TentBox Classic Rooftop Tent review

TentBox Classic Rooftop Tent review

Are you an adventurer or outdoorsman who’s looking for a little bit of adventure? Well, then look no further than the TentBox Classic Rooftop Tent review. It provides space for two people to sleep and has a gas-assisted opening that takes just 1 minute – no more struggling with ladders and poles.

And we haven’t forgotten about storage either – this rooftop tent also comes with enough room to store your bedding and ladder inside. With a ladder, mattress and fixing kit included, you have everything you need in one convenient package!  

Go camping without having to lug around a ton of gear – set up anywhere in minutes so you can spend less time setting up camp & more time adventuring the great outdoors. Not to mention – the classic rooftop tent is incredibly durable and perfect for all kinds of weather conditions be it rain or shine. 

Learn more about our TentBox Classic Rooftop Tent today and discover why adventurers everywhere are choosing this as their go-to home away from home. This rooftop tent is the perfect combination of convenience and comfort for your next outdoor adventure. What makes it so special? Let’s dive through.

Design and Features

TentBox Classic Rooftop Tent review

The TentBox Classic is designed to fit most vehicles and comes with a telescopic ladder, foam mattress, fixing kit, and a welcome pack complete with fairy lights. It’s perfect for two people with a spacious sleeping area that measures 125 x 210cm, the same as a standard UK double bed.

The interior is lined with insulated material to keep you warm on those chilly nights. And, you can leave your bedding inside the tent when it’s closed, making it super convenient to set up.

The outer shell of the TentBox Classic is made from vehicle-grade ABS, making it aerodynamic, crack-resistant, and super durable. It also features a cargo net on the roof for storing jackets, jumpers, and any other gear you might have. The side pockets are great for storing small items like laptops, water bottles, and wallets.

The TentBox Classic is designed with comfort in mind. It comes with a 6cm high-density foam mattress, and there’s even the option to purchase a memory foam topper for extra-soft sleep. The doors and windows are protected with fly mesh, so you can let the breeze in and keep the bugs out.


TentBox Classic Rooftop Tent review
Gas assisted opening and storage

The TentBox Classic is a top-performing roof top tent that offers quick and easy set-up, comfort, and storage. With its gas-assisted opening mechanism, the tent can be set up within just 60 seconds, making it a popular choice among campers.

The Classic is designed to fit most vehicles and features an inbuilt foam mattress that is comfortable and can be upgraded with a separate memory foam topper for a super-soft sleep experience.

The tent also has an insulated lining that provides extra warmth and the aerodynamic and hardwearing ABS shell offers protection from the elements. The TentBox Classic also comes with integrated storage options, including a cargo net on the roof and side pockets, as well as fly mesh protection to keep bugs out. Additionally, the tent has a 5-year warranty and is designed in the UK.

Value for Money

The TentBox Classic is a great investment for outdoor enthusiasts, with a 5-year extended warranty included in the price. The quality and functionality of this tent make it a great value for money, especially compared to other camping gear on the market. It’s a long-term investment that will provide you with many memorable camping experiences.

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Conclusion on the TentBox Classic Rooftop Tent review.

The TentBox Classic is the perfect rooftop tent for those who want a quick and convenient set-up combined with comfort and luxury. The aerodynamic design, hardwearing shell, and integrated storage make it ideal for any outdoor adventure. With its British design and 5-year extended warranty, you can be confident in your investment. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a first-timer, the TentBox Classic is the perfect addition to your gear collection.