Tesla Model Y Roof Top Tent

The raw energy associated with camping is the deal maker
Tesla Model Y Roof Top Tent

The Model Y is classified as a compact utility vehicle. And this is the reason why Tesla Model Y Roof Top Tent is a great break away from city life. It has a ground clearance of 6.6 inches with a roof load capacity of 75 kg. Ground clearance and capacity play a major role while taking offroad excursions and when selecting a rooftop tent.

The largest controversy about a Tesla Model Y Roof Top Tent is the Camp Mode. The tesla optimises temperature and airflow if you decide to use the mode. However, It cannot be compared to regular camping. The model Y is spacious but if you have to sleep in it, where will you store your extra luggage?

For convenience, let the gear remain in the car while you are neatly tucked on the roof with a rooftop tent. Roof racks are available that are specific to the tesla. The tesla has inbuilt slots where you will mount the roof racks. After this seamless exercise, mount the roof tent you have chosen.  

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How to choose the Tesla Model Y Roof Top Tent

How do we choose the Tesla Model Y Roof Top Tent? below we have listed some factors that are important to consider before selecting the rooftop tent of choice for your Tesla Model Y.

Weight capacity

This is the most basic factor when looking for a tent. Each tent has a definite weight but the roof of the tesla has the capacity which determines what kind of roof tent is suitable. If the tesla has a roof load rating of 75kgs, consider tents that are less than 20% weight of the capacity (60 kgs in this case). This way, you have an allowance for safety and aero dynamism.

The setup times

After a tedious day in the field, a quick setup is a welcome alternative. Each tent opens within a set framework. The fastest ones open in under a minute, mainly the pop-up tents with gas-assisted struts.

The type of shell

Roof top tents are available as softshells and Hardshells. Softshells are preferred because they are affordable and lighter. Hardshells on the other hand are pricier and heavier. They also are much more durable than softshells but when taken care of and made from quality fabrics, the softshells are a good investment too.


The underlying factor before buying any tent is affordability. Roof tents are pricey while the costs associated with camping make them costlier. While you can afford it, it is better to budget so that you balance your expenditures.

Tents capacity

Roof top tents are built with a minimal liveable area since they have to be compatible with the car’s roof weight capacity. This limits them to 2 – 6 person tents depending on the type of vehicle you have. The tent’s capacity is proportional to weight and the number of expected occupants.

The ultimate guide to the Tesla Model Y Roof Top Tent

We have measured and selected the best Tesla Model Y Roof Top Tent after going through the choosing criteria above. We have come up with the following selections which will be best for you.

Thule Tepui Autana 3-person roof top tent

Tesla Model Y Roof Top Tent


Open dimensions: 310 x 143 x 132 cm| Closed dimensions: 122 x 143 x 31 cm| Weight: 57.7 kg| Shell Material: ABS / Polycotton Body

Capacity: 3 people

Setup time:  <5 Min

Style: Fold out

Spacious annexe
Mesh panels
Large internal pockets
Canopy entrance
High-density foam mattress

The Thule Tepui Autana is one of the best thought-out tents you will be proud to have on your Tesla Model Y. Looking at it you get the fullness and completeness you expect from a roof top tent.  The base and frame are made of aluminium while the canopy fabric is polyester. The combination makes the tent light while maintaining quality.

The tent is a foldout which forms a small footprint when folded on the Tesla Model Y. Purchase of the Autana affords you a private canopy entrance which has a removable annexe. The ladder is strong enough and extends to anchor the tent.

The interior is clad in large pockets to store your accessories while the thick 6 cm mattress lets you rest comfortably. The windows are large to provide aeration and the mesh on all openings is good for ventilation. Bugs cannot access the interior too. Two sky-view windows provide extra light and beautiful views of the galaxies at night.

This tent accommodates three people and can be used all year round. It is perfect and made to withstand weather elements.

