 min

Style: Clamshell

If you want a roof top tent that has been made for quality and durability, then choose the TentBox cargo. It lies low for a clamshell and also gives you additional flexibility where you can attach your kayaks, surfboards and bikes on its roof.

On this model too, you will be able to store your bedding inside despite its low profile. This way, you are able to access sleep at a moment’s notice. The gas struts hold the tent up and also assist in the super-fast opening.  

Welcome to the most comfortable sleep courtesy of a 6 cm high-density mattress. You will also find an extra luggage area inside the tent and pockets for your accessories.

You can mount your ladder on all three openings depending on where you are set up. All openings are layered with a mesh for privacy and to keep the bugs at bay. The ventilation is superb both in and under the mattress which releases moisture thus avoiding the build-up of mould which may ruin your tent.

Skoda Kodiaq roof tent buyers guide

The best thing about a roof tent is its portability. You can carry it anywhere and you can sleep on it anywhere you set up, and enjoy the outdoors when you want to.

There are many different types of tents in the market today and choosing may become tedious. We have provided some pointers below so that the buying process can be smooth.


Quality build equals quality. Banking on quality also makes the tent you are looking for to be expensive. Look at what the tent has been built from the interior to the exterior.

The tents opening style

Each tent has a different style of opening. As we have indicated in each, the style may show you where you want the tent to face. There are three styles; fold-out, clamshell and hybrid.

The ease of set-up

Nobody wants to spend too much time on the ground setting up after you have had a long day of adventuring. Pick a tent which can be the most convenient.

The size of the room

This is the area inside the tent. It can be greatly reduced since the support frames take up space. Choose a tent that carries more people if you don’t want to feel squeezed.


What is the Skoda Kodiaq roof tent?

A Skoda Kodiaq roof tent is a portable tent that can be bolted onto the roof of the Skoda Kodiaq.

What should be considered when choosing a Skoda Kodiaq roof tent?

When choosing a Skoda Kodiaq roof tent, consider factors such as the weight of the tent, the roof bars or racks, the length of use, the sleeping capacity, and personal preferences.

What is the best Skoda Kodiaq roof tent?

The best Skoda Kodiaq roof tent will depend on individual needs and preferences. Some popular options include the RoofTrekk 3 Person Hard Shell Roof Top Tent, Tentbox cargo rooftop tent.

What is the RoofTrekk 3 Person Hard Shell Roof Top Tent?

The RoofTrekk 3 Person Hard Shell Roof Top Tent is a roof tent designed for the Skoda Kodiaq. It is lightweight, durable, and quick to set up, with a 4 cm thick mattress and large windows for air circulation and storage.

What is the XPHW Car Roof Tent for Skoda Kodiaq?

The XPHW Car Roof Tent for Skoda Kodiaq is a roof tent designed for two people. It is spacious, with large windows, a skylight, and gas-assisted struts for easy setup. It also has LED lights and additional storage options.

What is the Outdoor Hard-Shell Roof Tent?

The Outdoor Hard-Shell Roof Tent is a roof tent for two people that features a pop-up design and gas-assisted struts for easy setup. It also has a mesh on the inside that can be removed for an open view.

How do I set up the roof tent?

Setting up the roof tent varies depending on the model. It typically involves opening the tent with the assistance of gas-assisted struts, securing the tent to the roof bars, and setting up the ladder to climb into the tent. The set up time is usually less than 5 minutes.

How much weight can the roof of the Skoda Kodiaq carry?

The weight capacity of the Skoda Kodiaq roof can vary depending on the model. It is recommended to check with the vehicle manual or consult a professional to determine the exact weight capacity.

How many people can sleep in the roof tent?

The number of people who can sleep in the roof tent depends on the size and capacity of the tent. Some tents can accommodate 2 people, while others can accommodate up to 4 people.

Can I store things in the roof tent?

Yes, some roof tents have additional storage spaces inside the tent, as well as outside by the door. This maximizes the storage and comfort when camping.

Is there ventilation in the roof tent?

Yes, most roof tents have large windows for ventilation, which also play a vital role in preventing condensation. The windows are often layered with a mesh to keep bugs out.

Final thoughts on buying a Skoda Kodiaq Roof Tent

Skoda Kodiaq is a great midsized SUV which performs equally good off-roading. It also carries loads like the roof tents with much ease. You will get an elevated view from the roof tent during the day or the night.

Buying a roof tent may not guarantee total comfort as in some cases you have to purchase extra accessories, but the experience is worth the hustle. Different sizes and shapes of a roof tent are available which can fit on the Skoda Kodiaq.

Buying a roof tent can be an investment as it will benefit you for a long time. Enjoy your adventure and don forget to write to us about your experiences, we would love to hear!