WRX Roof Top Tent

I would recommend the tent box lite since it can hold more people and the cost is reasonable. Is that not fair enough?
WRX Roof Top Tent

The Subaru WRX can take you to the most beautiful terrains in the world. On those backcountry reserves, a Subaru WRX rooftop tent will resonate better than the traditional types of camping.  

There is an uncommon confusion between the Subaru WRX and the Subaru Impreza. The Impreza comes with a hatchback and a sedan while the WRX is a sedan. The WRX has two engine choices, but the Impreza only has one base engine. We had to get this out of the way.

With the right roof bars and a carefully selected tent, the Subaru WRX will take you anywhere. It might not be an extreme offroad vehicle but its ground clearance (4.9 – 6.1 inches) if fair enough for accessible camping areas in the UK.

Hey! Which of the WRX Roof Top Tent, do you want softshell or a Hardshell? Use the links below to find what we like, which you will love 😉

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What are the parameters for choosing the Subaru WRX rooftop tent?

These are the basic guides to consider when making the informed decision on which tent to purchase.  

The type of shell

The two basic types of shells that make the roof top tent are the Hardshell and the softshell. They differ in cost, build and weight. Softshells are lighter and cheaper. They are most preferred by first-time buyers. Hardshells are heavier and costlier but they are more durable and protect you against the weather elements better.

Capacity of the tent

The question of who are you going to accommodate while on the camping excursion.  Each roof tent is built to accommodate a specific number from 2-6. The more the occupants, the better, but the more the weight and cost.

The weight

The highest denominator to the roof top tent is weight especially that it has to be mounted on the roof top. Understand the capacity of the WRX roof when static and when on the move.  The best way to be sure about the best rooftop is striving for lighter tents like we have indicated below.

Ease of setup

Why else would you want roof top tent if not the simplicity and convenience of the setup time. Time and effort are essential since camping involves slot of energy use and when you have many excursions, you want a roof tent that delivers resting space fast.

The ultimate guide to the WRX roof top tent

Once you have settled on what you want for your tent, it will not be difficult to pick one from the choices we value below. The selection process is thorough to ensure you get the best and also the roof capacity of the Subaru WRX must bear the weight while on the move to prevent damage.

Quechua decathlon Roof Tent MH500 Fresh & Black 2p


Open dimensions: (W) 140 x (L) 240 x (H) 106 cm| Weight: 52 kg| Shell Material: 100 % Polyester structure | Capacity: 2 people | Setup time:  <5 Min | Style: Fold out

-Two sets of four inner pockets
-A large boot storage bag
-A 5 cm thick mattress
-Panoramic windows
-Sky view windows
-4.5 telescoping ladder

When looking for an adventure with the WRX, camping can be one of the activities you can undertake besides racing and testing the power while on the tarmac. A roof rack easily makes your car camping ready. The Quechua roof tent MH500 is perfect for the WRX.

It weighs 52 Kgs and accommodates 2 people which is more than a bargain as compared to its equivalent in the category like the TentBox lite. Pitching the tent takes less than five minutes after assembling at the roof of your car.

The ladder extends to the ground to anchor the tent to the ground. The process of dismantling is the opposite of the pitching with side buckles being used to secure the tent and elastic loops around the knobs.

A large boot bag fits two pairs and has a flap which aids in covering to secure them from weather elements. Similarly, pockets in which you can store your accessories like phones is inside. A 5 cm thick foam mattress is available to complete your comfort at night.

To avoid condensation, large windows and ventilation are present. You can also enhance your mattress with an under-mattress also because of condensation. A mesh on all sides of the tent is also available to keep bugs away while in the tent. After the excursion, your bedding and accessories are folded together for storage and security. This is one roof tent you will love on your car.

Thule Tepui Ayer 2-person roof top tent

WRX Roof Top Tent


Dimensions (Open) 214 x 122 x 99 cm| Dimensions (Closed) 107 x 122 x 28 cm| Weight: 45.5 kg| Shell Material: Ripstop Polyester Cotton Blend | Capacity: 2 people | Setup time:  <5 Min | Style: Fold out

-Mesh panels
-Large inner pockets
-A telescoping ladder
-A high-density foam mattress
-Skyview windows

You will agree with me that Thule Tepui Ayer is the best option for the lightest roof tent. A compact option for any car including the wrx. It will take you less than five minutes to setup and to dismantle.

The construction is made to withstand the weather elements all year round making it the perfect investment. The base and frame are constructed with aluminium thus the low weight.

The abundance of windows increases views as well as maintain the aeration throughout. There are two sky view windows which can be accessed after you have detached the rainfly. All windows and the door are layered with a mesh which prevents bugs from accessing the room.

The high-density foam mattress will keep you comfortable through the night.  Each person has a storage pocket to store their accessories. Flaps on the windows and door are hoisted by use of metallic poles. Having this roof tent for your wrx will be a wise choice.

The TentBox lite roof top tent

WRX Roof Top Tent


Dimensions (Open) 140 x 240 x 110 cm| Dimensions (Closed) 140 x 120 x 27 cm| Weight: 50 kg| Shell Material: Ripstop canvas | Capacity: 2-3 people | Setup time:  <5 Min | Style: Fold out

-It has a 6 cm thick foam mattress
-Skyview window
-Mesh windows
-Wide hood for views
-5-year warranty
-Boots bag
-Storage pockets inside

Perhaps you will agree with me that the TentBox lite is the most flexible roof top tent in the UK. The price is unmatched and the quality and space is second to none. This is what we value when looking for a roof top tent.

The foldout mechanism takes only 5 minutes and you are all setup for bed. An aluminium ladder anchors the tent to the ground firmly. The question of where you will store your boots is solved by the availability of a bag which is hung by the entrance.

Stepping inside reveals a 6 cm foam mattress which makes your nights very comfortable. Pockets on either side of the tent’s interior give room for your accessories. All windows are covered with a mesh and flaps. The mesh keeps the bugs away while the flaps keep the water away from the tent.

This tent we love because of space and how compact it fits on your vehicle. Its weight makes it ideal for many small cars including the WRX. Away from the ground and comfort is the theme if you choose this tent.

Skyview window is present to watch the galaxies at night. The dismantling process is also as straightforward as the pitching process. The bedding cannot be left to be folded with the tent, so, make sure you have some room in your car for them.

Suggestion: Hybrid Rooftop Tents

Final thoughts on the WRX roof top tent.

The roof top tent that you want is right here. Between the TentBox lite to the Thule roof top tent, there is no better tent on your WRX than any of them. The only thing left is for you to see what looks good on your Subaru WRX.

I would recommend the tent box lite since it can hold more people and the cost is reasonable. Is that not fair enough? Availability and ease of use are the second reasons why we would like you to have it as your