Subaru XV Roof Top Tent

The Subaru XV Roof Top Tent allows you to turn your vehicle into a camper while releasing the much-needed space for your luggage
Subaru XV Roof Top Tent

The compact crossover SUV you will love to have roof top tent on. The Subaru XV has an incorporated all-wheel capability and greater control over terrains. This is what makes it valuable to have the Subaru XV roof top tent.

It has a decent amount on the ground clearance (220 mm/ 8.6 inch) while the roof can accommodate a load of 75 kgs static and 68 kgs while on the move. The roof top tent which you carry on this vehicle must weigh less than 20% of the capacity so any tent of 60 kgs or less will be a perfect fit.

This combination is invaluable since the load calculated must incorporate the weight of the roof bars. Roof top tents are a sure way to experience the outdoors excursions in a different realm. You will be secure and dry after you have chosen a quality Subaru xv roof top tent.

How to choose the Subaru xv roof top tent

Choosing a roof top tent when you have no direction about what you want is an uphill task. Even before you can choose, a good Subaru xv roof top tent is determined by the following factors.

Length of usage. How frequently do you plan on using the tent? You will of course be tempted to use the roof tent more than once. This is the point where quality is needed.

Soft shell or a hard shell. Most first-time buyers will opt for the soft shell with the underlying advantage being cost or they are lighter. Hardshells on the hand are costlier but durable. They also are easier to set u than softshells. They both assume different shapes and sizes out of what the body is built out of.

Weight. The weight summarizes what can be mounted on the roof of the Subaru XV. A heavy roof tent will tamper with the safety of the vehicle as well as the integrity of the roof.

The capacity of the roof tent. The roof top tents come in various capacities for two-person models up to six-person massive tents. Bigger is better but the cost is greater. Consider the roof load capacity of the vehicle you are using (Subaru XV in this case has 68 kgs).

Ventilation. Most of the roof tents have decent ventilation. The large windows are covered with a mesh which means you can open up during humid days. Ventilation is important since it reduces condensation which leads to mould growth.

Insulation. Second to ventilation is how well the roof top tent is built to withstand the weather elements. This is how invested the roof top tent is in rising conditions. The interior wall covering, the rainfly and the tops.

The best guide to the Subaru XV Roof Top Tent

All the roof top tents below keep you above ground with the characteristics we have mentioned above. You will discover they are relatively easy to set up and mount onto the roof of your Subaru XV. Let’s have a look!

Crua AER 2-3 Person Rooftop Tent

Subaru XV Roof Top Tent


Open dimensions: 235 x 140 cm x 125cm | Weight: 55 kg | Shell Material: Rip-Stop polycotton/ poly oxford PU

Capacity: 3

Setup time:  <1 Min

Style: Fold out

-Anti-wind noise system
-The Culla haul for thermal insulation
-Telescoping ladder and poles as anchors
-Sound and light blocking
-A thick mattress
-Window and entrance mesh
-A sky view window

Only this particular roof top tent can be fixed both on the roof and the ground. less than a minute to set up and can accommodate up to three people.

In addition to the extended ladder, the tent is tethered to the ground by extensible aluminium poles, making it the greatest tent available. The porch, which you will extend to become a very spacious tent, is the overhanging hood you see when the entry is opened.

Bugs are perpetually kept at bay by the mesh at the windows and entryway. Large windows ventilate the tent and lower the chance of moisture and mould formation, which would otherwise lead to tent damage.

There is constantly less noise in this tent thanks to its anti-wind noise technology. For the AER, an inner tent called the Culla haul was created to provide heat insulation inside. The Culla has the benefit of blocking out light and dampening sound.

There is a sky view window available for seeing the galaxies at night. After a day of exploration, your footwear is kept in two sizable pockets near the entrance. Because there is a thick foam mattress there, your evenings are comfortable. Finally, the tent collapses to take up the least amount of room on the vehicle’s top.

Car Roof Tent Hard Shell Tent

Subaru XV Roof Top Tent


Open dimensions: 210 x 129 x 115cm| Closed dimensions: 210 x 129 x 28 cm| Weight: 53 kg | Shell Material: Polymer Composite ABS

Capacity: 2-3

Setup time:  < 2 Min

Style: Pop up

-Hydraulic struts
-Thick comfortable mattress
-Waterproof fabric
-Storage pockets inside
-Mesh on the windows and entry

This is a tent structured for big and smaller cars. The weight of this Hardshell roof tent is a viable choice for your Subaru xv. For those travelling alone or in pairs, this is the best tent for you. The quality and the streamlined build make it stand out as the pop-up Hardshell roof top for the Subaru xv.

