Toyota Highlander Roof Top Tent

The highlander has plenty of room but a roof top tent offers a safe cabin and helps you declutter for more storage.
Toyota Highlander Roof Top Tent

The Toyota Highlander is a mid-range SUV which delivers comfort, handling and medium off-road capabilities. When you incorporate a Toyota highlander roof top tent into the mix, the camping experience becomes elevated literally, with views, flexibility and ease.

Lots of room is needed for luggage and gear if you plan on that off-city getaway. The highlander has plenty but a roof top tent offers a safe cabin and helps you declutter for more storage.

A roof top tent pops up or folds out when you get to your destination which is what an avid camper longs to have. The ease of setup and the allure of a comfortable experience is all you have to look forward to.  

Designs for the roof top tents range from budget-friendly softshells to pricey Hardshells, but they are all made to offer the best camping accommodation experience. Tents have different weights and so does the roof capacity of the Toyota highlander (75 kgs). It is very important that we choose a tent that weighs less than the capacity for safety and driving reasons.

How to choose the Toyota Highlander Roof Top Tent

The Toyota Highlander is a vehicle that has a roof load capacity of 75 kgs. Choosing a Toyota highlander roof top tent requires spot checks about what you have and what you want. Let’s see what those considerations are.

The shell types.

The two types of roof top tents are softshells and Hardshells. Softshells are lighter and cheaper. Budgetary campers will find this option appealing. Hardshells are pricier and weighty but durable. This option is dependent on your spending capability.

The tents capacity

The tents are built with a limited number of occupiable spaces. Basically, you get between 2 – 6-person roof tents. The larger they are, the more weight they carry which now becomes a limitation. How many people do you have to sleep in the tent? Then choose appropriately.

The weight

Weight is a major factor when choosing a rooftop tent. The vehicle’s roof can only take less than the capacity. Some tents may be good for you but bad for the roof’s integrity or aerodynamics. Tent model build also is a contributor to the added weight of the tent.

Ease of setup

Basically, how long do you want to take to set up camp? All tents are time-stamped and it beats logic why you should purchase a roof tent that takes forever to set up.

The ultimate guide to the Toyota Highlander Roof Top Tent

After you have known the limiting factors to choosing a tent, we can now see what Toyota Highlander roof top tent is suited to our needs.

TentBox classic roof top tent

Toyota Highlander Roof Top Tent


Open dimensions: 128 x 210 x 100cm| Closed dimensions: 128 x 210 x 27cm| Weight: 65 kg | Shell Material: Vehicle-grade ABS

Capacity: 2 people

Set up time: <1 minute

Style: Pop up

-Cargo net on the roof
-Gas-assisted opening struts
-6 cm foam mattress
-A telescoping ladder
-White or black edition
-Interior storage pockets
-Mesh on windows and door

The TentBox classic has one of the fastest opening mechanisms. The gas-assisted opening sets you ahead when camping. It has an aerodynamic shell which is insulated from top to bottom with a welded aluminium frame. The pod is made of a waterproof canvas and zips.

The opening mechanism is quite easy. You unbuckle the shell and give it an upwards nudge while the struts do the rest. The ladder which is stored inside is hooked to the side of the tent and you are already set up. You can access the roof tent from two sides depending on your position.

Metal poles are erect to hold the eyelet on either side of the tent. After this is done, your work is done.  Access the top and discover the 6 cm thick foam mattress which will keep you comfortable at night. The walls are well insulated from heat and cold.

Each person has a storage area inside to store their accessories. The large windows are present for maximum aeration. They are also covered with a mesh which keeps the mosquitos away as well as added privacy. A cargo net for your hoodies and jumpers is attached to the roof. This is one tent you will want if it fits your wants.

Direct4x4 Pathseeker Auto Solar Hard Shell Roof Top Camping Tent

Toyota Highlander Roof Top Tent


Open dimensions: 135 x 225 x 130cm| Closed dimensions: 135 x 225 x 30cm| Weight: 62 kg | Shell Material: Polymer Composite ABS.

Capacity: 2 people

Set up time: <3 minute

Style: Pop up

-Pneumatic opening mechanism
-Skyview window
-Storage pockets
-Remote controlled opening
-2 large shoe bags
-5 cm thick mattress
-Built-in solar panel

If you are looking for one of the best thought-out designs for a roof top tent, look at nothing else but the Pathseeker Auto Solar Hard Shell Roof Top Camping Tent. It is as advanced and aesthetically pleasing as many other tents we have seen.