Crua AER 2-3 Person Rooftop Tent 

Tesla Model Y Roof Top Tent


Open dimensions: 125 x 235 x 140cm| Closed dimensions: 125 x 235 x 30cm| Weight: 55 kg | Shell Material:  Rip-stop Polycotton

Capacity: 2-3 people

Set up time: <3 minute

Style: Fold out

A bug mesh
Anti-wind noise feature
A two-year warranty
Fibreglass honeycomb base
Boot storage bags
Premium insulation
Sky view window

The Crua AER must be included in any discussion about the top rooftop tents for the Tesla Model Y. It guarantees both comfort and quality. Your setup time is reduced to under three minutes by the foldout mechanism.

Ample light and ventilation are provided within the tent via the huge windows. In order to keep the bugs away, they are also coated with a heavy mesh. With its high-end Crua Culla Haul inner tent, insulation has been addressed. It controls the temperature and muffles sound while obstructing light.

Only this particular roof tent may be erected on the ground. With the aid of two telescopic poles, the ladder stretches to the ground serving as an anchor. The tent creates an entry porch when completely extended, giving the impression that the space within is considerably larger.

While the compartments inside are for your gear and accessories, two storage bags near the entrance are hung to store your boots. When you gaze at the stars via the sky-view window at night, a thick mattress also serves as your comfort blueprint.

The Crua AER is truly unique, we guarantee. I’d go ahead and purchase it.

Check the setup video!

The tent box lite roof top tent

Tesla Model Y Roof Top Tent


Open dimensions: 140 x 240cm x 110cm| Closed dimensions: 140 x 120 x 27cm| Weight: 50 kg | Shell Material: Rip-Stop Canvas

Capacity: 3 people

Set up time: <5 minutes

Style: Fold out

A 6 cm thick foam mattress
Quick setup time
Small footprint on the roof
Mesh cover by the windows and door
Storage pockets inside and outside
Waterproof pod

The tent can fit on the roof of any car, even the Tesla Model Y, thanks to its lightweight construction, which reduces its weight to 50kg. Following installation, both the setup and close-down times are under five minutes.

Your bed is safely folded and covered until the subsequent setup. It is virtually impossible to use the TentBox lite and fail. For your Tesla Model Y, we advise choosing this tent.

A 6-inch-thick foam mattress is another item you’ll find, and it’s crucial for your nighttime comfort. Ventilation and great views are provided by the big windows. Bugs are kept at bay by the mesh that covers all of the apertures. You may observe the stars at night by opening a window that offers a sky view.

Your accessories can be kept within the storage compartments. Please be aware that while the tent is folded, you are unable to keep your bedding inside. When collapsed, this tent takes up a very little amount of roof space.

The telescoping ladder serves as the tent’s anchor when it is spread out. Shoe bags are fastened to the door close to the steps. Then, struts support the tent’s hood, which is positioned over the entrances. The large room can accommodate three people.

RoofTrekk 3 Person Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

Tesla Model Y Roof Top Tent


Open dimensions: 160L x 220w x 115h cm| Closed dimensions: 160L x 110w x 30h cm| Weight: 50 kg | Shell Material: ABS / Polycotton Canvas Body

Capacity: 3 people

Setup time:  <5 Min

Style: Fold out

An LED lantern
A 4 cm mattress
Mesh windows
Solar powered battery

When it comes to roof tents, the fold-out mechanism is the finest. Consider the RoofTrekk hard shell as an illustration. When folded, it takes up the least amount of space on the roof while yet allowing the most air to flow through it to minimise drag. Additionally beneficial to your braking, handling, and fuel efficiency is a lightweight Hardshell.

The majority of the pod is made of polycotton fabric, and the shell also serves as a breaker and siding. They both are essential for defending against the elements of weather. As a Tesla Model Y owner, you ought to think about buying this tent.

Large windows improve ventilation, which is necessary to stop moisture and mould growth, both of which shorten the life of the tent. You may relax peacefully at night on the 4 cm thick mattress with a washable cover.

To deter insects and increase privacy, a mesh is placed over all of the windows and doors. A free solar-powered battery and an LED lamp, both of which are useful at night, are included. Additionally, each window has a retractable rainfly that deflects rain away from the tent.