The interior is insulated from the elements. Cold, wind, rain and light are blocked from accessing the interior by the thick oxford fabric. The thick foam mattress completes the comfort at night.

This tent is sufficiently ventilated by the large windows plus the entryway. Airflow is very important since it reduces the chances of condensation which leads to mould growth. The windows are also double layered with a mesh which keeps the bugs away while maximising aeration.

The interior contains pockets which can be used to store your accessories. The telescoping ladder attaches to either of two sides of the tent and you can ascend to the tent according to the side you see fit.

TentBox Lite Car Roof Top Tent

Subaru XV Roof Top Tent


Open dimensions: 140 x 240cm x 110cm| Closed dimensions: 140 x 120 x 27cm| Weight: 50 kg | Shell Material: Rip-Stop Canvas

Capacity: 3

Setup time:  5 Min

Style: Fold out

-Thick 6 cm mattress
-Mesh layered windows
-Sky view windows
-Interior storage pockets
-Shoe bags by the entrance
-Extended rainfly

The TentBox lite is the most compatible 3-person roof top tent. The weight and style are what make this roof tent stand out besides the build quality. The ripstop canvas is what protects you from the elements.

Setting up is easy since the foldout mechanism does all the work for you leaving the fixing of struts to be the extra activity that takes the rest of the greater five minutes. The space inside easily accommodates three people which makes it very nice for a family of three.

The ladder extends and anchors the tent to the ground. By the entry, you have the shoe pockets which close to protect your boots. The interior has extra pockets too where your accessories can be stored.

A thick 6 cm high-density mattress completes the comfort at night as you view the stars from the sky view window. After the adventures, the closing setup is as easy as the opening. This sturdy tent is built to serve you for long if correctly taken care of. Get this model in black or orange.

Off-road truck car roof top tent

Subaru XV Roof Top Tent


Dimensions (closed) 145 × 125 × 28 cm| Dimensions (open) 240 × 130 × 140 cm| Weight: 60 kg | Shell Material: Cotton Canvas

Capacity: 2

Set up time: 2-5 minutes

Style: Fold out

-The double-layered mesh window
-A decent sponge mattress
-Large windows
-Internal storage pockets
-Awning attachment

This tent has a soft top that is moderately thick. The fact that it unfolds to provide a roomy sleeping area is also to its benefit because, when folded, it takes up very little space in the Subaru XV’s cargo compartment.

Having several windows improves ventilation, which reduces moisture and the spread of mould. Along with the zip-up covers that are held by the strut rods, the windows also feature rainfly’s.

Due to the grade aluminium used for the base and frame, it is lightweight. For the comfort of the night, a good sponge mattress is offered. Every window has a mesh covering on top that keeps out insects and offers seclusion when lounging throughout the day.

Your accessories can be kept in the storage compartments that are located inside. Please note that it is also generic and that your purchase may differ from what is seen here.

Final thoughts on Subaru XV Roof Top Tent

The Subaru XV Roof Top Tent allows you to turn your vehicle into a camper while releasing the much-needed space for your luggage and camping equipment. Some may say they are not as comfortable as the regular tents but they sure do take less time to set up.

Worry less as the Subaru xv is a vehicle capable of handling the beaten path. The downside may be the impact on the gas mileage, braking and handling but the rewards are far much great.

After you have evaluated your wants and needs and concluded what you to get, you will discover that a car roof tent is the most convenient way to camp today.

FAQs: Subaru XV Roof Top Tent

How much weight can a Subaru xv roof rack hold?

Subaru XV Roof Top Tent

The Subaru xv roof rails have a capacity of 318 kgs (700lbs) which includes the roof top tent and the occupants. When choosing the roof rack, it is advisable to pick ones with greater capacity than needed.

Can you put a roof top tent on a Subaru XV?

Subaru XV Roof Top Tent

The shortest answer to this question is yes. Consider the roof load capacity, and the static and dynamic weight ratings before you can mound any roof top tents.