The way it closes down leaves you wondering how it comes together. The ladder folds neatly on top too. After you unclasp the shell, pull down the ladder and press the remote to set up the tent. The pneumatic system erects and fastens the pod to form a firm sleeping home.

The upper shell opens to act as the entry awning to protect the occupants from the weather elements. Two large bags for shoe storage pop by the entry. You will also find more storage for your gear and accessories inside. A 5 cm thick mattress completes the night’s comfort.

The top shell has a built-in solar panel which powers the opening mechanism and charges your devices. The closing mechanism is also powered which makes your work very easy.

XPHW Car Roof Tent 

Toyota Highlander Roof Top Tent


Open dimensions: ‎120 x 110 x 200 cm|Shell Material: Canvas Body

Capacity: 2 people

Setup time:  <5 Min

Style: Fold out

Full foam mattress
LED light
Mesh door and windows
Large windows for views
Internal storage pockets
Heavy duty durable zips
Pneumatic lifting system

Among the best roof top tents available, this one is remarkable. Offering unmatched comfort and elegance. This tent will look great on your Toyota Highlander based on the design alone.

You will find two storage bags beside the entrance to put your filthy boots in. The mattress is quite dense, which gives this model a nice night’s sleep. The dim evenings are brightened by the LED lights.

This tent has a pneumatic lifting mechanism, so both the opening and the support are controlled by it. It also makes setup quite simple. Access to the summit is made possible via a ladder that stretches and anchors to the ground. The tent is stretched using this technique, which lessens wind pressure.

To keep you safe from the weather, the interior has been properly waterproofed, sun proofed, and insulated. There are also spaces accessible for storing your interior accessories. In order to keep the pests out, the windows and doors have mesh coverings.

Large windows provide airflow that keeps the tent airy and lowers the likelihood of moisture, which might cause mould to form. The Toyota Highlander is the ideal vehicle for this tent since it folds up to take up very little space on the roof.

Crua AER 2-3 Person Rooftop Tent 

Toyota Highlander Roof Top Tent


Open dimensions: 125 x 235 x 140cm| Closed dimensions: 125 x 235 x 30cm| Weight: 55 kg | Shell Material:  Rip-stop Polycotton

Capacity: 2-3 people

Set up time: <3 minute

Style: Fold out

-It has a B3 bug mesh
-A two-year warranty
-Fibreglass honeycomb base and aluminium frame
-Large boot storage bags
-Premium insulation
-Sky view window
-Anti-wind noise feature

It is impossible to mention the best roof top tents for the Toyota highlander without the Crua AER. It is quality and comfort guaranteed. The foldout mechanism sets your setup time to less than three minutes.

This is the only roof tent that can be set up on the ground too. The ladder extends to the ground as an anchor with the help of two telescoping poles. When fully extended, the tent forms an entry porch which makes you feel in a much bigger tent.

Two storage bags by the entry hang to store your boots while the pockets inside are for your gear and accessories. A thick mattress also forms your comfort blueprint at night as you view the stars from the sky view window.

The large windows provide enough ventilation and light inside the tent. they are also covered with a thick mesh which keeps the bugs out. Insulation has been tackled by the premium grade Crua Culla Haul which is an inner tent. It provides temperature regulation, blocks out light and dampens sound.

We promise the Crua AER is in a class of its own. I would choose to buy it.

Final Thoughts on the Toyota Highlander Roof Top Tent

We have prepared the list of roof top tents based on the specs of the Toyota highlander. Excellent rooftop tents that meet your needs, and are comfortable and secure to have on your SUV.

Quality and comfort are the first guarantees when choosing any model. The assessment process we have used is direct and detail-oriented. Features that make up the tent have been identified for easier identification.

We believe that over time, we have perfected the knowledge so that it is easier to relay what is most important when choosing your tent. Always remember to acquire the right fit roof bars for your vehicle. Better is to purchase one that has higher capacity so that you are sure it never buckles under the weight of the roof top tent.

FAQs: Toyota Highlander Roof Top Tent

What is the best roof top tent for the Toyota highlander?

There are many quality roof top tents for the highlander. The TentBox classic is one best choices you will never regret. It has a record I minute setup, stores your beddings inside and is very comfortable. It is built for the British weather and best of all, you get to personally interact with service requirements from home.

Do I require roof bars to mount a rooftop tent?

Roof bars are attached across roof rails when mounting a roof top tent. they balance the weight of the tent and prevent direct damage to the roof. So, the shortest answer is yes. They are very important.