XTM rooftop tent

This brand has survived the market even after the recall by maintaining its need to build quality tents and improve over time.

Why is the XTM rooftop tent a Better Choice?

XTM rooftop tent review

With the XTM Rooftop Tent, you can get an amazing view of the stars at night without spending ages setting up a bulky tent. Instead, with easy set-up instructions, you can have your dream campsite in minutes.

It’s breathable and keeps the mozzies out so you can freely enjoy a nice breeze coming through. The material is durable and waterproof (up to 2,000 mm Waterhead rating), so you don’t have to worry about any damage while on the road. All seams are sealed, and everything is double-stitched to give it a long-lasting adventure.

The XTM Tent is a great way to camp. It has many benefits, but it also has some drawbacks.


Closed dimensions (WxLxH): 125 x 148 x 32 | Open dimensions (WxLxH): 320 x 142 x 130 | Tent Material: 320GSM Rip-Stop Poly Cotton| Total weight: 70kg 

Capacity: 2

Style: Fold Out

Pros & Cons

  • It is a tent that fits two people
  • Setting this up yourself will never be easier than with the self-setting tent, no stress or hassle!
  • It is fair and Affordable.
  • It’s made of lightweight aluminium shell and frames
  • Its quality is wanting
  • The PVC is prone to damage and holes after little usage
  • The tent is quite heavy and difficult to transport.
  • It can only be carried by large vehicles.
  • The mounting brackets are not universal, adding to buying costs


This package is full of awesome features and includes everything you need to enjoy its benefits.

The comfy mattresses will help you sleep all night and wake up happy. They come in 75mm high-density foam that’s easy to remove/clean. With generous side windows and superior ventilation, you can keep your room cool even on the hottest summer day. With the super-fine mesh, your windows and doors can provide ventilation while also filtering out bugs!

You’ve invested a lot of money and time into the car tent so protect it with this Heavy-Duty PVC Cover with UV Resistant Straps. Also, get travel covers to protect your belongings while you travel. You never know what the weather will be like, and it’s better to be safe than sorry!

This telescopic ladder is designed to extend up to 2 metres, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The ladder is strong, lightweight and folds up for easy storage.

The aluminium structure is tough, lightweight and weatherproof. Ready for a move? Transport your things securely with this sturdy aluminium frame. Equipped with steel hinges, it’s this easy to assemble too.

Setting up the XTM Rooftop Tent

There is still some guesswork involved with how you mount your XTM rooftop tent. The good news is that it can be mounted on the flatbed or cross rails using a couple of tools and a friend in tow.

Contrast this to the old-style pop-up rooftop tent that would only take minutes to set up. These tents had covers that opened with the press of a button. The current model still takes less than 5 minutes to assemble. After unzipping the cover, you will grab the ladder and extend two halves.

Worried that your vehicle roof will not accommodate the tent? Check your limit here

Next, get inside the tent to fold up the rods and struts that keep the canopy up. The pack-up process is pretty much the same, but you must be careful when folding up the canopy, or the zippers will snag on it.

Mounting can be tricky. Fortunately, you can do the installation and pack-up on your own.

XTM rooftop tent
Inside the XTM

Final Thoughts

This brand has survived the market even after the recall by maintaining its need to build quality tents and improve over time. Coupled with the fact that they have put their costs for the tent manageable and a healthy review record, it is a great addition to your 4 by 4.

This larger model isn’t as hands-free as their automatic XTM roof tent. But larger means that it is roomy and comfortable. Other than some minor problems that can be fixed over usage, this tent is commendable for any camper.

Get your vehicle and escape to the wilderness!

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