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Rodin Softshell Roof Tent

Tesla Model Y Roof Top Tent


Open dimensions: 150 x 240w x 135 cm| Closed dimensions: 150 x 120 x 28 cm| Weight: 52 kg | Shell Material: Polycotton Canvas pod

Capacity: 2 people

Setup time:  <5 Min

Style: Fold out

Comfortable Mattress
Telescoping ladder
LED light
Large windows
Mosquito Mesh

We have seen the Rodin Softshell Roof Tent for the Tesla Model Y since it folds up into a very tiny container. The huge rainfly and the headspace when open are its primary distinguishing features.

This tent is anchored to the ground by the ladder. However, in order to get the expanded views from the top, you must ascend and install the struts that support the rainfly. An aluminium honeycomb is used to make the foundation and frame.

Ventilation depends on having large windows on both sides. They are furthermore covered in a heavy mesh coating that repels mosquitoes. Your nights will be moderately comfortable on the foam mattress.

Your tent is illuminated at night by an integrated LED with a dimmer. A power bank is used to run the lights. For your accessories, the interior contains storage spaces.

Final Thoughts on the Tesla Model Y Roof Top Tent

You may want a roof tent because the camp mode isn’t the experience you desire when camping. The raw energy associated with camping is the deal maker. Sleeping inside a millimetre-thick wall while surrounded by nature.

A rooftop tent props you off the ground while the build quality protects you from weather elements, animals and crawling insects. The next best thing is the creation of room for gear and other accessories which are important when camping.

Camp mode eats up the much-needed power instead of preserving it thus reducing the mileage you would have covered or the charging for your accessories which are also very important. The choices we have reviewed for you are safe for the Tesla Model Y. Pick what you fancy and experience the wild differently.

FAQs: Tesla Model Y Roof Top Tent

Can you put roof bars on a Tesla Model Y?

The Tesla Model Y uses an approved roof rack(s) which are mounted on the inbuilt slots. Please follow the instructional manual to determine the best way to mount them to prevent damage to the roof.  

Does the Tesla Model Y have the camp mode?

The tesla model y has a camp mode which integrates battery power with other features to make the cabin comfortable when asleep. You must have a mattress and fold the seats to make room. This is an inconvenience you will not experience with a roof top tent.

What is the difference between camping with a roof top tent on the Tesla Model Y and using the vehicle’s camp mode?

The roof top tent provides an elevated and more protected camping experience compared to the Model Y’s camp mode. It also provides additional storage space for gear and accessories. However, using the roof top tent instead of the camp mode can have an impact on power consumption and range.

Does the roof top tent for the Tesla Model Y affect the vehicle’s aerodynamics or battery efficiency?

Yes, the roof top tent can impact the aerodynamics and battery efficiency of the Model Y. It is important to consider the size, shape, and weight of the roof top tent when making a selection to minimize its impact on the vehicle’s performance.

Is the roof top tent for the Tesla Model Y safe for off-road use?

The safety of a roof top tent for off-road use depends on the specific product and its design. It is important to consider factors such as stability, weight distribution, and durability when selecting a roof top tent for off-road use. It’s also recommended to check the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations.

Does the Tesla Model Y require any modifications to support the installation of a roof top tent?

Some roof top tents for the Tesla Model Y may require specific modifications, such as the installation of mounting brackets or hardware. It’s important to check with the manufacturer for specific installation requirements and recommendations.

Does the addition of a roof top tent affect the Tesla Model Y’s handling and driving dynamics?

Yes, the addition of a roof top tent can affect the Model Y’s handling and driving dynamics. The impact can vary based on the size, shape, and weight of the roof top tent. It is important to consider these factors when making a selection and to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe driving.

Do I need to use specific tires for my Tesla Model Y when using a roof top tent?

The tire requirements for a Tesla Model Y with a roof top tent can vary based on the weight and design of the tent. It is important to check with the manufacturer for specific tire requirements and recommendations.