Toyota Yaris Roof Tent

Toyota Yaris roof tent

The Toyota Yaris Roof Tent is the most efficient way to increase practicability and space while camping. The Toyota Yaris hatchback is spacious for everyday use, but outdoor activities require the use of every spot to carry gear.

Roof top tents have made camping style change especially if you love comfort. You will probably need roof bars to mount your roof tent. The weight capacity of the car’s roof limits the type of tent to purchase for your Yaris, but we have discovered some tents which are perfect for your car.

Thule standard roof bars are the best option since they are made specifically for the Yaris hatchback. It has an overall roof load capacity of 60kgs which includes the weight of the racks too. The roof tents must weigh much less than the capacity to avoid damage or changes in the car’s control due to weight.

How to choose the Toyota Yaris roof tent

Roof tents unlike ground tents, have specific choosing considerations that guide you to make basic checks of what you want.

Ease of setup

Roof top tents are easy to set up, which is why they are preferred. Depending on the roof top tent, we have indicated the maximum time you will take to have your set up ready.

The tents capacity

How many people are going on the camping trip and how much space do you need? Roof top tents have a defined number of people it can accommodate. Note that as the number of people increases, so does the weight and size of the tent.

The length of usage

How long do you plan on using the roof tent? Tents are pricey and it would beat logic to have gear that you only want to use once. Consider getting quality since you will use more than once as from our reviews below.


This check goes without a second thought. A roof top tent is a weight on your roof and the roof has a limited capacity to carry it. The roof top tent must weigh less than the capacity.

The type of shell

The two types are Hardshells and softshells.  Hardshells are pricier than softshells but they are durable and much more aerodynamic. Softshells are much preferred for their lightness and affordability. Choose what you want from the list below and we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Guide to the ultimate Toyota Yaris roof tent

At last, we know how to choose and what to look forward to. If you abide by them, the choosing phase has cut down your work in half. Let’s look at the best Toyota Yaris roof tent.

The Tentbox lite roof top tent

Toyota Yaris roof tent


Open dimensions: 140 x 240cm x 110cm| Closed dimensions: 140 x 120 x 27cm| Weight: 50 kg | Shell Material: Rip-Stop Canvas

Capacity: 3 people

Set up time: <5 minutes

Style: Fold out

-A 6 cm thick foam mattress
-Quick setup time
-Small footprint on the roof
-Mesh cover by the windows and door
-Storage pockets inside and outside
-Waterproof pod

The probability of using the TentBox lite and failing is almost zero. The next best thing is you get a roof top tent built closer home and if the need arises, you can get assistance first-hand. We recommend this tent as the choice for your Yaris.

The lightweight build of the tent reduces the weight to 50kgs making it suitable for the roof of any small car like yours. After installation, the setup time is less than five minutes as is the closedown. Your sleeping mattress is securely folded and covered until the next set-up.

The telescoping ladder is also the anchor when the tent of unfolded. Shoe bags are attached by the entry beside the ladder. Struts are then used to hold up the tent’s hood over the doors. The large room can accommodate three people.

You will also find a 6-inch-thick foam mattress which is very important for comfort at night. The large windows provide ventilation and clear views throughout. The mesh covering all the openings keeps the bugs away. There is a sky view window which you can open to view the stars at night.

Storage pockets to store your accessories are found inside. Please note that you can’t keep your beddings inside when the tent is folded. This tent occupies very little space on the roof when folded.

Thule Tepui Ayer 2-person roof top tent

Toyota Yaris roof tent


Open dimensions: 214 x 122 x 99 cm| Closed dimensions: 107 x 122 x 28 cm| Weight: 45.5 kg | Shell Material: Rip-Stop Canvas

Capacity: 2 people

Set up time: <5 minutes

Style: Fold out

-Large internal pockets
-High-density foam mattress
-Poly cotton blend pod which withstands weather elements
-Mesh panels
-Accommodates two people

When it comes to weight, you might probably think that the TentBox takes the crown, but that is if you haven’t met the Thule Tepui Ayer. It is lighter and smaller than any other tent. it accommodates two people but takes the smallest roof estate making it better on your Yaris.

Toyota Yaris roof tent
Interior of the Tepui Ayer

This tent is not as spacious but there is no compromise on quality. A thick mattress with a removable cover completes your comfort while sleeping. The windows are large enough to allow ventilation and airflow. They are also covered with mesh panels to keep the bugs away.

Ventilation is important since it prevents condensation which may lead to mould development. Inside are extra storage pockets for storing gear. There are two skylight windows which can be opened at night for a view of the stars.

Blocking of light is not very good unless you collapse the hood which is not advisable.  

Check the set-up Video!

