TentBox for Mini Cooper

If you're the person who loves the mini cooper, then the rooftop tent from Tentbox makes it a cooper on wings.
TentBox for Mini Cooper

Which TentBox for Mini Cooper is best and Why

One model that will go well with your mini cooper from tent box is the Tentbox Lite. This is a tent that the mini cooper roof can support. The weight of the tent should be less as compared to the carrying capacity of the roof of the vehicle carrying the tent. This model is great for your mini cooper, and here is why. 

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Textbox for Mini Cooper

There are many reasons to buy a TentBox for Mini Cooper. It is a great way to go camping and enjoy the outdoors even if you don’t have all the camping gear. It is also great for people who love the outdoors but drive a mini cooper to enjoy nature and get out of their comfort zone. 

However, not every Tentbox car roof tent is compatible with your mini cooper. 

TentBox for Mini Cooper


Dimensions ‎240 x 140 x 112 cm | Tent Material: Polycotton | Capacity: 2-3

Weight: 50 kg

Style: Fold out

Pros & Cons

  • The car roof tent might be too heavy and could cause damage to the roof or frame of the mini cooper.
  • More space than a trunk or backseat.
  • Easier to put up and take down than a tent on the ground.
  • Protection from insects, weather, and animals.
  • Different views from inside of the mini cooper when camping.
  • An integrated ladder to make getting in and out easier.
  • They provide a spacious interior.
  • They are affordable
  • Extra weight can affect fuel efficiency and handling in windy conditions.
  • The box tent will add weight to the car and make it more difficult for the car to get up hills or accelerate quickly.

TentBox for Mini Cooper are perfect for those who want to enjoy the outdoors but still have the convenience of a car.

A Mini can be a great camping partner when you have the right Mini Cooper tent, and the internet has so many quirky and cosy tents with lots of options for your car.

TentBox for Mini Cooper is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. The main benefit of a tent box car roof tent is that it offers you more space than a traditional tent. 

This tent is an excellent option because you will have plenty of room for everyone without worrying about bringing your camping gear.

Tentbox lite features

The Tentbox Lite is a car roof tent that provides you with the versatility of camping almost anywhere. In addition, it is lightweight and compact, so the car can easily transport it.

The Tentbox Lite is an all-in-one package that includes the car roof tent and a waterproof groundsheet. It also comes with an integrated rainfly for protection against the elements and a detachable mosquito net to keep out bugs. 

The tent also features breathable mesh windows and doors for ventilation and two high-quality steel poles for support while you’re inside. This kit also includes ropes and pegs and an instruction manual to help you set up your new Tentbox Lite Car Roof Tent in less than ten minutes!

It has enough space for two people and is easy to set up. The Tentbox lite Car Roof Tent is a great choice if you want an easy-to-use car roof tent that will last. Packed full of features, the Tentbox lite is a great choice for any car camping trip.

Why should you buy the TentBox for Mini Cooper?

  • Setup

Tentbox lite Car Roof Tent is easy to set up and take down, making it a great choice for people who want to enjoy camping without the hassle of setting up a tent. 

  • Affordable

A Tentbox lite Car Roof Tent is also more affordable than other options, so you can get a good quality tent without spending too much money. 

  • Weather Resistance

Regarding weather resistance, the shape of the roof tent will help protect you from the rain. 

  • Size 

Your rooftop tent should be long enough for everyone to stretch out comfortably and wide enough for you to be able to walk into without bumping into anyone else. Additionally, your rooftop tent should have a screened-in porch to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about bugs.

How to Install a Tentbox Car Roof Tent on a Mini Cooper – Step-by-Step Guide

The following section will provide a step-by-step guide for installing a TentBox for Mini Cooper.

Step 1: Find the right roof tent for your vehicle.

First, you must find the right Tentbox rooftop tent for your vehicle. Tent Box Roof tents come in three categories; the lite, classic and cargo, so it is important that you find one that is compatible with your car model. In this case, the Tentbox lite is the go-to model for your mini cooper. 

Step 2: Make sure you have the right tools for installation on hand before proceeding further, which includes an electric drill and drill bits, a socket wrench set, an Allen key set, and a screwdriver set. You will also need bungee cords or rope to secure it properly onto

Step 3: Secure the tent to the channels and after the ladder. Be sure to follow the instructions manual. A ladder, mounting hardware, tent cover and brackets are included with the tent. 

Step 4: After the cover has been secured, hoist the tent on the top of your mini cooper. The mounting tracks should be perpendicular to your roof racks.

Step 5: The tent should be positioned in the direction you like it to open and bolt your tent to the roof rack with the bolts and nuts. 

Step 6: The roof tent is now secure, and you can load up, check your schedule, hop into your mini cooper and go live up your adventure!

Check the setup video!

Final thoughts

If you’re the person who loves the mini cooper, then the rooftop tent from Tentbox makes it a cooper on wings. You will enjoy the ride as well as they sleep. The Tentbox lite is the most affordable and compact way of using a rooftop tent. 

If you are hunting for a durable roof tent, the TentBox for Mini Cooper takes this title. It also couples up as affordable compared to many other rooftop tents in the market, which is an advantage for you and your budget. 

Your mini cooper is now branded camper ready!!