Roxform Retractable Roof Top Tent

Toyota Yaris roof tent


Open dimensions: 125 x 200 x 35 cm| Closed dimensions: 125 x 110 x 35 cm| Weight: 50 kg | Shell Material: Rip-Stop Canvas

Capacity: 2 people

Set up time: <5 minutes

Style: Fold out

-Two large pockets for your gear
-Annexe for privacy room
-An ok foam mattress
-Large windows
-Spacious interior

The Roxform roof tent is built very simply but completely to accommodate two people comfortably. It folds to take up a small space on the roof of your vehicle and reduce drag. The process of setting up is easy after pulling it from the fold.

The ladder which is also foldable anchors to the ground. Metal struts hold up the hood which runs around the tent to expel water away from the tent. The aluminium frame erects the tent upwards and outwards to create a large sleeping space.

The mattress is not very thick but does keep you comfortable at night. two large storage pockets are inside where you can keep your gear and accessories. The large windows provide enough light and ventilation for all inside.

It makes up for what is absent from other tents by space and flexibility. A large annexe is attached to the bottom of the tent to provide a private room.

Direct4x4 Granite Grey RoofTrekk 3 Person Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

Toyota Yaris roof tent


Open dimensions: 160L x 220w x 115h cm| Closed dimensions: 160L x 110w x 30h cm| Weight: 50 kg | Shell Material: ABS / Polycotton Canvas Body

Capacity: 3 people

Setup time:  <5 Min

Style: Fold out

The fold-out method is ideal for roof tents. As an illustration, consider the RoofTrekk hard shell. When folded, it takes up the least amount of space on the roof while yet allowing for the greatest amount of airflow to minimise drag. The fuel efficiency, braking, and steering of a lightweight Hardshell are also improved.

In order to minimise moisture and the formation of mould, which both shorten the life of the tent, large windows improve airflow. You may relax peacefully at night on the 4 cm thick mattress with a washable cover.

The pod is mostly made of polycotton fabric, with the shell serving as both a siding and a breaker. Both of these are essential for providing defence against the weather. If you own a Toyota Yaris, you ought to think about purchasing this tent.

To deter insects and increase privacy, a mesh is placed over all of the windows and doors. A free solar-powered battery and an LED lamp, both of which are useful at night, are included. Additionally, each window has a retractable rainfly that deflects rain away from the tent.

Suggestion: Hybrid Rooftop Tents

Ikamper X-Cover 2.0 Mini

Toyota Yaris roof tent


Dimensions open: L 287cm x W 257cm x H 124cm | Dimensions closed: L 145cm x W 120cm x H 31cm | Weight: 54 kg |Shell Material: Rocky black FRP shell

Capacity: 2

Set up time: < 5 min

Style: Foldout

Skyview windows
Crossbar attachment
Polyfoam mattress
Mesh over windows

Even though it is little, the Ikamper tents are all quite sturdy. Due to the incorporated cross bars, which unlike other classic tents do not require a PVC cover, the outer shell is made to be durable for carrying your goods.

Whether it’s day or night, the additional windows and the double Skyview windows offer a fantastic view. In addition, they play a critical role in preventing condensation and promoting airflow.

We have seen it fit your Toyota Yaris because it is designed to fit nearly any car. A poly foam mattress and insulation throughout provide for a cosy sleeping environment.

A mesh sheet that likewise opens up is laid over the openings and acts as a canvas sheet to cover them. By doing this, you are guaranteed the finest views and bug prevention. The rainfly will keep you dry at all times by directing rain and snow away from the tent.

Final thoughts on the Toyota Yaris roof tent

Sleeping in the roof top tent is safer as compared to the traditional ground tent. Imagine relaxing with a bird’s eye view, superior airflow, easy setup and comfort. This is what the roof top tent does best. Additionally, your accessories are safe always since you move with them all the time.

The Toyota Yaris may not be the ideal offroad access vehicle but it wouldn’t hurt to get away from the city life once in a while, camp at accessible trails and discover the best use of the Toyota Yaris roof tent.

Small cars can access roof tents because of the changes in the roof tent build technology and accessible lighter materials. We are moving away from backpacking and welcoming the new age where you enjoy your excursions more without breaking your back. We are sure it might seem costly at first, but you will not regret it in the long run.

FAQs: Toyota Yaris roof tent

What are the benefits of a roof top tent on cars?

The benefits of the roof top tent are many. The security from the ground animals and weather elements is number one. You also cannot sacrifice comfort when you have the roof tent plus they are durable. You will also have more space to put your gear.

Can the roof of a Toyota Yaris carry a tent?

The best way to know if your Yaris can carry a roof top tent is by knowing the roof load capacity. (Check your car’s manual for load capacity). The roof tent should weigh less than the capacity. The TentBox lite is one of the best examples of a roof tent that can be mounted on any car’s roof.